Friday, September 07, 2007

TONIGHT: Grasshopper in Morristown!

"The night belongs to the stars" - Billy D.

Thank God it is Friday! Yes indeed, we have come to the end of yet another week folks. This week, however, was cut short thanks to Labor Day on Monday. It's all good. Tonight I'll be heading out to Grasshopper in Morristown with Billy D, Jimmy, probably Roger, and whoever else cares to join us. There will be more playas in Morristown tonight than on the NY Giants. It should be an exciting time. Last week, Bill and Jimmy went to the Grasshopper as well and there was quite an attendance on hand. According to them, it wasn't a sausage fest either. That's good. As a straight male, I don't particularly care for sausage fests. I'm more fond of fish markets. LOL. Ladies, ladies, and more ladies ... line them up. B-Money the Handsome Young Stallion is going to be in the house tonight! Whatever was the case last weekend when Bill and Jimmy went to the Grasshopper, it will be cubed this weekend with B-Money on hand. It's going down tonight, but not before a little pregame action at Billy D's crib. In the words of Billy D, the night belongs to the stars.

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