Saturday, November 24, 2007

B-Money EXCLUSIVE: Down the home stretch of 2007, riding Citistreet as I go, and the real meat and potatoes!

My quest to continuously grow, hustle, better my lifestyle, and make more money will continue for a long time until I discover that I am fully satisfied!

Here's the deal folks, here's what's been happening to me. Here is the very latest being brought to you here at the Blog of Bryan. What's going on at Citistreet? How were the holidays? What do I plan to do in the present and future???

Amazingly the end of another year is vastly approaching. Funny, yet somewhat shocking, how fast time can pass us by. One makes plans, says they're going to do this and that, and before one knows it, another year has passed and one is a year older. Self improvement is something we constantly strive for, and we talk about changes we want to make to better our lives, but weeks gone by turn in months and everything remains or feels the same.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone ate a lot and spent some quality time with the family members. Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone, we must look at what's here and what's upcoming. There are two major objectives that I am targeting at this time. There are two things I must focus on for the next month or so. The first objective, of course, is Christmas shopping! I need to start Christmas shopping and I would like to get it done earlier rather than later so I'm not scrambling and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Work really agitates me off at times, but who doesn't work piss off at times? Sometimes it feels as though the people at work perceive me to be a slacker or a guy who is just a clown or a joke. There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I am one of the most charismatic figures on that floor as well as one of the best looking and most handsome! Certainly there are mixed reviews and feelings about me from the numbers of co-workers I work with everyday.

Usually I make it a point to go out of my way and help others out with the keying after I've done my work in the lockbox (the queue for my team that is filled with the payroll that is to be processed and disbursed by the end of the day). Occasionally, when I do for ask for help, I get these monstrous payrolls handed down to me. There are times, even when I don't ask for help, when I'm given gigantic payrolls to key in. Rather than dividing them up, I'm the one who is expected to key the entire thing.

In no way shape or form am I trying to complain about my job or the co-worker there, but I really don't understand where the slacker moniker is coming from. People will bad mouth an phenom all day, I suppose. I really don't care to be honest. I said that yesterday. If people are not satisfied with my work performance, I'll be out of there soon regardless. It really doesn't make a shred of difference to B-Money. Even though I am still currently there and still getting paid to be there for my services(no matter how fucking low the pay rate might be), I haven't been fired yet so that tells me I must be doing something right! My boss shook my hand when I was leaving work yesterday afternoon, so he must be somewhat fond of me. He hasn't fired me, YET!

Haters are going to hate all day. Critics are going to criticize people like me every minute. But the people who really do like me and respect me, will continue to love and cherish me no matter what. All I have to say in regards to my detractors is, fuck all of you haters and critics. Bunch of moon crickets! To all the folks who love me, continue to show me support and I appreciate you. I'm affable, charismatic, handsome, and witty. That's me - I'm The Great One.

Last week, I announced that I would be seeing some representatives of Atrium at their Iselin office. When my scheduled appointment time was cut too closely to the time I had to be at work, due to traffic, I had to reschedule my appointment. My rescheduled appointment will be on Monday at 3pm, but this one will be at the office in Little Falls up in Northern NJ. Those are the folks that can most efficiently assist me in my career growth, being that they are geographically closest to my location of residence.

Yesterday afternoon, prior to leaving work around 3:30, I both emailed and announced to the managers and team leaders that I would be coming into work around 7am on Monday so I could leave around 2pm. They nodded in approval of my intentions, so my appointment in Little Falls is on for Monday at 3pm. My quest to continuously grow, hustle, better my lifestyle, and make more money will continue for a long time until I discover that I am fully satisfied! I'm constantly thinking about it everyday, but sooner rather than later I have to put the plan to action and make it happen.

In one week, I will be making the trek down to Riverton to hang out with my buddy Greg Root and the rest of the old college gang. Colleen and Raphael will also be going down there, and we could very well be carpooling! Crazy Mike will also be attendance with his lovely girlfriend Angela. Ray, Mel, and Mel's brother Chris will be there too. I plan on bring a bottle or two of wine and a couple six packs of beer just to show my appreciation. Whenever I'm invited to a party or get together, I feel the need and responsibility to bring something to show my thanks and not arrive empty handed. It's only courtesy and manners.

We'll either be going to Trenton to hit up Katmandu, or Philadelphia to spend the evening at Club Shampoo. Either one, I am perfectly OK with. I look forward to spending an exciting and leisurely weekend down in Southwest NJ/Philadelphia with some old friends from school and close acquaintances. It will be a super sensational time as well as an excellent way to ring in the year-end holidays.

Saturday Survey!

