Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Louie Lawent: "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man and The Universe"

Today, less than a week before Blog of Bryan is scheduled to transcend over to an invite-only audience, I received an interesting email titled "Blog of Bryan Inquiry".

It appears as though a gentlemen by the name of Louie Lawent would like me to promote his new book "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man and The Universe)." Certainly, I would be happy to do so! It looks like it has potential to be quite a page turner with the elements of comedy it contains. I like the concept and I'm happy to give Mr. Lawent the boost he's looking for here at Blog of Bryan. He's most certainly an invite to the members only Blog of Bryan that will be running effective this Monday. Here is the email that Mr. Lawent sent me as well as a summary regarding his new book:

Dear Bryan,
My name is Louie Lawent. I am hoping you can give me a big boost. I'd
be very appreciative if you would make mention of my fun new book "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)" on your blog. Or perhaps, you'd like to conduct an e-mail interview with
me. Alas, just with me, not The Big Guy too. Since this book lends itself to absurd questions, I think it could be an entertaining interview adventure for both of us. Below is a description of the book and a little more info about me below that. Thank you for your consideration and feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.

Are the days of "God speaks to Man" a relic of the past? Not according to Louie Lawent, who at the turn of the new millennium landed a series of exclusive interviews with The Supreme Being. Louie grills God about his checkered career, but it's done benignly and a frustrated Creator makes a good case for himself - well, most of the time. The interviews cover biblical happenings, His propensity to smite, evolution, pop culture, and a God who believes He's the victim of a disinformation campaign. It's "The Far Side" meets "The Thinker" meets the "Frat Boy." A God who considered creation "a good day in the hood."

What Hollywood director would God choose to direct his life story? What part do the Three Stooges play in the Rapture? What about his pet peeves? How do Americans amaze God? What's his favorite political joke? Did the aliens really land at Roswell? A God not exactly enamored by the human race.

Louie: What is your real opinion of people?

God: They're like radio songs that are fine for the car ride home, but you'd never purchase them to be part of your master collection.
Louie: Do you have a guidebook to help make your decisions on JudgmentDay?God: The Starr Report is any good God's starting point.
God remarks, "I don't think I could be elected God. I'd lose to some would-be savior who said, 'Read my lips - No more sense of shame.' We have occasional pep rallies in heaven. While years ago they sang rousing psalms of 'God for eternity' now I get a qualified endorsement of '4 more years, 4 more years.'"

If you'd like, I can e-mail you more snippets from the book.

Bio & Book Info: I am also the author of "Gerty the Pig." A co-written pop rock song of mine, entitled "Pop Star" (performed & co-written by Billy Livesay) is currently being played on U.S. radio stations. A children's song "Halloween" which was co-written by Steve Goodie and me and performed by Steve has been played on XM Satellite Radio. "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)" is available online at Amazon and Barnes&Noble and may be ordered at your local book store.
Louie's myspace page is

An interview could be in the cards for the near future. Stay tuned!

R.I.P. Robert Goulet.


Yesterday marked the passing the singer Robert Goulet. Goulet, 73, was known for beautiful singing voice, as well as comedian Will Ferrell's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live. I also remember seeing him in Beetlejuice. Other than that, I never really had the chance to hear his music. Perhaps it was before my time as well as a different type of music from what I usually listen to. In any case, rest in peace Robert Goulet. Or as Will Ferrell would say it, "GOOOOULET!"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tour of duty with Citistreet complete at the end of contract!

Citistreet an outstanding company with respectable employees, but commute and gas prices becoming too much to bare as we head into winter months!

Come the month of December, my tour of duty with CitiStreet will likely be over. Due to the winter weather coming our way, coupled with the gas prices I am forced to pay on the commute to Somerset, it is going to become increasingly more difficult for yours truly to get to work and back every day throughout the winter. I sent an email to my current recruiter, Sagoon, stating the following:

This is Bryan Bradley from CitiStreet in Somerset, NJ. I received
the news that Amy Knych has accepted a transfer to the Randstad office in
Parsippany and will be working out of that office effective today. It
looks like I will be working until the completion of my contract here.
After that, I will attempt to find opportunities closer to my residence with
Amy's assistance from Parsippany. This is a terrific company and the
employees and management team here are top notch, but the commute from
Dover to Somerset is getting worse as the weather gets worse. I don't want
to risk being late to work for such a reputable establishment. Plus, I
want to try to find a job closer to my house so I can reduce the commute to work
and reduce the amount of gas money I pay to get to work at this time. My
assignment ends at the end of the contract, which I believe comes in mid to late
December. Any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you
for all of your help and have a great day!

Sagoon replied,

Thanks for reaching out to me. I understand where you are coming from
but for the time being that you are at Citistreet please let me know if you have
any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

It's basically as simple as that. CitiStreet is an excellent company with great employees. It's a terrific establishment for one to grow within, especially if they live near by. Right now, I am making a horrendous commute to work and the cost for gas might be killing some funds of mine that are drastically needed to pay bills. Would I do business with CitiStreet again down the line? Most definitely. Absolutely. They are gracious people and I'm delighted that we were able to help each other out during this time. It has been a pleasure and I should be completing my contract, before eventually utlizing the services of my recruiters in Parsippany to find a reasonably high paying full time job come the new year.

More to come regarding these developments at a later date. Time for bed.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Can Saturday night live up to my 21st birthday party six year ago????

