Thursday, November 08, 2007

B-Money's 27th Birthday Bash Aftermath Part II: Grasshopper excitement in Morristown!

After some of the guys and I had our little pre-gaming session at Bill's, we all split up and headed out to the Grasshopper in Morristown.

So many times have friends of mine and I gone to the Grasshopper in the previous weeks, but there is NEVER a cover charge at this place, so it was the ideal venue for this birthday party. Billy G drove Jimmy, Greg and I to the club. I believe Billy D went with Brian and Timothy. Not sure who Erwin went with but we all made it to the same destination, nonetheless, and that's what is important.

By the time I arrived at Grasshopper, I was feeling pretty good from the pregame. I drank quite a bit at Bill's apartment. I took some shots of the Bacardi that Jimmy courteously brought over. On top of all that, I drank about eight to ten Coors Lights, so I was definitely on my merry way to drunkenness on this special night. Others who showed up at the club that night consisted of best friends Scott Davies, Colleen "Beanie" Drum, and Raphael. It was a pleasure to see all of these folks at my party. Angie, one of Bill's acquaintances, also happened to be the Hopper and hung out with us for a lengthy portion of the evening. Lyle came from Bill's house and joined us at the club as well.

The drinking, which began at the pre-game ceremony, continued throughout the evening at Grasshopper. Brian and Timothy kicked off my evening at Grasshopper with a Wild Turkey shot. That shot was powerful and it tasted like SHIT, but it got the job done in terms of fucking me up really good. I took down about three quarters of the shot and made a face at Brian and Tim. LOL. Tim started shouting, "Finish it up playa, finish it up." At that point, I realized that I could not bitch out in front of the folks who had come out to party with the birthday boy, so I finished the remainder of the shot. After Brian and Timothy made their contribution, Scott snuck up on me with another shot. He announced to me, "Happy Birthday playa, here's a shot of the cheapest tequila in the house!" Thanks best friend, lol. I took down the shot, and at that very moment, one could determine that the shot did not agree with me. Scott's leg was the first thing to realize that, as I immediately puked on his leg as well as some of the bar. I felt nasty.

Fortunately, Scott didn't get pissed off at me. Instead, he instructed me to rush to the bathroom and finish up in there so I wouldn't get kicked out. Good idea. I ran to the bathroom and continued puking in the sink. Not in the toilet. No sir. In the sink! I was a complete mess. After puking for about a minute, I cleaned myself up really nice. With the use of some hand soap and little body spray, I cleaned up my appearance and made my way back out to the bar. What a comeback on my behalf!

On my 21st, once I puked I was done completely. Not on this night, though. Not for this occasion. I puked and rallied. I recovered from the consecutive shots and continued to drink for hours without any problems whatsoever. I didn't puke because I was drunk or sick or beyond my limit. This was simply a case of me downing too many shots at one time and being excited about the event and having all of my friends with me. That's all it was. Yes, this had to be one of the greatest puke and rally moments of all times.

Familiar faces popped up through out the evening, but I saw a couple of them in particular that rung some bells from a memorable time in my life. Who did I see at the Grasshopper? Ken and Gena. Gena is my ex girlfriend's best friend from Howell. Ken is her boyfriend, whom I always got along with when we would all get together. It was nice seeing the two of them again. They seem to be doing really well.

Almost all of my friends continued to buy me beers - Miller Lites and Coors Lights for the most part. The gesture was appreciated, as it was clearly evident that I have the best friends anybody could ever ask for. Colleen was looking mighty fine that night, as she had noted a number of times leading up to that night that she would be dressed to the nines for my birthday. According to Colleen, at one point I walked up to her, kissed her on the lips, and told her, "Colleen, if you and I weren't like brother and sister, I would definitely be like, 'Wassup'?" LMAO! I was completely shitfaced, let me tell you!!!!! It felt so good to have so many of my friends buying me these drinks and celebrating my 27th birthday with such great enthusiasm. Later in the evening, I began to walk around the bar holding my hands up to signify the notion that I was number one. What a super sensational evening.

Ladies and gentlemen, big events and extraveganzas are cause for big stories. Big stories are often divided into parts, so there might be one more part that finishes up the coverage to this wonderful event. Lord knows I am still buzzing over the fun I had last weekend. Clearly, it was one of the biggest social gatherings of the year. If not, it was THE biggest. Amazing that B-Money has the ability to bring all of the friends an acquaintances out for times like this. I'm tired. I think I am going to lay down.

Stay tuned for Part III, the final installment to B-Money's Birthday Aftermath.

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