How late did you stay up last night?
I didn't pay attention to when I fell asleep. I took it easy last night, I'm probably going out tonight instead. I think I passed around 1:30.

What was the first thing you thought this morning?
I still laying down, and being sooooo lazy, but I don't give a shit because it's Saturday and I'm doing what I want.

Is the person you have a crush on older or younger than you?
I don't have crushes.

Do you like the last person you kissed?
I don't dislike her.

Have you ever been told 'i love you' by someone who didn't mean it?
surely, but they're only playing themselves. To know me is to love me!

Have you ever told someone of the opposite/same sex you loved them and meant it?
at the time, felt like I meant it.

How's your heart lately?
it's huge and still beating, so I'm cool.

What were you doing this morning at 7am?

What were you doing this afternoon at 12pm?
looking around on myspace

What was the reason you last cried?
probably stress.

Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
absolutely. some funny shit, too.

How many red lights have you ran?
a few

Have you ever cried while taking a shower?

What was your favorite grade?
every year in college

What were you doing at 12am last night?
browsing the web. Yea, I took the boring route last night. It wasn't a bad thing, though. It was a little change on my part and I need the rest and the one on one time. Not tonight, though. Not two nights in a row. hahahaha.

Have you ever, in any way, been betrayed by someone you trusted?

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
a few hours ago.

Is there anything you're craving right now?
I'm craving fast food, right now! Unhealthy, but I'm craving it nonetheless.

When did your last hug take place?

Do people ever make stupid mistakes when spelling or saying your name?
my first name has been spelt Brain before! lol. Brain. Brian (the most frequent, but atleast it's a spelling of my name even though it's the wrong one). Byran. LOL.

Have you ever started a sentence with "No offense, but..."?

Do you drink tea?
Iced T. Snapple is made of the best stuff on Earth baby!

When was the last time you saw a cop?
within the last couple days probably.

Have you made a mistake in the past week?
yes, at work.

What are you listening to right now?
what's on the television.

Who was the last person to text you?
my mother. lol

Do you miss someone?
there's some ppl I miss, yes. friends I haven't seen in a while.

Is there anything you regret about your past?
yeah of course, and it took a toll on me. it took a little while to get over, but I don't even think about it. Haven't in a long time. It's the past.

Are you happy with your life?
content. I could always make it better!

What was the last movie you saw?
I don't remember.

Do you want to get married?
At the moment I don't see it or want it in my future.

Who was the last person to call you?

Who was the last person to text you?
you already asked.

Do you prefer to call or text?
it depends on how much you have to say or if your voice is going to get to me on a given day. lol

Do you have any pets?
my mother does, she has cats.

What were you doing at 11 a.m. this morning?
waking up.

Do you like carrots?
sometimes in my salad.

When is the last time you saw your mom?
hour and a half ago.

How many city/towns have you lived in?

Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?

Are you a social person?
most of the time.

What was the last thing you ate?
breakfast sandwich... ham, cheese, and bacon.

What is your favorite color?

What are you doing for your next birthday?
I just celebrated my 27th a few weeks ago and it was an extraveganza of epic proportion. The next one is almost a YEAR away! Get back to me then.

Have you ever been in love?
hard to have loved someone when a relationship was merely built on fighting, mistrust, deceit, and fakeness.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish the readers of this blog a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving.

Waking around 9:30 this morning, I turned on the television and watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Temperature outside reached the 60s today, so it was rather mild Thanksgiving in terms of weather. That made me pretty happy.

My mother didn't play with the cooking! She doesn't play around on any year; nonetheless she really did a bang up job this year. Each year, she seems to out do herself. Thank you for the delicious Thanksgiving Day feast mom! I ate plenty of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits and all that other good stuff. Afterwards, I got pretty tired. Although I was still somewhat tired from the previous evening and falling asleep on the couch before the meal, the turkey seemed to really do a number on me. There's a reason for that. Turkeys are filled with an amino acid called tryptophan. Supposedly, it's the tryptophan that prompts the tired feeling that we get after eating turkey.

Last night's Thanksgiving Eve was pretty good as well. Allow me to admit that I was wrong about the deal that Murphys has planned. They are offering free admission, $1 Coors Lights, and $2 tequila shots, but they are offering those deals tonight. They were not offering them last night, as I originally believed to be the case. No, I misconstrued the advertisement on Myspace. Those deals will be in effect TONIGHT. Oh well, fuck it.

I still had a pretty damn good time last night. I didn't get to Murphys until around 10:30. I consider myself fortunate that I was even able to find a parking spot. With all of the parking filled to capacity by Murphys and the train station, I parked over by the church and walked to Murphys. Immediately upon entering the bar, I noticed there was an $8 cover. Whatever. I wasn't going to turn back and go home, that's for sure. Looking around inside, it was apparent that Murphys interior space had been expanded. There was another bar on the other end, as well as a little room with a pool table and an extra place to buy beers.