"It's gonna be legendary playa" -text from Scott Davies

B-Money foreshadowing something huge, comparable to what happened on Central Ave six years ago. Feels something coming he didn't feel for the past five years!

Today, when I was at work, Scott sent me text messages saying, "Just booked my plane ticket. I'll be in town this weekend for B-Money's birthday extravaganza. I be in Mine Hill from Wednesday to Sunday." Later in the evening, he sends me another text, "its gonna be legendary playa." That's one of my best friends, feeling the same vibes leading up to this special occasion that I have been feeling for days now.
Discussions of my anticipated birthday bash have been ongoing, as my birthday parties are every single year. Something about this year, however, leads me to believe that this won't just be any party. No, this won't just be any celebration or any birthday party.

What I see these days leading up to Saturday, November 3 leads me to believe that B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash, which I have recently labelled Hurricane Triple B (B-Money's Birthday Bash, being as intense as a hurricane), will be an extravaganza!! This won't just be a party; it will be an extravaganza. When I think of who is going to be showing, it reminds me somewhat of my 21st birthday party. Shades of what was the biggest party in Dover of the last fifteen years comes to mind when I think of what's going down this Saturday night.

It was six years ago, when I celebrated my 21st birthday at the old legendary house on Central Ave, and practically the entire town showed up to celebrate and wish B-Money a Happy Birthday. Yes, when I look back at that legendary evening, I realize that many of the folks from that night will be in attendance at the Grasshopper this Saturday. Not just those old faces, but some new ones from the college days as well. Some new faces, in general, will add to the attendance and the festivities.

I tried to call Beanie on Saturday afternoon, but she was very busy with her thesis and wasn't taking any calls throughout the day. Fair enough. That's understandable. Yet, she still left me a comment on myspace, in the form of an icon, saying "You're the Bomb." That was a kind gesture on the part of one of my best friends. In response, I left her a long impassioned comment stating the following:

Hey Beanie, wuts good BFF? Hanging out on this Saturday afternoon and taking
things easy. I'm proud of you for your hard work and dedication to grad school.
Good luck and keep up the good work. You're the BOMB! It's good that
you're getting it out of the way this weekend. It's good that I'm taking it
easy. Because there's always a quiet calm prior to the big storm, and there's a
hurricane hitting Morristown one week from tonight. It's called HURRICANE
TRIPLE B. One of the most INTENSE types of hurricanes. B-MONEY BDAY BASH.
Get ready, be there, have a good time. It's going to be a super sensational
event. 10 years from now, friends of mine will be asking, "Do you remember that
night???? WOW" A LOT of people coming out. I'll be buzzed by 2pm that day.
I'll still be up and partying until like 7am on Sunday morning. It'll be a great
night. Come on out. Have fun. Live it up and enjoy yourself. Because you
know what? This whole thing called life never has a definite end date. The whole
fucking thing feels like 5 minutes, so make it a worthwhile fulfilled 5
minutes!!!! Go luck with the thesis. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3. GRASSHOPPER in
Motown. Look forward to seeing you kiddo!

The question is: will this extravaganza live up to that of my 21st birthday party six years ago???? Such a question carries a heavy weight. It's asking an awful lot, but I sense something big coming my way on Saturday. I haven't had this feeling for any of my birthdays for the past five years since that party happened on Central Avenue. This time, however, the event will be taking place at a local bar/club. The fact remains, there are a number of heads coming to this event. It is sure to be the social gathering of the year. Time will tell if it also lives up to that unforgettable night on November 7, 2001.

Folks attending this party, who were in attendance six years ago, include Scott Davies (who is making the long trip across country from Las Vegas and will be in town on Wednesday night), Billy Gratocoes, and Bill Dyer. Others attending will be Jimmy Locasio, Roger Nitto, Beanie, Raphael, and it is rumored that Greg "Rootman" Root will be making the trek from South Jersey to the Grasshopper in Morristown NJ to be a part of this special occasion.

On November 5, Blog of Bryan making transition from public viewing to members only!!!!!

This is a public announcement going out to all Blog of Bryan readers and fans. One week from tonight, on November 5, 2007 (which happens to officially be my 27th birthday), Blog of Bryan will only be available to members!!! A couple months ago, I hinted at this transition but I suggested that it would happen come the new year. In essence, it is happening much faster. Anybody who has an interest in Blog of Bryan, outside of my friends whose emails will automatically be added, email me your email address for consideration. Once again, I repeat, Blog of Bryan will be MEMBERS ONLY following November 5, 2007. Free of charge, of course! Think I'd charge you for this stuff???? LOL. Or should I? Nahhhhh, JK. Once we get the members only situation up and running, then we can get down and dirty and say whatever the fuck we want. YES!!!!

Firsts Survey

Who was your first prom date?
I never went! :O

Do you still talk to your first love?
Once it's done, it's gone.

What was your first alcoholic drink?

What was your first job?
Discovery Zone

What was your first car?
93 Chevy Beretta. memories of that thing, especially in Water works park summer of 99. LMAO.

Who was the first person to text you today?

Who is the first person you thought of this morning?
Not sure...

Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Rettig

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?

When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?

Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends with them?
Billy D AKA Kid Kong.

