Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun celebration this past Saturday.

On Saturday night, the crew got together in Morristown to celebrate Jimmy's 23rd birthday. Originally, Jimmy had made the announcement that his celebration would take place at the Funky Monkey. Plans changed, however, as the Monkey was charing a $10 cover at the entrance. Therefore, there was only one place to go. That one place was the usual, The Grasshopper. Those who attended the celebraton included Billy D, Roger, Bill "The Game" W, another Bill that happens to be a friend of his, Brett, Jimmy's friend Scott who graduated from Ramapo with him, Brian (who also happens to be a boxing fan, lol), and some dude they call Tiger Woods because he resembles Tiger Woods. I don't even know his real name. LOL. In any case, we all had a pretty exciting time. Most of us bought Jimmy beers for his birthday. As is usually the case, we were out until like 3am. Crazy times.

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