Those in attendance at Murphys included Billy D, Billy G, Oscar Suarez, Erwin, Michelle Deacon, Mike Mattison, Joey V, Gary Colucci, and some of Bill's gang from work such as Henry and Ryan. Every year on Thanksgiving Eve, when we go to Murphys as we have been for three years in a row now, it feels like a fucking Dover High School reunion. I see a variety of DHS heads from different classes. Some of them graduated a year or two ahead of me, while others were a year or two behind me. Nonetheless, that place is always packed with familiar DHS faces of all classes on Thanksgiving Eve.

Later in the evening, I ran into Issac, a dude I used to work with at the Olive Garden. I had not seen Issac in almost a year, so it was nice to see him again as well. We hung out and talked for a bit. Besides I actually saw a couple guys that I used to work with at the OG. For a brief moment, I saw Rico Robles standing around chillin, so I walked up and said hello to him. Parimal was also in the house, so I said hi to him as well. Kristen Franchek's little sister, Meghan, was also there but I didn't run into her until the end of the night. We had a somewhat interesting encounter on the dance floor, I must say. LOL.

To sum it all up, I enjoyed the evening. Murphys is still the ideal spot for Thanksgiving Eve. That's great for me, being that Murphys is literally a minute away from my house. LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve kicking off: Feeling good as a muthafucka!

Having received my auto insurance dividend check yesterday and having left work early today, I'm feeling good as a muthafucka right now. I am ecstatic. I am happy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and can't wait to eat all of that delicious food.

Tonight is the biggest going-out night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve! On this sensational Thanksgiving Eve, as I noted earlier this week, it appears that I will be heading to Murphys later this evening. I can't wait. It's probably going to be packed house, but guess what? I don't give a fuck tonight!

With the deal that Murphys has, and with it being Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm ready to celebrate! I'm ready drink and hang out with friends. Right now, I'm just having a mini pregame here in my living room. Currently, I'm drinking a spiked egg nog. Hell yeah, my mother bought some egg nog today and we just happen to have some Malibu rum in the liquor cabinet, so I'm feeling pretty nice right now. LOL.

The great thing about tonight's festivities is that they're taking place at Murphys. Murphys is only a minute away from my house, so I can conceivably get as drunk as a muthafucka and walk home!!!!! Tonight's Thanksgiving Eve deals at Murphys include $2 tequila shots, $1 Coors Light drafts, and a $0 cover charge. Free admission and cheap drinks. You can't beat that.

Come on out to Murphys tonight. Everybody and their brother and sister are probably going to be there, I want to see everyone tonight!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday night with the Bills!

Interview with Atrium Staffing early tomorrow morning, prior to work!

This is a nice little Monday night on the down low with two of my best friends, the Bills. Billy D, Billy G, and I are at Billy D's apartment drinking some Coors Light and living life to its absolute fullest. They're playing video games, while I watch and drink my beers. Yummy, I just took a nice hardy sip of Coors Light, fresh out the motherfucking bottle.

Tomorrow marks the continuation of my quest to remedy the current job situation. I'm in the middle of the major movement. I work at Citistreet under contract for the time being, but I'm trying to land something closer and more lucrative. I've utilized Americas Job Exchange as well as Monster, but tomorrow I have an early morning interview at Atrium Staffing in Iselin. Atrium is a staffing agency that provides quality direct hire job opportunities. Even though Atrium has an office in Little Falls, I'm conducting my interview in the Iselin office because it's closer to work and it didn't matter which office I went to for my registration and application.

I sincerely look forward to speaking with some Atrium representatives tomorrow about my future, how I want it to go, and what I hope to do in terms of a work/career path in 2008. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

On November 30, B-Money makes a Great One's return to Philly!

Looking forward to Greg "The Rootman" Root's party and going to Club Shampoo!

Another anticipated event of mine following Thanksgiving will be Greg Root's holiday party in Cinaminson. He lives literally ten minutes away from Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love. You may recall I was last seen in Philly on Labor Day weekend with Crazy Mike, Ray, and Mel when we went to Dave and Busters and also to see Kristen dance in Bob Hope's Nightmare. What an amazing show that was to my viewing eyes.

But anyway, I look forward to making the trek down to that neck of the woods once again. It's been a few months since I've been down in that area. It's been almost a year since I've been to Greg's house. His family has one of the most beautiful holiday setups. I love their Christmas tree. Hopefully, they have it all set up when I arrive on November 30 to hang out with my friends from the Stockton College days. Those likely to attend will be Crazy Mike, Angela, Ray, Melissa, and Colleen.