Where was your first sleep over?
I don't even recall

Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
Billy D, and it was afternoon, because I def slept until 2:30 pm today. lol

Whose wedding were you in the first time?
none, should've been Scottie D's.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
put my pants on, one pant leg at a time. Then I made gold records.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
I'm a concert virgin.

First tattoo or piercing?
ears. no tattoos. EVER.

First foreign country you went to?
I went to Canada, if that counts. they're still North America, so I really don't count it. but I loved it.

When was your first detention?
i think Ms. Rettig's class for throwing a paper plane at some chick's head. lol

What was the first state you lived in?
Dirty Jerzzzz

Who was the first person to break your heart?
not imprortant.

Who was your first roommate?
Aaron Honaker at Stockton

Who will be the first to repost this?
whoever is bored enough to do so.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scott Davies confirms attendance at Hurricane Tripple B!

Best friend from Las Vegas to attend birthday bash in Morristown!

There's a number of folks, close friends, and companions coming out for my big day next Saturday night. One, who confirmed his attendance for next week, is best friend Scott Davies. Yes indeed, Scott will flying out from Las Vegas to Jersey on either Wednesday or Thursday. An ailing relative is a major reason for his flight home. However, he will in fact be present at the Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ for B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash AKA Hurricane Tripple B. I look forward to seeing Scott at my birthday celebration one week from tonight. Scott's birthday is today, so I'll be buying him a couple of drinks as well when we're at the Hopper. I'm both flattered and honored that he's coming. Scott always brings a fun and spontaneous time with him when he returns home, and that's the the type of excitement and charisma that contributes to making an already much-anticipated event such as my birthday that much more exciting. My anticipation rises with each passing minute. Stay tuned for more in the near future. You do not want to miss a beat.

A stay-home Friday night: birthday celebration one week from tonight!

There's always a quiet calm prior to the big storm, and one week from tonight, a hurricane is going to run through Morristown. That hurricane will be B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash.

This was the first weekend over a course of eight weeks that I didn't do anything on Friday night. What did I do? I went to M&S II with Bill and slice of pizza. After that, he drove me home and I took a nap. Can you believe it? Sometimes, it's nice for one to stay in, relax, and recharge one's batteries after consecutive weekends of partying. Especially when the biggest weekend of the year, my 27th birthday bash, is the following week. Hey, who am I fucking kidding? That's a lie, if I've ever told one. Well, maybe not exactly .... but somewhat.

It's nice to stay in and get some rest, but I'm also saving money after a couple weeks of having to pay bills and also pay for my new engine. It kind of sucks, but what can you do? I'm taking advantage of that by resting up and getting ready for next weekend. With the weather conditions being rainy and wet, one must question how many folks would've actually been at the bars/clubs last night, anyway. There's always a quiet calm prior to the big storm, and one week from tonight, a hurricane is going to run through Morristown. That hurricane will be B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash.

As I was driving home from work day on I-287, I got a call from Scott Davies. He asked me what I was doing next weekend for my birthday. I let him know that my celebration was set to take place at Grasshopper in Morristown. Scott implied that there was a better than average chance that he'd be attending my birthday! That is great news; I would love to see him. Oh yeah, today happens to be Scott's birthday!!!

Happy birthday Scott!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking forward to the B-Money 27th Birthday bash, future career path, and much more!

Alright folks, here is a little middle of the night bloggery for you here at the Blog of Bryan. In the livingroom I sit, watching Dumb and Dumber starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. That movie is a classic. When it came out in theaters in the mid 90s, I went to see it like three times.

Lets get to some news here.

As you all know from the announcement recently made, my birthday celebration is set for November 3 at the Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ. My friends and I are no strangers to the Grasshopper, as we have been there eight times in the last seven weeks. It is one of the few bars/clubs in Morristown, or anywhere in Jersey for that matter, that never charges a cover for entry. Ever! That's pretty remarkable. Just based on that fact, it's the ideal venue for B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash, which is clearly one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year.

I've been putting out bulletins on Myspace as well as event reminders on Facebook. Best friend Billy D has been doing the same. Billy G has been calling me on the regular, as his anticipation for this spectacular evening is growing by the day. He has offered to take me out to lunch on Saturday prior the evening of partying, drinking, and hopefully making out with chicks that is going to take place later that night. On November, birthday boy B-Money looks forward to an absolutely amazing time. That night will certainly belong to the stars.

Work at Citistreet has been alright for me. If anything, the position enables me to build up my experience with payroll and loan disbursement. The overall office environment at this company is one that I am quite keen of. I get along really well with my co-workers, which is another plus in my book. As I said before, I am working as a contractor at Citistreet. My contract is scheduled to conclude at the end of December. At that point, Citistreet will either make the decision to hire me or tell me that they appreciated my efforts and assistance but can't bring me aboard at the moment. In either case, I have been giving that moment some serious thought. I am making a pretty rough commute to work and back every day. The traffic is getting worse as the days get shorter and the weather more inclement. What I plan on doing in December will be disclosed within the next few weeks, perhaps in one of those private updates that I plan to start posting.

Furthermore, the recruiter who placed me in the position at Citistreet informed me via email at work today that she has accepted a transfer from the South Plainfield Randstad to the Randstad Office in Parsippany, NJ. In the event that Citistreet lets me go at the end of the contract, or I decide to move on (for which my decision has not yet been officially announced), the fact that the recruiter is transferring to Parsippany is critical in a way that can be beneficial to me. I would love to be working close to where I live; at least in one of the surrounding towns around the area that I'm currently living in. Reducing my commute to work, alone, would save me a tremendous amount of money on gas. We shall see what exactly develops in the next couple of months regarding this particular aspect of my life.

