Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another night at the Grasshopper: Is it becoming too much of a routine???

Last night was a filled to capacity crowd. I felt as though I was smothered .... mostly by dudes!

I caught a really bad cold earlier this week that actually kept me out of work on Wednesday. Rarely do I ever like to miss an unpaid day of work, but I felt like absolutely shit when I woke up on Wednesday morning. Feeling like that, I wasn't prepared to spend an eight plus hour day at work let alone making the hour plus commute to work and back. Fuck that. I took the day off.

At a meeting that I had with the managers, team leaders, and rest of the contractors on Tuesday afternoon, I could feel the bug coming on. Initially I thought it was allergies, but it transcended into a really bad cold. Therefore, I missed a day on Wednesday. Oh well, what can I do? I went back to work on Thursday and felt much better on Friday. In fact, I went out again last night with Billy D, Billy G, and Jimmy. Where did we end up going? Take a guess, Blog of Bryan invite-only readers???? You got it, the Grasshopper! We're always going there, due to the fact that there's no cover charge. Most bars and nightclubs will charge a $5-$10 cover on a Friday night.

Once my entourage and I arrived at the Grasshopper, we hung out for a bit. Went upstairs, went downstairs, and hung out in different areas of the joint as best we could in that crowded bar! I'm downstairs with my entourage, and you got these freaks dancing in the lounge. One of the guys looked like Cousin it from Addams Family, hair coming down covering the face going all the way down to the damn floor. Another guy looked like the old Back to Future dude. Then there was this fat guy wearing a orange colored hoody, who looked the Pillsbury Doughboy. He continuously grinded up on everything in front of him. Including dudes! At one point, he almost started a fight with someone and the bouncers finally booted his ass. What a mess.

I probably won't be going back to the Grasshopper for a few weeks now. The place remains the same size every single week, but the crowds are getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps I was in a bit or surly mood last night due to the fact that I was recovering from a really bad cold that I had earlier this week. Who knows? I just didn't like the fact that I couldn't move around as much as usual.

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