We are going to a club as well. It will either by Club Shampoo in Philly or Katmadu in Trenton. Right now, Shampoo looks to be the more likely scenario. Either one is cool with me. I haven't been to Katmandu since Halloween of 2005 for their Halloween party. I haven't been to Shampoo since Fall of 2002, when I was doing my first semester at Stockton.

That should be quite a delightful and amusing weekend for all of us. We can drink, party, and bring in the holidays. The old school, Stockton-esque KDP style!

With every Thanksgiving comes a Thanksgiving eve!!

What is there to look forward to this week? Thanksgiving! Thursday is Thanksgiving, a holiday that happens to be one of my personal favorites. As we all know, with every Thanksgiving comes a Thanksgiving EVE. Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest going-out nights of the year, so I am looking forward to that as well. Surely, the location will not be the Grasshopper. That you can be assured of. No Grasshopper for me on Wednesday night.

Where will the festivities take place? Murphys appears to be the consensus choice. That is where we all went last year. That is where we went two years ago. Therefore, Murphys will be the place to go, for the third year in a row, this Wednesday night on Thanksgiving Eve. I shall drink and party all night long with friends and acquaintances. Maybe I'll even make out with an engaged chick, as was the case last year if you recall. It was noted here at the Blog of Bryan. LOL.

Who knows what will happen this year? All I know is, the location will practically be walking distance from my house and I will be having a good time. I know that much days in advance. Then the following day will be Thanksgiving. That is a day I will enjoy being off from work and eating until I'm stuffed. A few hours later, maybe even less, I will go back for additional helpings. YAY for Thanksgiving! Gotta love turkey day. That'll be here in just four short days. Can't wait. Immediately following Thanksgiving Day will be Black Friday.

Hurray for Black Friday!!!!


That day marks the beginning of online shopping for yours truly.

Back to the topic of Wednesday - the festivities will take place at Murphys. Be at Murphys Third Rail in D-town on Wednesday night!!! The place will be packed, but packed with a variety of heads that I am familiar with. Somewhat of a homecoming of sorts. I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another night at the Grasshopper: Is it becoming too much of a routine???

Last night was a filled to capacity crowd. I felt as though I was smothered .... mostly by dudes!

I caught a really bad cold earlier this week that actually kept me out of work on Wednesday. Rarely do I ever like to miss an unpaid day of work, but I felt like absolutely shit when I woke up on Wednesday morning. Feeling like that, I wasn't prepared to spend an eight plus hour day at work let alone making the hour plus commute to work and back. Fuck that. I took the day off.

At a meeting that I had with the managers, team leaders, and rest of the contractors on Tuesday afternoon, I could feel the bug coming on. Initially I thought it was allergies, but it transcended into a really bad cold. Therefore, I missed a day on Wednesday. Oh well, what can I do? I went back to work on Thursday and felt much better on Friday. In fact, I went out again last night with Billy D, Billy G, and Jimmy. Where did we end up going? Take a guess, Blog of Bryan invite-only readers???? You got it, the Grasshopper! We're always going there, due to the fact that there's no cover charge. Most bars and nightclubs will charge a $5-$10 cover on a Friday night.

Once my entourage and I arrived at the Grasshopper, we hung out for a bit. Went upstairs, went downstairs, and hung out in different areas of the joint as best we could in that crowded bar! I'm downstairs with my entourage, and you got these freaks dancing in the lounge. One of the guys looked like Cousin it from Addams Family, hair coming down covering the face going all the way down to the damn floor. Another guy looked like the old Back to Future dude. Then there was this fat guy wearing a orange colored hoody, who looked the Pillsbury Doughboy. He continuously grinded up on everything in front of him. Including dudes! At one point, he almost started a fight with someone and the bouncers finally booted his ass. What a mess.

I probably won't be going back to the Grasshopper for a few weeks now. The place remains the same size every single week, but the crowds are getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps I was in a bit or surly mood last night due to the fact that I was recovering from a really bad cold that I had earlier this week. Who knows? I just didn't like the fact that I couldn't move around as much as usual.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Final day at Citistreet officially falls on December 21!

My quest to remedy my career situation is now in effect. As I continue to make the money I can at Citistreet for the time being, I will do everything in my power to better myself as well as the circumstances around me.

Citistreet is an excellent company. Their employees and management team have been top notch. Last Tuesday, management went so far as to have special breakfast in honor of birthday. I thought that was really courteous and hospitable on their behalf to show me such a great deal of respect. I can not say enough good things about these people.

