Monday, October 01, 2007

Another visit to the Grasshopper, Hooters, the World Middleweight Championship, and more!

Can you believe it is already the first of October?? Utterly mind blowing. The year 2007 is coming and going like the wind. As it comes and goes, I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck I want to do with my life. One could say I am a little confused at this point, but I suppose that is to be expected at times. I'm just a man trying to get ahead and earn as much as I can by doing something I like. Who doesn't want to do that?

What's important is I've been getting out lately and having fun. This past weekend was a pretty decent one. On Friday night, Jimmy, Billy D, and I went out to Morristown again. This is like the fourth weekend in a row that I went to Grasshopper in Morristown. Apparently it has become the new Friday night hangout for us. For the second weekend in a row, we went to Applebees to pregame. I was the designated driver, so I really did not drink a whole helluva lot. It's all good; I still had a few beers throughout the evening and a house margarita at Applebees that Jimmy did not care to drink (too strong).

Grasshopper was bumpin' as always. There were more ladies there this past Friday night than there were when Bill, Christine, and I were there the previous week. Jimmy met some chick and got her phone number. He'll be going out on a date with her this coming Friday. Bill almost got with her friend. LOL. Roger and I pretty much took in the sights around us.

I almost had some luck with this one chick by the bar, when I was horrendously cock blocked by her fat and ugly friend who was trying to teach me how to shake hands. What the fuck was that all about???? I didn't come to the Grasshopper for Handshaking 101. I came to hang out with my friends and meet some fine young ladies. She got all bent out of shape as well, telling her friend whom I was talking to, "C'mon we have to go. If need be, just bring your new boyfriend with you!!!" LOL. Whatever. I hate cock blocks!

On Saturday night, Bill and I met up at Jimmy's house in Byram and Jimmy drove us to Hooters for some wings. Between the three of us, we had like 50 wings. The meal was on Jimmy, so I give him props for his courtesy and also for the fact that he drove us there. After our wing meal at Hooters, the three of us went to a town that I was very familiar with. Vernon, NJ! That's right, Vernon is where I went this past winter to meet up with my MILF friend who happened to be married. Memories that enchanting evening with the MILF immediately came to the forefront of my mind. What a magical and enjoyable one night stand that turned out to be. I was glad it happened. Here I was once again, back in Vernon.

We stopped at the George Inn first. When we realized that it was sausage fest-o-rama, we decided to leave and check out the Vernon Inn off Rt 94, where I had gone to meet up with the MILF. Once we got there, we recognized that it was more of the same. Jimmy openly implied, "this is the worst bar I have ever been to." I replied, "I didn't come here to meet people; I came here to hang out and hook up with a MILF!"

After that, we went around to the few bars in the Sussex County area, but nothing was really happening. We had a beer or two and decided to call it a night. Once I got home, I watched the recording of the Middleweight Championship fight, between Jermain Taylor and Kelly Pavlik, that had happened earlier in the evening at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. The fight was televised on HBO and my mother was courteous enough to record it for me while I was out with my friends.

Thankfully I did not know the result when I got back home, so it felt like I was watching it live. It was a sensational fight in which Pavlik, the challenger, rose from a 2nd round knockdown to stop defending champion Taylor in the seventh round. This was a championship fight between two undefeated fighters in their primes. It turned out being a super sensational match that I enjoyed watching. For more information and coverage regarding this fight, be sure to check out Boxing Chronicles.

Pretty good weekend, I must admit. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next one will bring.

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