Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stockton Alumni Survey

The other day I was logged into my myspace account, when I was looking at bulletins and happened to notice a Stockton Alumni survey posted by Scott Ackerman (Brian's older brother).

Immediately, I decided to take it. Afterall, this was a different kind of survey that nobody outside of Stockton alumni could take, so I felt like answering the questions due to the fact that I was special enough to be a Stockton alumnist. LOL. Here we go:

This survey is for anyone who went to Stockton College...

Who was your first friend at Stockton:
Aaron Honaker

Do you still talk to your freshman year roommate?:
I still talk to the first roommate I had at Stockton, which was Aaron Honaker.

Where did you live while at tockton:
L-209 the first year. N-206 (I believe it was 206; my awesome single which I dearly miss!!!!) my second year, and 88-1 with Jeremy, Sean, and Mike "piss on the seat and cook smelly food" Hess the third and final year.

Name six of your former roommates:
Aaron Honaker, Brian McGovern, Jeremy Martinsen, Sean Gryger, and Mike Hess. I guess that's just 5. Remember, single dorm the 2nd year. ;)

Do you still talk to any of them?:
Sometimes I talk to Aaron, Sean, and Jeremy. Haven't taken to Sean in a very long time. Jeremy every once in a while, but not as much as before. Aaron every now and then.

Your favorite CA:
The one I had the first year. Melinda, Melissa, something along those lines, in L Dorm.

Least favorite CA:
Didn't really have one.

Did you ever get written-up?:
yea, for writting a threat on my door in N-Dorm. HAHA

Favorite location at Stockton?:
pretty much the entire campus. I loved that place and I still love it. Haven't been there in a while.

Ever been to N-Wing for a meal?:
Ohhhhh yea, the place where Kappa Delta Plattasquanka was established. Rabies on a fork, right Beanie? Nuff said. lol

How many T-shirts from Stockton do you have?:
I have a t-shirt and a black hoodie somewhere.

Best Bar:
A few of them. Irish Pub in Atlantic City...near campus, definitely the Corner Tavern.

Do you still order Chinese as much?:
not as much.

Did you go to the football games?:
not really.

Did you get drunk at Stockton?:
Always! Even when I was studying sometimes, lol.Favorite Professor: Dr. Arthur Worthington. God bless his soul, he was hillarious and I ACED all three of his classes. I rock.

Did you ever go to a basketball game?:
Oddly enough, no. Lacrosse games, yes. I miss those tailgates. lol

Best stockton Memory (non-alcohol related):
snow days and late night Wawa runs with good friends for coffee and snacks. Gatherings at N-Wing!!!

Best stockton Memory (alcohol related):
All those Thursday nights in F-Court the first year I was there. The pregames downstairs in Evan's room in L Dorm. But there were sooooo many memories. I miss those years.

What was your degree in?
B.S. in Business Studies Hospitality Management.

Was g-wing a place you frequented often?:
Yes, I often went there for lunch in between classes.

If you had to go back, would you do anything differently?:
I would've probably put a little more effort towards my classes, even though I did pretty good. I would've enjoyed more freedom, without a relationship taking my time away from my friends. I should've done more with my friends and enjoyed the type of freedom I currently enjoy now rather than worry about a relationship. It probably made me more of a dick back in those days as result. But I really don't have any regrets.

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