The route that Citistreet opts to take in terms of my future, however, remains uncertain. Corporate hiring freezes within make it difficult for me to believe that the company is going to hire me as a permanent full-time employee and remove me from the label of temporary Randstad contractor. Such an outcome may not be all that bothersome to me, as you will read in this post. As you can tell from the title of this post, you can clearly see the direction I am headed in in terms of my future plans.

While speaking with one of my co-workers who works for corporate, I explained that I am currently commuting from Dover in Morris County all the way down to Somerset. Immediately, I noticed the dropping of her jaw in shock of the fact that I commuted that far. She replied, "Why are you coming down down this far? What brings you all the way down here?" That is a very question. I did not take offense to her question, nor did I disagree with her inquisition of why I was driving so far.

On the contrary, I ask myself the same question - that she happened to ask me - every single day I'm at work. Most of the folks who work with me at Citistreet work within a reasonable and commutable distance. They do live very far from where they work. It must be nice. I have not enjoyed that benefit since March of this year, and I must honestly say, I really miss having that benefit. Especially with the way gas prices are going UP (rather than down the way they're usually supposed to do this time of year), boy do I miss the benefit of being close to work. Furthermore, when I think of the blizzards that we are going to be in for this winter, one has to wonder how dependable I am going to be regarding attendance when the roads are too dangerous to drive on.

Say there's a horrendous blizzard, like one to three feet of snow. That is a lot of motherfucking snow. I'm trying to make the commute I have to make, and can't make my way down to Somerset until 10am - maybe even as late as 11am. Maybe NEVER, if the roads are really really bad. Shit, one to three feet of snow raises the question of whether I would be able to make it to work at all! Lets say that I do make it down to work under such conditions but much later than the normal starting time of 8:30. In a team-oriented environment in which my co-workers and I work together to disburse as many payrolls as possible in an efficient manner, one must question how much of asset I am going to be when subjecting myself to that type of tardiness or absence. It's not just a question of my attendance, but my ability to make money as well.

If I can't show up to work due to inclement weather, and I lose hours working as a contractor, I lose money. That's not very good either. If management chose to permanently hire a contractor, I doubt very much they choose the contractor (out of about six local contractors), who has to make a 45 minute commute (without traffic) to work. To be honest, I can not see myself working as temporary at this place for another six months to year at this pay rate. No sir. It's not happening. That will never happen. Therefore, my quest to remedy my career situation is now in effect. December 21 is the date I have chosen to be my final day as a temporary contractor at Citistreet. As I continue to make all the money I can at Citistreet for the time being, I will do everything in my power to better myself as well as the circumstances around me.

Thanks to a co-worker and friend of mine Dasia, who also happens to be a Blog of Bryan invite-only reader, some valuable job searching resources were brought to my attention today at work. They are resources that I will utilize to my full advantage in the coming months. A new year is right around the corner and I want to make the year 2008 a worthwhile year. It seems as though I say that at the start of every year. Sometimes, it feels like I don't live up to the expectations or hype that I place upon the start of a new year or goals that I set forth. That still doesn't take away my desire to have a positive energy about the future.

I would like to take this time to offer up some plugs at Blog of Bryan for a few of the websites I and resources that I will be using on this quest.

America's Job Exchange - viewed by many as the #1 job resource on the internet today. It is in fact the successor to America's Job Bank.

USA Jobs - another reputable job website worth checking out. - the #1 job resource on the internet for state and government jobs.

I will make it a point to look at and research all three of these websites. If I want to live the lifestyle that I dream of living, I realize that it will take time to sit down, think about what exactly I want to do, and map out and form the steps that need to be taken in order to reach such high plateaus. This quest has begun for B-Money, and this quest could require a couple months of hard work and research. I'm ready, willing, and able to make it happen. Here we go.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

B-Money's Birthday Bash Aftermath Part III

Hurricane Triple-B tesimonials:

"Kid last night was legendary ... hope u had a great time ... happy birthday .... i'm hung over as shit right now"
-Scott Davies (text message on Sunday morning).

"Ok.......Take your birthday celebration but move it to sawmill. Thats what I want for my 24th birthday celebration in April!"

"im glad i was able to attend the festivities...btw good thing i brought an
extra pair of clean pants with me bc u puked on my leg last night lol"
- Scott Davies (another text message on Sunday Morning).

"Buying a new top for the event: $25
Buying a shot for your friend who is too drunk to take it: $10.50
Getting poked in the eye twice and punched in the boob by your drunken BFF for life: Priceless
Thanks for giving me happiness and pain on your 27th birthday."

