Saturday, October 13, 2007

These great Friday nights Part I: They've been calling me the polar bear because I break the ice!

Some time has gone by since your boy B-Money provided Blog of Bryan readers and fans with the latest on the greatest. Wait know more, as I have plenty to talk about and plenty cover. The drought is over and I am ready to talk about life because I am high on it. Get out your papers and pens. Take notes. Enjoy what I have to say. Pay attention. Document my teachings and ramblings. LOL. Just playing. But be sure to read and enjoy.

The past couple of weekends have been clutch for me, as I have continued to hit up Grasshopper in Morristown with the crew. Folks who are usually there with me on any given Friday night are best friend Billy D, Jimmy, Roger, and Raph. That's usually the group of guys that come out with us. Last weekend, Roger came out and Jimmy did not come out due to a date that he had. This weekend, Roger did not come out for whatever reason and Jimmy made it out with us. He had originally planned to head to VA for the weekend to meet up with some friends, but I guess he decided not to go. Instead, the more viable option was to come hang out with some playas.

Last weekend was the shit, which is the premise that I will choose to focus on for part one of this two part post. Last weekend was the perfect Friday night. I went over to Bill's house to pregame, as is usually the case before we head out on Friday night. Raphael over to pregame for a bit as well. It was Bill's turn to drive, so it was my turn to party hard and enter the deep dark and seductive pits of intoxication, never knowing when I might come back to the surfaces of sobriety. I just knew I eventually would. Bill and I went out to get gas, when I got the call from Raph that he was at Bill's place.

After getting the gas, Bill and I drove back to pick Raph up and we headed to big Roger's to pick up Rog. When we we got there, he invited us in for some more pre-gaming at his place. Awesome. This was definitely setting a fine tone for what was sure to be a night of legendary preportions. I look on the kitchen counter, already somewhat intoxicated, and notice four glasses, four cans of Redbull, and a bottle of Vodka. I thought to myself, "look at this playa hooking his boys up."

We each prepared our drinks, hung out for a little bit, talked about life and how the night could potentially unfold. It was a fun time. I texted this girl Stephanie whom I used to work with at the Olive Garden. I invited her to come meet up with us at Grasshopper, but she replied by saying she was at school for the weekend. She goes to Ramapo and she was on campus for the weekend. She went on to admit that she hasn't seen me in forever and misses me. She suggested that I come visit some time. Ohhhhhhhhh kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid. Maybe. Just maybe.

Following our brief but enjoyable period of time at Roger's house, we all squeezed into Bill's little Volkswagon GTI and headed to Grasshopper which is like five minutes away from Roger's house. I was feeling really good that night. It was my night, as I was on point and ready to dance and kick some game to some ladies. Some people may have felt that I was going to sit on the side lines, coming in like Johnny Chumpelstillskin and not go up to any girls or not get any girls. No sir. This is not a quiet and bashful Bryan. No, this is a happy game spittin' handsome and ready to make something happen Bryan. This is B-Money and B-Money comes out to Motown with his men and just takes over the scene. HAHAHA. Well, maybe not exactly, but we do enough to make our presence felt.

My crew and I have this strategy that we partake in, called "breaking the ice." When a guy breaks the ice, he goes up to a group of girls. Could be a two set (two girls). Could be a three set (if there are three girls). Maybe even a four set, if you're feeling limber or have a number of guys accompanying you. It was my night and my time to break the ice with the women. Guess what? I did just that.

I found a nice four set chillin in the corner, but one of the girls I noticed I found to be very attractive. I poked Bill on the shoulder, winked at him and said, "watch this". I approached the group, looked at the girl I was attracted to, and said, "Hello my name is Bryan. How are all of you doing tonight?" They were all happy that I came over. Following right behind me, Bill, Raph and Roger came over to talk as well. I introduced the ladies to my friends and we all started talking. The girl's name, whom I was talking to, was Shannon. Shannon seemed like a really nice girl from the outset and she's pretty cute. We hit it off and had a really fun time together. I had my arm around her, she had her arm around me, and there was even a little kissing going in. It was the perfect setting for the a great Friday night at the club with the boys.

I asked her if she had fun that night. She said she did. I then asked her if she wanted to have more fun in the near future. She was smiling as she admitted, "of course I do." I then asked her, "is there a number I can reach you at?" She took the phone from my hand and said, "let me type it in for you" It was awesome. She's a cute girl and I enjoyed hanging out with her. Guess what? I made all of that happen by breaking the motherfucking ice. That's why the crew calls B-Money the Polar Bear. I break the ice. This time, I fell in.

A couple of nights ago, I went out on a date with Shannon. We went to Chilis for dinner and really hit it off there as well. I met up with her at 8pm. We didn't leave Chilis until approximately 11pm. She was sweet and really cute as well. She had a sparkle in her eyes that I found to be truly delightful and truly a turn on. We talked about our jobs, what we like to do for fun, and things of that nature. We will see each other again as well, as we have plans to go to a movie next Friday or Saturday night. We will talk about that more in detail, as she away at her college for her Homecoming Weekend this weekend.

After my date with Shannon, I drove down to the new Applebees in Rockway and met up with Billy D and Billy G. They were sitting at a table drinking beers and enjoying some appetizers. Sitting with them was Sam, who is a waitress at Applebees. She usually serves us and does a fabulous job of doing so. For that, we hook her up whenever she waits on us. She sits down with us sometimes and talks to us about life. She's good people.

I'll tell you what, though. Last night was pretty damn good as well. Every weekend is a super sensational occasion when I go out with best friends. It's a blast and it's been happening every weekend for the last SIX WEEKENDS IN A ROW. I knew the autumn would be a time to remember and I told ya'll that it would more than make up for that dreadful summer that I had. So far, that appears to be the case for The Great One. Work has been going alright and I've been having the time of my life on these Fridays. Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week.

Yeah, last night is another story all together, so be sure to stay tuned for Part II of this story which is coming very soon. You do not want to miss a beat.

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