Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish the readers of this blog a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving.

Waking around 9:30 this morning, I turned on the television and watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Temperature outside reached the 60s today, so it was rather mild Thanksgiving in terms of weather. That made me pretty happy.

My mother didn't play with the cooking! She doesn't play around on any year; nonetheless she really did a bang up job this year. Each year, she seems to out do herself. Thank you for the delicious Thanksgiving Day feast mom! I ate plenty of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits and all that other good stuff. Afterwards, I got pretty tired. Although I was still somewhat tired from the previous evening and falling asleep on the couch before the meal, the turkey seemed to really do a number on me. There's a reason for that. Turkeys are filled with an amino acid called tryptophan. Supposedly, it's the tryptophan that prompts the tired feeling that we get after eating turkey.

Last night's Thanksgiving Eve was pretty good as well. Allow me to admit that I was wrong about the deal that Murphys has planned. They are offering free admission, $1 Coors Lights, and $2 tequila shots, but they are offering those deals tonight. They were not offering them last night, as I originally believed to be the case. No, I misconstrued the advertisement on Myspace. Those deals will be in effect TONIGHT. Oh well, fuck it.

I still had a pretty damn good time last night. I didn't get to Murphys until around 10:30. I consider myself fortunate that I was even able to find a parking spot. With all of the parking filled to capacity by Murphys and the train station, I parked over by the church and walked to Murphys. Immediately upon entering the bar, I noticed there was an $8 cover. Whatever. I wasn't going to turn back and go home, that's for sure. Looking around inside, it was apparent that Murphys interior space had been expanded. There was another bar on the other end, as well as a little room with a pool table and an extra place to buy beers.

Those in attendance at Murphys included Billy D, Billy G, Oscar Suarez, Erwin, Michelle Deacon, Mike Mattison, Joey V, Gary Colucci, and some of Bill's gang from work such as Henry and Ryan. Every year on Thanksgiving Eve, when we go to Murphys as we have been for three years in a row now, it feels like a fucking Dover High School reunion. I see a variety of DHS heads from different classes. Some of them graduated a year or two ahead of me, while others were a year or two behind me. Nonetheless, that place is always packed with familiar DHS faces of all classes on Thanksgiving Eve.

Later in the evening, I ran into Issac, a dude I used to work with at the Olive Garden. I had not seen Issac in almost a year, so it was nice to see him again as well. We hung out and talked for a bit. Besides I actually saw a couple guys that I used to work with at the OG. For a brief moment, I saw Rico Robles standing around chillin, so I walked up and said hello to him. Parimal was also in the house, so I said hi to him as well. Kristen Franchek's little sister, Meghan, was also there but I didn't run into her until the end of the night. We had a somewhat interesting encounter on the dance floor, I must say. LOL.

To sum it all up, I enjoyed the evening. Murphys is still the ideal spot for Thanksgiving Eve. That's great for me, being that Murphys is literally a minute away from my house. LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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