After having talked to all of my friends and taken a number of pictures, some with random girls at the club, I noticed that everyone wanted to get a bite to eat at Cluck-U. Most of the folks wanted Cluck-U, while a select few went to the diner. I joined the bigger crowd at Cluck-U. Being one of the last ones to leave the club, I walked across the street with my drunk birthday swagger to Cluck-U to meet up with the crowd. I think besides Beanie and Raph, everyone else was at Cluck-U.

Poor Billy G - he had this delicious looking chicken sandwich right in front of him. I was a little hungry, and it looked so good to me, so I said, "Gee, this sandwich looks great." I picked it up, right after saying that, and took a gigantic bite out of it! LMAO. I was hungry and I was taking bits and pieces off of everyone's plate. Normally, I probably wouldn't get away with that so easily, but I was the the birthday boy and everyone loves me. We stayed at Cluck-U for a little bit, before eventually leaving Morristown. I had come with Billy G, Greg, and Jimmy. Billy G had driven us to Morristown.

Walking back to Billy G's truck with Jimmy, we spotted two chicks walking to their car. I was feeling kinda naughty and devilish and I wanted to speak my mind, so I shouted over to the one chick, "Baby, I love that ass" She screams at me, "Asshole!" I laughed and replied, "but you look like you fell down and broke your face, train wreck!" What does she do in response??? She runs over to me and asks if I have a cigarette!! LOL. I told her that I didn't and asked if she knew what this weekend was. She said no. I told her, this is B-Money's birthday! Who would've guessed that calling a bitch a broken faced train wreck would get her attention and encourage her to approach me??? I'm telling you, it's the negatives that seem to work these days. Guys tell women what they want to hear every fucking weekend when they're out.

Women are accustomed to hearing, "you're beautiful. I like you. Let's go out." Blah blah blah!!!! You can tell a girl she has a nice ass and all that. If she gets out of line, you just gotta bring her back to the reality and set her feet on the ground with a negative. I had to let her know that she had a fine ass, but she wasn't ALLLL THAT. It was comical; Jimmy was laughing. Her friend approached Jimmy. She had her tits sticking out, when Jimmy asked her, "Are those things real?" That's when both girls left for good. Good one Jimmy! LOL. We both hopped back into Billy's truck and headed back to Billy D's apartment in Mt Olive.

What a super sensational birthday celebration. Yes I am still talking about it one week later, but there's soooooo much that I wanted to cover in relation to that night. I had no choice but to divide the story up into three parts. I didn't want to leave any stone unturned in regards to this occasion. I thank everyone who came out and made my birthday so special that night. It ranked high on the list of fun and exciting nights that I have had this year. It was one of the biggest and best social gatherings of the year, and it was for a great cause.

This is B-Money, giving everyone who was responsible, one last thank you for making my 27th birthday so special.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash Aftermath Part II: Grasshopper excitement in Morristown!

After some of the guys and I had our little pre-gaming session at Bill's, we all split up and headed out to the Grasshopper in Morristown.

So many times have friends of mine and I gone to the Grasshopper in the previous weeks, but there is NEVER a cover charge at this place, so it was the ideal venue for this birthday party. Billy G drove Jimmy, Greg and I to the club. I believe Billy D went with Brian and Timothy. Not sure who Erwin went with but we all made it to the same destination, nonetheless, and that's what is important.

By the time I arrived at Grasshopper, I was feeling pretty good from the pregame. I drank quite a bit at Bill's apartment. I took some shots of the Bacardi that Jimmy courteously brought over. On top of all that, I drank about eight to ten Coors Lights, so I was definitely on my merry way to drunkenness on this special night. Others who showed up at the club that night consisted of best friends Scott Davies, Colleen "Beanie" Drum, and Raphael. It was a pleasure to see all of these folks at my party. Angie, one of Bill's acquaintances, also happened to be the Hopper and hung out with us for a lengthy portion of the evening. Lyle came from Bill's house and joined us at the club as well.

The drinking, which began at the pre-game ceremony, continued throughout the evening at Grasshopper. Brian and Timothy kicked off my evening at Grasshopper with a Wild Turkey shot. That shot was powerful and it tasted like SHIT, but it got the job done in terms of fucking me up really good. I took down about three quarters of the shot and made a face at Brian and Tim. LOL. Tim started shouting, "Finish it up playa, finish it up." At that point, I realized that I could not bitch out in front of the folks who had come out to party with the birthday boy, so I finished the remainder of the shot. After Brian and Timothy made their contribution, Scott snuck up on me with another shot. He announced to me, "Happy Birthday playa, here's a shot of the cheapest tequila in the house!" Thanks best friend, lol. I took down the shot, and at that very moment, one could determine that the shot did not agree with me. Scott's leg was the first thing to realize that, as I immediately puked on his leg as well as some of the bar. I felt nasty.

