Tuesday, November 06, 2007

B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash Aftermath Part I: The pre-game!

"The night is only wasted if I am not!"

My 27th birthday certainly came and went really quickly, but boy did I make the most of it. Did I ever milk it for ALL it was worth.

Let me say, this year's birthday celebration was the BOMB of bombs. Most definitely, it was the greatest time I've had for a birthday of mine since my 21st? Did it top my 21st? Based on how highly people viewed my 21st birthday party as being legendary, it was hard for this to top that. I can't say whether or not it did. Did it rival that of my 21st? Absolutely!

The celebration took place this past Saturday. Originally, Billy G was going to take Billy D and myself out for the afternoon and treat us to lunch. That ended up not happening, however, when Billy D and Scott apparently took Billy G out to Morristown on Friday night against Billy G's will. Unfortunately, Billy had a game to referee early on Saturday morning and hardly got any sleep as a result of being kidnapped by Billy D and Scott. Therefore, the best friends - B-Money birthday lunch was cancelled. Understandable as well as forgivable. Regardless, I was going to hang out with these guys at the pregame as well as the celebration in Morristown anyway. Besides, I used the entire day to get myself ready. I needed a haircut. I had to iron the shirt and pants I was going to wear to Morristown that night. So I utilized the time I had to get myself ready for the festivities that were scheduled to take place that evening.

There were a number of people who came out for this special occasion. Scott, as we all know, had flown in from Las Vegas. My Stockton buddy Greg Root drove up from Riverton, NJ (outskirts of Philadelphia), to Morris County just to be here for my birthday. In my opinion, these things are commendable. Others who came out consisted of Jimmy (who is a regular in terms of hanging out when we go out), Lyle, Billy G, Colleen, Raphael, Erwin Ruff, Billy D's brother in law Brian Davis, and Brian's friend Timothy Dawson. Yeah, you could say I had quite squad coming out for B-Money's 27th birthday bash. Greg actually left his house pretty damn early to get up here as soon as possible. His arrival fell somewhere around 6:30 pm! I didn't expect him to get here that early. LOL.

When Greg called my cellphone and informed me that he got off at the wrong exit on Rt 80, and was currently driving up Rt 46 West through Parsippany, I told him to keep driving until spotted M&S II on the East bound side coming through Rockaway. To his credit, Greg actually found the M&S II and pulled into the parking lot. At that point, I took the stuff I wanted to bring with me for the evening to the car and drove down to pick up Greg from M&S II. Greg gave me a birthday card and a gift, which happened to be a metal Corona cup filled with chocolates and a snazzy little bottle opener. The bottle opener, which is to go on my key chain, said, "The night is only wasted if I'm not." I like that. He also informed me that he had ordered me the techno/trance CD that we were playing the last time we were at Mike's beach house in Lavallette. I was quite fond of the joints on that CD, as I was dancing to them at Mike's. Yup, Greg ordered that CD as a birthday gift for me. Thank you Greg.

Shortly after that, we headed over to Billy D's for what was to be the start of a two to three hour pregame at his apartment. For about a 45 minutes, Greg and I were the only ones in Bill's apartment. Bill had to go back to his house in Dover to take care of some things. He finally came back to the apartment and brought a case of Coors Light in with him. Jimmy eventually arrived the apartment with Lyle, bringing a $22 bottle of Barcardi over with him for all of us to enjoy. He also brought his digital camera, so it was evident that pictures were going to be taken on this legendary evening as well. I have a digital camera as well, but it's been out of commission for a while. I need to get it up and running and find a way to upload the previous pictures I took, from the memory card that's currently in the camera, onto my computer.

Shots were taken and beers were drank by the crowd at hand. This crowd was obviously anticipating the big party and celebration that had been promoted for weeks leading up to this night. Erwin came over to Bill's for the pregame and so did Billy G. It felt great for me to see all of these fine friends and acquaintances coming out to enjoy themselves for one cause - B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash.

I took a number of pictures with the friends of mine who were at Bills, as you can probably see. I felt like a super star in every aspect of the word - tremendous feeling to have. As the night wore on, the event became that of a hot casserole. Anticipation was on the part of the crowd at hand was hitting its peak, the temperature was rising, and it was starting to get hotter and hotter in the kitchen. Just before leaving for Morristown, I took another shot of Bacardi, make a speech thanking everyone for coming out, did a drunken dance, and said, "I'm possessed". LOL. Whatever that means, it looked funnier than words can describe. I recently saw it on video on Billy D's cellphone. I am a ham. I am quite a character.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for Part II!

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