Settings for the access to this site could be going private or invite only. If not the entire site, then at least certain posts on this site. This is an idea that I originally conceived this past summer, but I might finally be carrying out with the plan within the next month or so. Certain posts that I write on here are probably solely intended for a select audience. That way, I can get totally crazy and down right dirty with this site's content. My select audience understands my naughty talk and dirty content better than the general public and, as a result, can probably tolerate it better than most other folks can. Again, the private viewing of this site or some of its most exclusive updates is not yet official. Merely just a thought. An idea. A possibility.

I'm getting tired. I want to go to bed, so I am going to stop here. Stay tuned to Blog of Bryan for the latest and greatest in my life as well as with this site. Be prepared for the viewership of Blog of Bryan to be reduced to a selective audience. If that does in fact happen here, and you'd still like to tune in, shoot me an email and I can provide you with a log in.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

B-Money's 27th birthday bash set for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now official. Here at the Blog of Bryan, B-Money the one and only is proud to announce his 27th birthday bash. Mark that significant date on your calenders.

In two weeks, on Saturday, November 3, also at the Grasshopper in Morristown NJ, it will be B-Money's 27th birthday bash, clearly one of the biggest events/social gatherings of the year. The countdown began, shortly after Jimmy AKA J-LO's party. Friends you do not want to miss this - it'll be quite the event.

Morristown, NJ

My birthday is always a big deal, but this super sensational celebration will make for a night of legendary proportions. This will be the type of event and occasion that people who attend will say afterwards, "that was definitely the kind of night that I'm glad I did NOT stay home on." That's exactly what it's going to be. B-Money turns 27 on November 5, but the birthday celebration is on November 3, so be ready for that. Take off from work NOW if you have to work weekends, come out, enjoy yourselves, and wish B-Money a Happy 27th. Blessing that I made it this far.

It will be a legendary night that belongs to the stars.

Fun celebration this past Saturday.

On Saturday night, the crew got together in Morristown to celebrate Jimmy's 23rd birthday. Originally, Jimmy had made the announcement that his celebration would take place at the Funky Monkey. Plans changed, however, as the Monkey was charing a $10 cover at the entrance. Therefore, there was only one place to go. That one place was the usual, The Grasshopper. Those who attended the celebraton included Billy D, Roger, Bill "The Game" W, another Bill that happens to be a friend of his, Brett, Jimmy's friend Scott who graduated from Ramapo with him, Brian (who also happens to be a boxing fan, lol), and some dude they call Tiger Woods because he resembles Tiger Woods. I don't even know his real name. LOL. In any case, we all had a pretty exciting time. Most of us bought Jimmy beers for his birthday. As is usually the case, we were out until like 3am. Crazy times.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rainy weather slightly hindered seventh consecutive Friday at Grasshopper!

Tonight should be better, due to the beautiful weather outside today as opposed to yesterday. Beautiful weather, different venue in Funky Monkey, but the same town - MOTOWN!

B-money's back in the house again, giving you all the latest and greatest. Last night was yet another night out with the boys, but it wasn't as hot and happening as it has been over the past several weeks. The rain really killed the atmosphere and attendance. Well, not soooo much the attendance, but the female crowd. In other words, it was basically a sausage fest last night and you know I'm not down with that whatsoever.

As usual, I took a shower, got dressed, and made my way over to Bill's apartment. Shortly after I got there, Billy G showed up with a buffalo chicken pizza with extra cheese from Dinos. That pizza pie was the SHIT. I must've ate like three slices of that pie. It went with the Miller Lites. LOL. Pretty soon, Jimmy came over as well. He was still in his gym clothes, so he went in the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. Eventually, we made our way out to Morristown. We took the Chevy Blazer that I am currently driving. Yes, I am driving a Chevy Blazer with like 225,000+ miles on it, as a loaner, because my car is having a new engine put in. OUCH to my bank account!!! But anyway, that's another story all together.

Once we got there, it was unusually slow due to the terrible rainy weather conditions outside. About an hour into the evening, it started to pick a little bit. However, it wasn't the Grasshopper that we enjoyed for six consecutive weeks prior to last night. Regardless, yours truly was still getting his dance on like a champ upstairs. I ran into this one chick, whom I started grinding with. Jimmy was there getting up on her friend, when the girl I was dancing with started grinding my shit really hard.

At that point, I put my arms around her. I don't know what happened. It was a combination of her grinding me pretty hard and me holding her, when she seemed to fall forward. I still had my arms around her, so it looked like I was doing the Heimlich Maneuver on this poor chick. She moved out of my grasp and I felt embarrassed as hell. Oh well, this shit happens in clubs. Especially when alcohol is involved. Out of sheer embarrassment, I made my way downstairs for a couple minutes, gathered myself, and went right back upstairs to dance again. Coming towards the end of the night, we all ran into Laura Pierson, who went to Dover High School, as well as her friend Nicole. I hadn't seen Laura in years. So that was the story in a nutshell from last night.