Fortunately, Scott didn't get pissed off at me. Instead, he instructed me to rush to the bathroom and finish up in there so I wouldn't get kicked out. Good idea. I ran to the bathroom and continued puking in the sink. Not in the toilet. No sir. In the sink! I was a complete mess. After puking for about a minute, I cleaned myself up really nice. With the use of some hand soap and little body spray, I cleaned up my appearance and made my way back out to the bar. What a comeback on my behalf!

On my 21st, once I puked I was done completely. Not on this night, though. Not for this occasion. I puked and rallied. I recovered from the consecutive shots and continued to drink for hours without any problems whatsoever. I didn't puke because I was drunk or sick or beyond my limit. This was simply a case of me downing too many shots at one time and being excited about the event and having all of my friends with me. That's all it was. Yes, this had to be one of the greatest puke and rally moments of all times.

Familiar faces popped up through out the evening, but I saw a couple of them in particular that rung some bells from a memorable time in my life. Who did I see at the Grasshopper? Ken and Gena. Gena is my ex girlfriend's best friend from Howell. Ken is her boyfriend, whom I always got along with when we would all get together. It was nice seeing the two of them again. They seem to be doing really well.

Almost all of my friends continued to buy me beers - Miller Lites and Coors Lights for the most part. The gesture was appreciated, as it was clearly evident that I have the best friends anybody could ever ask for. Colleen was looking mighty fine that night, as she had noted a number of times leading up to that night that she would be dressed to the nines for my birthday. According to Colleen, at one point I walked up to her, kissed her on the lips, and told her, "Colleen, if you and I weren't like brother and sister, I would definitely be like, 'Wassup'?" LMAO! I was completely shitfaced, let me tell you!!!!! It felt so good to have so many of my friends buying me these drinks and celebrating my 27th birthday with such great enthusiasm. Later in the evening, I began to walk around the bar holding my hands up to signify the notion that I was number one. What a super sensational evening.

Ladies and gentlemen, big events and extraveganzas are cause for big stories. Big stories are often divided into parts, so there might be one more part that finishes up the coverage to this wonderful event. Lord knows I am still buzzing over the fun I had last weekend. Clearly, it was one of the biggest social gatherings of the year. If not, it was THE biggest. Amazing that B-Money has the ability to bring all of the friends an acquaintances out for times like this. I'm tired. I think I am going to lay down.

Stay tuned for Part III, the final installment to B-Money's Birthday Aftermath.

Spontaneous Wednesday night hangout

On Wednesday night, I went over to best friend Billy D's apartment to hang out with Billy D and Billy G. Two guys who happen to be two of my best friends today. When I got there, they were playing video games.

Later in the evening, our boy Roger Nitto showed up as well. That dude is HUGE, but he's a really good guy. He's definitely big and strong enough to fuck up anybody's world, but he just happens to be a gentle giant who wouldn't harm a fly. We all hung out for a bit and drank some Coors Lights. After a while, we all got really hungry. We wanted to get some pizza, but all of the pizza places - including Dominos and Pizza Hut - were closed. Therefore, we went to one of the only places that happens to be open 24/7. It just so happens to be a fast food chain as well. Ladies and gentlemen, we headed over to White Castle. Yes, we did.

Billy G drove me in his girl's Honda, while Roger took Billy D with him in his vett. I consumed a crazy amount of food. I think I had like four chicken ring sandwiches, three jalapeno cheeseburgers and three regular cheeseburgers. That's a lot of food, but I was drunk and hungry so that meal hit the spot. As we ate, the Bills, Roger, and I talked about life, shared some shits and giggles, and enjoyed hanging out. Eventually, we all parted ways and went back home.

Great night for only being a Wednesday. Stay tuned for Part II of B-Money's Birthday Bash Aftermath. It's been a couple days since I posted about the pregame and you, the invite-only members at Blog of Bryan, deserve to read about my fabulous birthday bash from this past weekend if you were not fortunate enough to attend. I'm one tired motherfucker and I'm off to bed. STAY TUNED!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash Aftermath Part I: The pre-game!

"The night is only wasted if I am not!"

My 27th birthday certainly came and went really quickly, but boy did I make the most of it. Did I ever milk it for ALL it was worth.

Let me say, this year's birthday celebration was the BOMB of bombs. Most definitely, it was the greatest time I've had for a birthday of mine since my 21st? Did it top my 21st? Based on how highly people viewed my 21st birthday party as being legendary, it was hard for this to top that. I can't say whether or not it did. Did it rival that of my 21st? Absolutely!

