Wednesday, October 17, 2007

These great Friday nights Part II: Why do I feel as though I can and will do this until I'm 105????

This past Friday night was a continuation of what went down the previous weekend. This weekend, however, Bill invited some chicks from the Poconos that found him on myspace. Actually, it was one chick. She brought mouthy friend with her as well. That girl just couldn't manage to shut her big yapper, but I still managed to grind up on that fine ass of hers upstairs on the dance floor.

On my way to Bill's place, I stopped off at the liquor store in Mt Arlington and picked up two bottles of Pepsi and a bottle of Bacardi. We needed to make some mixed drinks for the pregame, so I supplied the group with the hard liquor and soda. Billy G showed up to the party with some Miller Lite and a few slices of pizza for he, Billy D and myself to wolf down before the rest of the crowd arrived. Shortly after eating the pizza, Raph showed up with Beanie. The two of them had gone out to dinner before making their way over to Bills..

Prior to heading out to Motown, we had a nice little pregame at Billy D's apartment in the Village Green. Those in attendance consisted of the two chicks from the Poconos, Billy G, Jimmy, Raph, Beanie, and myself. It was quite a crowd we had at the pregame. Beanie kept telling me what a great friend I am and gave me a peck on the cheek. She proceeded to tell Jimmy how she met me at Stockton (by hearing me bang the shit of Jaime when she lived a floor above me in N-Dorm during the school year 2002-03).

Unfortunately, those bitch ass neighbors Bill has living above him - noisy ass neighbors - found it in their hearts and souls and to call the cops on us and site a noise disturbances. Just as I was sitting on the couch talking Beanie, Jimmy, Raph, and those who were standing or sitting around the spot that I was at on the couch, Bill went to answer his door and there were two cops standing there. They invited themselves in. I got up to greet them myself and see what they had to say.

I was standing by the sliding doors in the back, when one of the officers who came through the front door asked me, "Son, could you please open those sliding doors for me?" I did so, and when I opened them, sure enough another cop walked in. I thought to myself, "Look at Wyatt Earp here sneaking in through the back." When the cops stated that the neighbors were complaining about us, I immediately spoke up and told them, "you should hear these folks upstairs. They're probably the ones complaining about us and at 2am it sounds like they're intentionally dropping 100 pound dumbbells on the floor." No, I was not exaggerating to the cops. When I sleep over at Bill's, it sounds like those neighbors are dropping dumbbells. Then they run to another side of their apartment and do the same fucking thing over there as well.

Seriously, who does this at 2 or 3am almost every night????? There's no banging whatsoever during the day, but in the middle of the night forget about it. The officers were good natured, though. They didn't really hassle us too much as kindly asked that we keep the noise down. All of us were at least 21 years of age, so we had no problems when the cops asked us about that. Thank God. Eventually the cops left and all of us continued to go about our pregaming festivities. The time finally came for us to head to Motown. Beanie couldn't come out because she had some graduate school homework to do. She only came for the pregame party. That's okay, though. I'm glad she at least came for that.

Beanie made her way back home, while the remainder of us went to Motown. I rode with Raph and Jimmy, while B.G. drove Bill and Pocono chicks. Raph offered to drive that night because he had to take medication for some allergies and couldn't drink any alcoholic beverages. That was very nice of him. I guess if there was a time for him to be a designated driver, that was his night to do so. It made sense. Once we got to Morristown, I was once again feeling a nice vibe. Not quite the same as the vibe I felt the previous weekend, but a positive vibe nonetheless. There were hot bitches everywhere, anything from two sets to four sets.

At the beginning of the evening, it took me a while to really heat up but eventually I did so. I began talking to this really hot blond chick at the bar. She was kind of tall, but she had a nice physical appearance about her and I liked her face. I introduced myself to her and she told me her name was Lindsay. Lindsay was hot, and she knew it. She claimed she was hot. I claim I'm hot. Maybe we're both right. Anyway, we got to talking and I put my arm around her waist on numerous occasions. She goes to college somewhere in PA, but lives not too far from D-town. She's going to school for psychology and claimed that she's a counselor. LOL. All I can say is, she was hot! She was hotter than just about any of the chicks I have approached at that bar. She was probably the hottest chick at the Grasshopper on that particular night.

Even Jimmy, who was standing behind me at one point, looks over at me with one of his usual Jimmy looks and admitted, "dude, she's HOOOOOOTTT!" Obviously being B-Money the one and only, I managed to get her digits, told her I'd prob call her sometime, and the crew and I left for Cluck U when Grasshopper closed at 2am. You know, it was the usual agenda on Friday night. Pregame, go to Grasshopper until it closes at 2am, and then go to Cluck U until around 3am. I love Friday nights. Friday is my favorite day of the week and these Friday nights have been incomparable to just about anything else that happens during the week. Why do I feel as though I can and will do this until I am 105 years old??????? I sincerely hope these times do not stop anytime soon.

While we were at Cluck U, I sent Lindsay a text message saying, "Had a great time tonight. I wanna see you again." Her reply, which came less than a minute later, said, "Yea cool I'll c u tomorrow." I was like, WHAT? I texted her back, "This is tomorrow." Her response was, "haha you know what I mean." I don't care, she was blazin' HOT. Did she see me the next day? Hell no. It's all good though. That night was a pretty good time regardless. Anything is better than staying home and being bored doing nothing, sitting by the computer with the pants down. Not what I want to be doing on Friday night. No way.

That type of activity is reserved for the other nights of the week, when I have to get up early in the morning to go to work. JK.

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