Tonight, we'll be in Morristown once again to celebrate Jimmy's 23rd birthday. Everybody will be out and about to get him tanked, so I'll be tagging along for the ride. This time, we're going to Funky Monkey. Gotta leave the Grasshopper alone for a little bit. Let the place breathe. LOL. Tonight should be a decent time as well as a better crowd due to the nice weather. Happy Birthday Jimmy. LOL. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to hang out with Shannon, the chick I went out on with on the date about week ago. That should definitely be interesting.

Stay tuned for more in the near future.

Blog ya later.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

These great Friday nights Part II: Why do I feel as though I can and will do this until I'm 105????

This past Friday night was a continuation of what went down the previous weekend. This weekend, however, Bill invited some chicks from the Poconos that found him on myspace. Actually, it was one chick. She brought mouthy friend with her as well. That girl just couldn't manage to shut her big yapper, but I still managed to grind up on that fine ass of hers upstairs on the dance floor.

On my way to Bill's place, I stopped off at the liquor store in Mt Arlington and picked up two bottles of Pepsi and a bottle of Bacardi. We needed to make some mixed drinks for the pregame, so I supplied the group with the hard liquor and soda. Billy G showed up to the party with some Miller Lite and a few slices of pizza for he, Billy D and myself to wolf down before the rest of the crowd arrived. Shortly after eating the pizza, Raph showed up with Beanie. The two of them had gone out to dinner before making their way over to Bills..

Prior to heading out to Motown, we had a nice little pregame at Billy D's apartment in the Village Green. Those in attendance consisted of the two chicks from the Poconos, Billy G, Jimmy, Raph, Beanie, and myself. It was quite a crowd we had at the pregame. Beanie kept telling me what a great friend I am and gave me a peck on the cheek. She proceeded to tell Jimmy how she met me at Stockton (by hearing me bang the shit of Jaime when she lived a floor above me in N-Dorm during the school year 2002-03).

Unfortunately, those bitch ass neighbors Bill has living above him - noisy ass neighbors - found it in their hearts and souls and to call the cops on us and site a noise disturbances. Just as I was sitting on the couch talking Beanie, Jimmy, Raph, and those who were standing or sitting around the spot that I was at on the couch, Bill went to answer his door and there were two cops standing there. They invited themselves in. I got up to greet them myself and see what they had to say.

I was standing by the sliding doors in the back, when one of the officers who came through the front door asked me, "Son, could you please open those sliding doors for me?" I did so, and when I opened them, sure enough another cop walked in. I thought to myself, "Look at Wyatt Earp here sneaking in through the back." When the cops stated that the neighbors were complaining about us, I immediately spoke up and told them, "you should hear these folks upstairs. They're probably the ones complaining about us and at 2am it sounds like they're intentionally dropping 100 pound dumbbells on the floor." No, I was not exaggerating to the cops. When I sleep over at Bill's, it sounds like those neighbors are dropping dumbbells. Then they run to another side of their apartment and do the same fucking thing over there as well.

Seriously, who does this at 2 or 3am almost every night????? There's no banging whatsoever during the day, but in the middle of the night forget about it. The officers were good natured, though. They didn't really hassle us too much as kindly asked that we keep the noise down. All of us were at least 21 years of age, so we had no problems when the cops asked us about that. Thank God. Eventually the cops left and all of us continued to go about our pregaming festivities. The time finally came for us to head to Motown. Beanie couldn't come out because she had some graduate school homework to do. She only came for the pregame party. That's okay, though. I'm glad she at least came for that.

Beanie made her way back home, while the remainder of us went to Motown. I rode with Raph and Jimmy, while B.G. drove Bill and Pocono chicks. Raph offered to drive that night because he had to take medication for some allergies and couldn't drink any alcoholic beverages. That was very nice of him. I guess if there was a time for him to be a designated driver, that was his night to do so. It made sense. Once we got to Morristown, I was once again feeling a nice vibe. Not quite the same as the vibe I felt the previous weekend, but a positive vibe nonetheless. There were hot bitches everywhere, anything from two sets to four sets.

At the beginning of the evening, it took me a while to really heat up but eventually I did so. I began talking to this really hot blond chick at the bar. She was kind of tall, but she had a nice physical appearance about her and I liked her face. I introduced myself to her and she told me her name was Lindsay. Lindsay was hot, and she knew it. She claimed she was hot. I claim I'm hot. Maybe we're both right. Anyway, we got to talking and I put my arm around her waist on numerous occasions. She goes to college somewhere in PA, but lives not too far from D-town. She's going to school for psychology and claimed that she's a counselor. LOL. All I can say is, she was hot! She was hotter than just about any of the chicks I have approached at that bar. She was probably the hottest chick at the Grasshopper on that particular night.

Even Jimmy, who was standing behind me at one point, looks over at me with one of his usual Jimmy looks and admitted, "dude, she's HOOOOOOTTT!" Obviously being B-Money the one and only, I managed to get her digits, told her I'd prob call her sometime, and the crew and I left for Cluck U when Grasshopper closed at 2am. You know, it was the usual agenda on Friday night. Pregame, go to Grasshopper until it closes at 2am, and then go to Cluck U until around 3am. I love Friday nights. Friday is my favorite day of the week and these Friday nights have been incomparable to just about anything else that happens during the week. Why do I feel as though I can and will do this until I am 105 years old??????? I sincerely hope these times do not stop anytime soon.