The celebration took place this past Saturday. Originally, Billy G was going to take Billy D and myself out for the afternoon and treat us to lunch. That ended up not happening, however, when Billy D and Scott apparently took Billy G out to Morristown on Friday night against Billy G's will. Unfortunately, Billy had a game to referee early on Saturday morning and hardly got any sleep as a result of being kidnapped by Billy D and Scott. Therefore, the best friends - B-Money birthday lunch was cancelled. Understandable as well as forgivable. Regardless, I was going to hang out with these guys at the pregame as well as the celebration in Morristown anyway. Besides, I used the entire day to get myself ready. I needed a haircut. I had to iron the shirt and pants I was going to wear to Morristown that night. So I utilized the time I had to get myself ready for the festivities that were scheduled to take place that evening.

There were a number of people who came out for this special occasion. Scott, as we all know, had flown in from Las Vegas. My Stockton buddy Greg Root drove up from Riverton, NJ (outskirts of Philadelphia), to Morris County just to be here for my birthday. In my opinion, these things are commendable. Others who came out consisted of Jimmy (who is a regular in terms of hanging out when we go out), Lyle, Billy G, Colleen, Raphael, Erwin Ruff, Billy D's brother in law Brian Davis, and Brian's friend Timothy Dawson. Yeah, you could say I had quite squad coming out for B-Money's 27th birthday bash. Greg actually left his house pretty damn early to get up here as soon as possible. His arrival fell somewhere around 6:30 pm! I didn't expect him to get here that early. LOL.

When Greg called my cellphone and informed me that he got off at the wrong exit on Rt 80, and was currently driving up Rt 46 West through Parsippany, I told him to keep driving until spotted M&S II on the East bound side coming through Rockaway. To his credit, Greg actually found the M&S II and pulled into the parking lot. At that point, I took the stuff I wanted to bring with me for the evening to the car and drove down to pick up Greg from M&S II. Greg gave me a birthday card and a gift, which happened to be a metal Corona cup filled with chocolates and a snazzy little bottle opener. The bottle opener, which is to go on my key chain, said, "The night is only wasted if I'm not." I like that. He also informed me that he had ordered me the techno/trance CD that we were playing the last time we were at Mike's beach house in Lavallette. I was quite fond of the joints on that CD, as I was dancing to them at Mike's. Yup, Greg ordered that CD as a birthday gift for me. Thank you Greg.

Shortly after that, we headed over to Billy D's for what was to be the start of a two to three hour pregame at his apartment. For about a 45 minutes, Greg and I were the only ones in Bill's apartment. Bill had to go back to his house in Dover to take care of some things. He finally came back to the apartment and brought a case of Coors Light in with him. Jimmy eventually arrived the apartment with Lyle, bringing a $22 bottle of Barcardi over with him for all of us to enjoy. He also brought his digital camera, so it was evident that pictures were going to be taken on this legendary evening as well. I have a digital camera as well, but it's been out of commission for a while. I need to get it up and running and find a way to upload the previous pictures I took, from the memory card that's currently in the camera, onto my computer.

Shots were taken and beers were drank by the crowd at hand. This crowd was obviously anticipating the big party and celebration that had been promoted for weeks leading up to this night. Erwin came over to Bill's for the pregame and so did Billy G. It felt great for me to see all of these fine friends and acquaintances coming out to enjoy themselves for one cause - B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash.

I took a number of pictures with the friends of mine who were at Bills, as you can probably see. I felt like a super star in every aspect of the word - tremendous feeling to have. As the night wore on, the event became that of a hot casserole. Anticipation was on the part of the crowd at hand was hitting its peak, the temperature was rising, and it was starting to get hotter and hotter in the kitchen. Just before leaving for Morristown, I took another shot of Bacardi, make a speech thanking everyone for coming out, did a drunken dance, and said, "I'm possessed". LOL. Whatever that means, it looked funnier than words can describe. I recently saw it on video on Billy D's cellphone. I am a ham. I am quite a character.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for Part II!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy 27th birthday to me!

Today is officially my 27th birthday. Yes I went to work today, when I could've probably taken the day off. Maybe I should have, but I figure I'd make some money on my birthday. I thank God that I made it this far in my life. I'm still young, of course, but some people don't make it this far. Some people make it much farther fortunately. My celebration in Morristown was unbelievably delightful. Sensational. Everything I promoted it to be leading up to that evening. A special thanks goes out to everyone who made this past weekend a special one for yours truly. I am humbled and truly blessed. Stay tuned for the story behind what went down in Morristown.

Happy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!