Monday, October 29, 2007

Can Saturday night live up to my 21st birthday party six year ago????

"It's gonna be legendary playa" -text from Scott Davies

B-Money foreshadowing something huge, comparable to what happened on Central Ave six years ago. Feels something coming he didn't feel for the past five years!

Today, when I was at work, Scott sent me text messages saying, "Just booked my plane ticket. I'll be in town this weekend for B-Money's birthday extravaganza. I be in Mine Hill from Wednesday to Sunday." Later in the evening, he sends me another text, "its gonna be legendary playa." That's one of my best friends, feeling the same vibes leading up to this special occasion that I have been feeling for days now.
Discussions of my anticipated birthday bash have been ongoing, as my birthday parties are every single year. Something about this year, however, leads me to believe that this won't just be any party. No, this won't just be any celebration or any birthday party.

What I see these days leading up to Saturday, November 3 leads me to believe that B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash, which I have recently labelled Hurricane Triple B (B-Money's Birthday Bash, being as intense as a hurricane), will be an extravaganza!! This won't just be a party; it will be an extravaganza. When I think of who is going to be showing, it reminds me somewhat of my 21st birthday party. Shades of what was the biggest party in Dover of the last fifteen years comes to mind when I think of what's going down this Saturday night.

It was six years ago, when I celebrated my 21st birthday at the old legendary house on Central Ave, and practically the entire town showed up to celebrate and wish B-Money a Happy Birthday. Yes, when I look back at that legendary evening, I realize that many of the folks from that night will be in attendance at the Grasshopper this Saturday. Not just those old faces, but some new ones from the college days as well. Some new faces, in general, will add to the attendance and the festivities.

I tried to call Beanie on Saturday afternoon, but she was very busy with her thesis and wasn't taking any calls throughout the day. Fair enough. That's understandable. Yet, she still left me a comment on myspace, in the form of an icon, saying "You're the Bomb." That was a kind gesture on the part of one of my best friends. In response, I left her a long impassioned comment stating the following:

Hey Beanie, wuts good BFF? Hanging out on this Saturday afternoon and taking
things easy. I'm proud of you for your hard work and dedication to grad school.
Good luck and keep up the good work. You're the BOMB! It's good that
you're getting it out of the way this weekend. It's good that I'm taking it
easy. Because there's always a quiet calm prior to the big storm, and there's a
hurricane hitting Morristown one week from tonight. It's called HURRICANE
TRIPLE B. One of the most INTENSE types of hurricanes. B-MONEY BDAY BASH.
Get ready, be there, have a good time. It's going to be a super sensational
event. 10 years from now, friends of mine will be asking, "Do you remember that
night???? WOW" A LOT of people coming out. I'll be buzzed by 2pm that day.
I'll still be up and partying until like 7am on Sunday morning. It'll be a great
night. Come on out. Have fun. Live it up and enjoy yourself. Because you
know what? This whole thing called life never has a definite end date. The whole
fucking thing feels like 5 minutes, so make it a worthwhile fulfilled 5
minutes!!!! Go luck with the thesis. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3. GRASSHOPPER in
Motown. Look forward to seeing you kiddo!

The question is: will this extravaganza live up to that of my 21st birthday party six years ago???? Such a question carries a heavy weight. It's asking an awful lot, but I sense something big coming my way on Saturday. I haven't had this feeling for any of my birthdays for the past five years since that party happened on Central Avenue. This time, however, the event will be taking place at a local bar/club. The fact remains, there are a number of heads coming to this event. It is sure to be the social gathering of the year. Time will tell if it also lives up to that unforgettable night on November 7, 2001.

Folks attending this party, who were in attendance six years ago, include Scott Davies (who is making the long trip across country from Las Vegas and will be in town on Wednesday night), Billy Gratocoes, and Bill Dyer. Others attending will be Jimmy Locasio, Roger Nitto, Beanie, Raphael, and it is rumored that Greg "Rootman" Root will be making the trek from South Jersey to the Grasshopper in Morristown NJ to be a part of this special occasion.

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