While we were at Cluck U, I sent Lindsay a text message saying, "Had a great time tonight. I wanna see you again." Her reply, which came less than a minute later, said, "Yea cool I'll c u tomorrow." I was like, WHAT? I texted her back, "This is tomorrow." Her response was, "haha you know what I mean." I don't care, she was blazin' HOT. Did she see me the next day? Hell no. It's all good though. That night was a pretty good time regardless. Anything is better than staying home and being bored doing nothing, sitting by the computer with the pants down. Not what I want to be doing on Friday night. No way.

That type of activity is reserved for the other nights of the week, when I have to get up early in the morning to go to work. JK.

Stockton Alumni Survey

The other day I was logged into my myspace account, when I was looking at bulletins and happened to notice a Stockton Alumni survey posted by Scott Ackerman (Brian's older brother).

Immediately, I decided to take it. Afterall, this was a different kind of survey that nobody outside of Stockton alumni could take, so I felt like answering the questions due to the fact that I was special enough to be a Stockton alumnist. LOL. Here we go:

This survey is for anyone who went to Stockton College...

Who was your first friend at Stockton:
Aaron Honaker

Do you still talk to your freshman year roommate?:
I still talk to the first roommate I had at Stockton, which was Aaron Honaker.

Where did you live while at tockton:
L-209 the first year. N-206 (I believe it was 206; my awesome single which I dearly miss!!!!) my second year, and 88-1 with Jeremy, Sean, and Mike "piss on the seat and cook smelly food" Hess the third and final year.

Name six of your former roommates:
Aaron Honaker, Brian McGovern, Jeremy Martinsen, Sean Gryger, and Mike Hess. I guess that's just 5. Remember, single dorm the 2nd year. ;)

Do you still talk to any of them?:
Sometimes I talk to Aaron, Sean, and Jeremy. Haven't taken to Sean in a very long time. Jeremy every once in a while, but not as much as before. Aaron every now and then.

Your favorite CA:
The one I had the first year. Melinda, Melissa, something along those lines, in L Dorm.

Least favorite CA:
Didn't really have one.

Did you ever get written-up?:
yea, for writting a threat on my door in N-Dorm. HAHA

Favorite location at Stockton?:
pretty much the entire campus. I loved that place and I still love it. Haven't been there in a while.

Ever been to N-Wing for a meal?:
Ohhhhh yea, the place where Kappa Delta Plattasquanka was established. Rabies on a fork, right Beanie? Nuff said. lol

How many T-shirts from Stockton do you have?:
I have a t-shirt and a black hoodie somewhere.

Best Bar:
A few of them. Irish Pub in Atlantic City...near campus, definitely the Corner Tavern.

Do you still order Chinese as much?:
not as much.

Did you go to the football games?:
not really.

Did you get drunk at Stockton?:
Always! Even when I was studying sometimes, lol.Favorite Professor: Dr. Arthur Worthington. God bless his soul, he was hillarious and I ACED all three of his classes. I rock.

Did you ever go to a basketball game?:
Oddly enough, no. Lacrosse games, yes. I miss those tailgates. lol

Best stockton Memory (non-alcohol related):
snow days and late night Wawa runs with good friends for coffee and snacks. Gatherings at N-Wing!!!

Best stockton Memory (alcohol related):
All those Thursday nights in F-Court the first year I was there. The pregames downstairs in Evan's room in L Dorm. But there were sooooo many memories. I miss those years.

What was your degree in?
B.S. in Business Studies Hospitality Management.

Was g-wing a place you frequented often?:
Yes, I often went there for lunch in between classes.

If you had to go back, would you do anything differently?:
I would've probably put a little more effort towards my classes, even though I did pretty good. I would've enjoyed more freedom, without a relationship taking my time away from my friends. I should've done more with my friends and enjoyed the type of freedom I currently enjoy now rather than worry about a relationship. It probably made me more of a dick back in those days as result. But I really don't have any regrets.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

These great Friday nights Part I: They've been calling me the polar bear because I break the ice!

Some time has gone by since your boy B-Money provided Blog of Bryan readers and fans with the latest on the greatest. Wait know more, as I have plenty to talk about and plenty cover. The drought is over and I am ready to talk about life because I am high on it. Get out your papers and pens. Take notes. Enjoy what I have to say. Pay attention. Document my teachings and ramblings. LOL. Just playing. But be sure to read and enjoy.

The past couple of weekends have been clutch for me, as I have continued to hit up Grasshopper in Morristown with the crew. Folks who are usually there with me on any given Friday night are best friend Billy D, Jimmy, Roger, and Raph. That's usually the group of guys that come out with us. Last weekend, Roger came out and Jimmy did not come out due to a date that he had. This weekend, Roger did not come out for whatever reason and Jimmy made it out with us. He had originally planned to head to VA for the weekend to meet up with some friends, but I guess he decided not to go. Instead, the more viable option was to come hang out with some playas.

Last weekend was the shit, which is the premise that I will choose to focus on for part one of this two part post. Last weekend was the perfect Friday night. I went over to Bill's house to pregame, as is usually the case before we head out on Friday night. Raphael over to pregame for a bit as well. It was Bill's turn to drive, so it was my turn to party hard and enter the deep dark and seductive pits of intoxication, never knowing when I might come back to the surfaces of sobriety. I just knew I eventually would. Bill and I went out to get gas, when I got the call from Raph that he was at Bill's place.

