Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking forward to the B-Money 27th Birthday bash, future career path, and much more!

Alright folks, here is a little middle of the night bloggery for you here at the Blog of Bryan. In the livingroom I sit, watching Dumb and Dumber starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. That movie is a classic. When it came out in theaters in the mid 90s, I went to see it like three times.

Lets get to some news here.

As you all know from the announcement recently made, my birthday celebration is set for November 3 at the Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ. My friends and I are no strangers to the Grasshopper, as we have been there eight times in the last seven weeks. It is one of the few bars/clubs in Morristown, or anywhere in Jersey for that matter, that never charges a cover for entry. Ever! That's pretty remarkable. Just based on that fact, it's the ideal venue for B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash, which is clearly one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year.

I've been putting out bulletins on Myspace as well as event reminders on Facebook. Best friend Billy D has been doing the same. Billy G has been calling me on the regular, as his anticipation for this spectacular evening is growing by the day. He has offered to take me out to lunch on Saturday prior the evening of partying, drinking, and hopefully making out with chicks that is going to take place later that night. On November, birthday boy B-Money looks forward to an absolutely amazing time. That night will certainly belong to the stars.

Work at Citistreet has been alright for me. If anything, the position enables me to build up my experience with payroll and loan disbursement. The overall office environment at this company is one that I am quite keen of. I get along really well with my co-workers, which is another plus in my book. As I said before, I am working as a contractor at Citistreet. My contract is scheduled to conclude at the end of December. At that point, Citistreet will either make the decision to hire me or tell me that they appreciated my efforts and assistance but can't bring me aboard at the moment. In either case, I have been giving that moment some serious thought. I am making a pretty rough commute to work and back every day. The traffic is getting worse as the days get shorter and the weather more inclement. What I plan on doing in December will be disclosed within the next few weeks, perhaps in one of those private updates that I plan to start posting.

Furthermore, the recruiter who placed me in the position at Citistreet informed me via email at work today that she has accepted a transfer from the South Plainfield Randstad to the Randstad Office in Parsippany, NJ. In the event that Citistreet lets me go at the end of the contract, or I decide to move on (for which my decision has not yet been officially announced), the fact that the recruiter is transferring to Parsippany is critical in a way that can be beneficial to me. I would love to be working close to where I live; at least in one of the surrounding towns around the area that I'm currently living in. Reducing my commute to work, alone, would save me a tremendous amount of money on gas. We shall see what exactly develops in the next couple of months regarding this particular aspect of my life.

Settings for the access to this site could be going private or invite only. If not the entire site, then at least certain posts on this site. This is an idea that I originally conceived this past summer, but I might finally be carrying out with the plan within the next month or so. Certain posts that I write on here are probably solely intended for a select audience. That way, I can get totally crazy and down right dirty with this site's content. My select audience understands my naughty talk and dirty content better than the general public and, as a result, can probably tolerate it better than most other folks can. Again, the private viewing of this site or some of its most exclusive updates is not yet official. Merely just a thought. An idea. A possibility.

I'm getting tired. I want to go to bed, so I am going to stop here. Stay tuned to Blog of Bryan for the latest and greatest in my life as well as with this site. Be prepared for the viewership of Blog of Bryan to be reduced to a selective audience. If that does in fact happen here, and you'd still like to tune in, shoot me an email and I can provide you with a log in.

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