Sunday, November 11, 2007

B-Money's Birthday Bash Aftermath Part III

Hurricane Triple-B tesimonials:

"Kid last night was legendary ... hope u had a great time ... happy birthday .... i'm hung over as shit right now"
-Scott Davies (text message on Sunday morning).

"Ok.......Take your birthday celebration but move it to sawmill. Thats what I want for my 24th birthday celebration in April!"

"im glad i was able to attend the festivities...btw good thing i brought an
extra pair of clean pants with me bc u puked on my leg last night lol"
- Scott Davies (another text message on Sunday Morning).

"Buying a new top for the event: $25
Buying a shot for your friend who is too drunk to take it: $10.50
Getting poked in the eye twice and punched in the boob by your drunken BFF for life: Priceless
Thanks for giving me happiness and pain on your 27th birthday."

After having talked to all of my friends and taken a number of pictures, some with random girls at the club, I noticed that everyone wanted to get a bite to eat at Cluck-U. Most of the folks wanted Cluck-U, while a select few went to the diner. I joined the bigger crowd at Cluck-U. Being one of the last ones to leave the club, I walked across the street with my drunk birthday swagger to Cluck-U to meet up with the crowd. I think besides Beanie and Raph, everyone else was at Cluck-U.

Poor Billy G - he had this delicious looking chicken sandwich right in front of him. I was a little hungry, and it looked so good to me, so I said, "Gee, this sandwich looks great." I picked it up, right after saying that, and took a gigantic bite out of it! LMAO. I was hungry and I was taking bits and pieces off of everyone's plate. Normally, I probably wouldn't get away with that so easily, but I was the the birthday boy and everyone loves me. We stayed at Cluck-U for a little bit, before eventually leaving Morristown. I had come with Billy G, Greg, and Jimmy. Billy G had driven us to Morristown.

Walking back to Billy G's truck with Jimmy, we spotted two chicks walking to their car. I was feeling kinda naughty and devilish and I wanted to speak my mind, so I shouted over to the one chick, "Baby, I love that ass" She screams at me, "Asshole!" I laughed and replied, "but you look like you fell down and broke your face, train wreck!" What does she do in response??? She runs over to me and asks if I have a cigarette!! LOL. I told her that I didn't and asked if she knew what this weekend was. She said no. I told her, this is B-Money's birthday! Who would've guessed that calling a bitch a broken faced train wreck would get her attention and encourage her to approach me??? I'm telling you, it's the negatives that seem to work these days. Guys tell women what they want to hear every fucking weekend when they're out.

Women are accustomed to hearing, "you're beautiful. I like you. Let's go out." Blah blah blah!!!! You can tell a girl she has a nice ass and all that. If she gets out of line, you just gotta bring her back to the reality and set her feet on the ground with a negative. I had to let her know that she had a fine ass, but she wasn't ALLLL THAT. It was comical; Jimmy was laughing. Her friend approached Jimmy. She had her tits sticking out, when Jimmy asked her, "Are those things real?" That's when both girls left for good. Good one Jimmy! LOL. We both hopped back into Billy's truck and headed back to Billy D's apartment in Mt Olive.

What a super sensational birthday celebration. Yes I am still talking about it one week later, but there's soooooo much that I wanted to cover in relation to that night. I had no choice but to divide the story up into three parts. I didn't want to leave any stone unturned in regards to this occasion. I thank everyone who came out and made my birthday so special that night. It ranked high on the list of fun and exciting nights that I have had this year. It was one of the biggest and best social gatherings of the year, and it was for a great cause.

This is B-Money, giving everyone who was responsible, one last thank you for making my 27th birthday so special.

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