After getting the gas, Bill and I drove back to pick Raph up and we headed to big Roger's to pick up Rog. When we we got there, he invited us in for some more pre-gaming at his place. Awesome. This was definitely setting a fine tone for what was sure to be a night of legendary preportions. I look on the kitchen counter, already somewhat intoxicated, and notice four glasses, four cans of Redbull, and a bottle of Vodka. I thought to myself, "look at this playa hooking his boys up."

We each prepared our drinks, hung out for a little bit, talked about life and how the night could potentially unfold. It was a fun time. I texted this girl Stephanie whom I used to work with at the Olive Garden. I invited her to come meet up with us at Grasshopper, but she replied by saying she was at school for the weekend. She goes to Ramapo and she was on campus for the weekend. She went on to admit that she hasn't seen me in forever and misses me. She suggested that I come visit some time. Ohhhhhhhhh kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid. Maybe. Just maybe.

Following our brief but enjoyable period of time at Roger's house, we all squeezed into Bill's little Volkswagon GTI and headed to Grasshopper which is like five minutes away from Roger's house. I was feeling really good that night. It was my night, as I was on point and ready to dance and kick some game to some ladies. Some people may have felt that I was going to sit on the side lines, coming in like Johnny Chumpelstillskin and not go up to any girls or not get any girls. No sir. This is not a quiet and bashful Bryan. No, this is a happy game spittin' handsome and ready to make something happen Bryan. This is B-Money and B-Money comes out to Motown with his men and just takes over the scene. HAHAHA. Well, maybe not exactly, but we do enough to make our presence felt.

My crew and I have this strategy that we partake in, called "breaking the ice." When a guy breaks the ice, he goes up to a group of girls. Could be a two set (two girls). Could be a three set (if there are three girls). Maybe even a four set, if you're feeling limber or have a number of guys accompanying you. It was my night and my time to break the ice with the women. Guess what? I did just that.

I found a nice four set chillin in the corner, but one of the girls I noticed I found to be very attractive. I poked Bill on the shoulder, winked at him and said, "watch this". I approached the group, looked at the girl I was attracted to, and said, "Hello my name is Bryan. How are all of you doing tonight?" They were all happy that I came over. Following right behind me, Bill, Raph and Roger came over to talk as well. I introduced the ladies to my friends and we all started talking. The girl's name, whom I was talking to, was Shannon. Shannon seemed like a really nice girl from the outset and she's pretty cute. We hit it off and had a really fun time together. I had my arm around her, she had her arm around me, and there was even a little kissing going in. It was the perfect setting for the a great Friday night at the club with the boys.

I asked her if she had fun that night. She said she did. I then asked her if she wanted to have more fun in the near future. She was smiling as she admitted, "of course I do." I then asked her, "is there a number I can reach you at?" She took the phone from my hand and said, "let me type it in for you" It was awesome. She's a cute girl and I enjoyed hanging out with her. Guess what? I made all of that happen by breaking the motherfucking ice. That's why the crew calls B-Money the Polar Bear. I break the ice. This time, I fell in.

A couple of nights ago, I went out on a date with Shannon. We went to Chilis for dinner and really hit it off there as well. I met up with her at 8pm. We didn't leave Chilis until approximately 11pm. She was sweet and really cute as well. She had a sparkle in her eyes that I found to be truly delightful and truly a turn on. We talked about our jobs, what we like to do for fun, and things of that nature. We will see each other again as well, as we have plans to go to a movie next Friday or Saturday night. We will talk about that more in detail, as she away at her college for her Homecoming Weekend this weekend.

After my date with Shannon, I drove down to the new Applebees in Rockway and met up with Billy D and Billy G. They were sitting at a table drinking beers and enjoying some appetizers. Sitting with them was Sam, who is a waitress at Applebees. She usually serves us and does a fabulous job of doing so. For that, we hook her up whenever she waits on us. She sits down with us sometimes and talks to us about life. She's good people.

I'll tell you what, though. Last night was pretty damn good as well. Every weekend is a super sensational occasion when I go out with best friends. It's a blast and it's been happening every weekend for the last SIX WEEKENDS IN A ROW. I knew the autumn would be a time to remember and I told ya'll that it would more than make up for that dreadful summer that I had. So far, that appears to be the case for The Great One. Work has been going alright and I've been having the time of my life on these Fridays. Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week.

Yeah, last night is another story all together, so be sure to stay tuned for Part II of this story which is coming very soon. You do not want to miss a beat.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Contractual period continues at Citistreet, but playtime is essential throughout!

If I am able to keep it together during this contractual period, life just might be sweeter than ever come January of 2008. That's the end of the rainbow, so I'm trying to do the best I can to see what's there when I reach that landmark.

Today was a relatively easy day at work. Things are going good for me at Citistreet. In terms of the position I'm in, work flows smoothly. Today I was doing some things with QA and loans to assist corporate.

Hopefully when the end of the December rolls around, and my contract is up, they remember the good work I did. A lot of times, when the rush dies down and all payrolls are processed and disbursed, I will go out of my way to ask managers and corporate if they need help with anything.

Right now they are showing appreciation for my energy and enthusiasm. Like I said, this is a contractual period that ends after December, so when the holidays roll around, we'll see what happens. Just because I am under contract at this time, doesn't mean I have not been in touch with some other folks as well.

