Saturday, November 24, 2007

B-Money EXCLUSIVE: Down the home stretch of 2007, riding Citistreet as I go, and the real meat and potatoes!

My quest to continuously grow, hustle, better my lifestyle, and make more money will continue for a long time until I discover that I am fully satisfied!

Here's the deal folks, here's what's been happening to me. Here is the very latest being brought to you here at the Blog of Bryan. What's going on at Citistreet? How were the holidays? What do I plan to do in the present and future???

Amazingly the end of another year is vastly approaching. Funny, yet somewhat shocking, how fast time can pass us by. One makes plans, says they're going to do this and that, and before one knows it, another year has passed and one is a year older. Self improvement is something we constantly strive for, and we talk about changes we want to make to better our lives, but weeks gone by turn in months and everything remains or feels the same.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone ate a lot and spent some quality time with the family members. Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone, we must look at what's here and what's upcoming. There are two major objectives that I am targeting at this time. There are two things I must focus on for the next month or so. The first objective, of course, is Christmas shopping! I need to start Christmas shopping and I would like to get it done earlier rather than later so I'm not scrambling and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Work really agitates me off at times, but who doesn't work piss off at times? Sometimes it feels as though the people at work perceive me to be a slacker or a guy who is just a clown or a joke. There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I am one of the most charismatic figures on that floor as well as one of the best looking and most handsome! Certainly there are mixed reviews and feelings about me from the numbers of co-workers I work with everyday.

Usually I make it a point to go out of my way and help others out with the keying after I've done my work in the lockbox (the queue for my team that is filled with the payroll that is to be processed and disbursed by the end of the day). Occasionally, when I do for ask for help, I get these monstrous payrolls handed down to me. There are times, even when I don't ask for help, when I'm given gigantic payrolls to key in. Rather than dividing them up, I'm the one who is expected to key the entire thing.

In no way shape or form am I trying to complain about my job or the co-worker there, but I really don't understand where the slacker moniker is coming from. People will bad mouth an phenom all day, I suppose. I really don't care to be honest. I said that yesterday. If people are not satisfied with my work performance, I'll be out of there soon regardless. It really doesn't make a shred of difference to B-Money. Even though I am still currently there and still getting paid to be there for my services(no matter how fucking low the pay rate might be), I haven't been fired yet so that tells me I must be doing something right! My boss shook my hand when I was leaving work yesterday afternoon, so he must be somewhat fond of me. He hasn't fired me, YET!

Haters are going to hate all day. Critics are going to criticize people like me every minute. But the people who really do like me and respect me, will continue to love and cherish me no matter what. All I have to say in regards to my detractors is, fuck all of you haters and critics. Bunch of moon crickets! To all the folks who love me, continue to show me support and I appreciate you. I'm affable, charismatic, handsome, and witty. That's me - I'm The Great One.

Last week, I announced that I would be seeing some representatives of Atrium at their Iselin office. When my scheduled appointment time was cut too closely to the time I had to be at work, due to traffic, I had to reschedule my appointment. My rescheduled appointment will be on Monday at 3pm, but this one will be at the office in Little Falls up in Northern NJ. Those are the folks that can most efficiently assist me in my career growth, being that they are geographically closest to my location of residence.

Yesterday afternoon, prior to leaving work around 3:30, I both emailed and announced to the managers and team leaders that I would be coming into work around 7am on Monday so I could leave around 2pm. They nodded in approval of my intentions, so my appointment in Little Falls is on for Monday at 3pm. My quest to continuously grow, hustle, better my lifestyle, and make more money will continue for a long time until I discover that I am fully satisfied! I'm constantly thinking about it everyday, but sooner rather than later I have to put the plan to action and make it happen.

In one week, I will be making the trek down to Riverton to hang out with my buddy Greg Root and the rest of the old college gang. Colleen and Raphael will also be going down there, and we could very well be carpooling! Crazy Mike will also be attendance with his lovely girlfriend Angela. Ray, Mel, and Mel's brother Chris will be there too. I plan on bring a bottle or two of wine and a couple six packs of beer just to show my appreciation. Whenever I'm invited to a party or get together, I feel the need and responsibility to bring something to show my thanks and not arrive empty handed. It's only courtesy and manners.

We'll either be going to Trenton to hit up Katmandu, or Philadelphia to spend the evening at Club Shampoo. Either one, I am perfectly OK with. I look forward to spending an exciting and leisurely weekend down in Southwest NJ/Philadelphia with some old friends from school and close acquaintances. It will be a super sensational time as well as an excellent way to ring in the year-end holidays.

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