Come December, B-Money has to see who brings the most money. The name of the game is the most money for B-Money, and winning that game with flying colors would certainly entail the most money for least amount of struggle in the work place. That would be absolutely tremendous; we'll see what happens when the end of December rolls around.

Slowly but surely, I'm working my way into a nice little spot. Life is all about moving forward. Over the summer, ya'll know I took a few steps back and lost some of the positive momentum that had carried me into this year from the end of last year. Now, I am trying to take those steps that will not only put me over the top of where I was, but also higher than I have ever been. This requires that I stick to this contract and do everything I have to do to make this period of time fruitful and worthwhile.

If I am able to keep it together during this contractual period, life just might be sweeter than ever come January of 2008. That's the end of the rainbow, so I'm trying to do the best I can to see what's there when I reach that landmark. It's essential that I remain positive about the future as often as I can, but also enjoy what the present has to offer. Playtime. Going out with best friends. Partying. The gems of life.

For the time being, I make it a point to enjoy the present though. I've been going out with Billy D. I might be heading to Applebees with him a little later on this evening to get an appetizer or two and maybe even a couple beers. We'll see what happens. This Friday night, I want to get some folks together for a night at the Palm in Morristown.

For the past four weekends in a row, the crew and I have been going to Grasshopper. I want to do something a little different this weekend. Palm is an outdoor bar/club, and being that the month of October currently feels like summer, this weekend might be the ideal weekend to hit up the Palm and see some beautiful ladies in dresses and skirts. Maybe even talk to them. Maybe even dance with them. That would be hot.

So like I said, Palm this Friday night. I'm trying to make some big plans, so if you're in the Northern NJ area this weekend, and you're anywhere near Motown (especially if you're a lady or you're with ladies), come out to the Palm on Friday night! Best friends hang out. My best friends like to be around foxy attractive young ladies, so tell anyone who is anyone that Palm is the place to be this Friday night.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Another visit to the Grasshopper, Hooters, the World Middleweight Championship, and more!

Can you believe it is already the first of October?? Utterly mind blowing. The year 2007 is coming and going like the wind. As it comes and goes, I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck I want to do with my life. One could say I am a little confused at this point, but I suppose that is to be expected at times. I'm just a man trying to get ahead and earn as much as I can by doing something I like. Who doesn't want to do that?

What's important is I've been getting out lately and having fun. This past weekend was a pretty decent one. On Friday night, Jimmy, Billy D, and I went out to Morristown again. This is like the fourth weekend in a row that I went to Grasshopper in Morristown. Apparently it has become the new Friday night hangout for us. For the second weekend in a row, we went to Applebees to pregame. I was the designated driver, so I really did not drink a whole helluva lot. It's all good; I still had a few beers throughout the evening and a house margarita at Applebees that Jimmy did not care to drink (too strong).

Grasshopper was bumpin' as always. There were more ladies there this past Friday night than there were when Bill, Christine, and I were there the previous week. Jimmy met some chick and got her phone number. He'll be going out on a date with her this coming Friday. Bill almost got with her friend. LOL. Roger and I pretty much took in the sights around us.

I almost had some luck with this one chick by the bar, when I was horrendously cock blocked by her fat and ugly friend who was trying to teach me how to shake hands. What the fuck was that all about???? I didn't come to the Grasshopper for Handshaking 101. I came to hang out with my friends and meet some fine young ladies. She got all bent out of shape as well, telling her friend whom I was talking to, "C'mon we have to go. If need be, just bring your new boyfriend with you!!!" LOL. Whatever. I hate cock blocks!

On Saturday night, Bill and I met up at Jimmy's house in Byram and Jimmy drove us to Hooters for some wings. Between the three of us, we had like 50 wings. The meal was on Jimmy, so I give him props for his courtesy and also for the fact that he drove us there. After our wing meal at Hooters, the three of us went to a town that I was very familiar with. Vernon, NJ! That's right, Vernon is where I went this past winter to meet up with my MILF friend who happened to be married. Memories that enchanting evening with the MILF immediately came to the forefront of my mind. What a magical and enjoyable one night stand that turned out to be. I was glad it happened. Here I was once again, back in Vernon.

We stopped at the George Inn first. When we realized that it was sausage fest-o-rama, we decided to leave and check out the Vernon Inn off Rt 94, where I had gone to meet up with the MILF. Once we got there, we recognized that it was more of the same. Jimmy openly implied, "this is the worst bar I have ever been to." I replied, "I didn't come here to meet people; I came here to hang out and hook up with a MILF!"

After that, we went around to the few bars in the Sussex County area, but nothing was really happening. We had a beer or two and decided to call it a night. Once I got home, I watched the recording of the Middleweight Championship fight, between Jermain Taylor and Kelly Pavlik, that had happened earlier in the evening at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. The fight was televised on HBO and my mother was courteous enough to record it for me while I was out with my friends.

Thankfully I did not know the result when I got back home, so it felt like I was watching it live. It was a sensational fight in which Pavlik, the challenger, rose from a 2nd round knockdown to stop defending champion Taylor in the seventh round. This was a championship fight between two undefeated fighters in their primes. It turned out being a super sensational match that I enjoyed watching. For more information and coverage regarding this fight, be sure to check out Boxing Chronicles.

Pretty good weekend, I must admit. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next one will bring.