Monday, November 12, 2007

Final day at Citistreet officially falls on December 21!

My quest to remedy my career situation is now in effect. As I continue to make the money I can at Citistreet for the time being, I will do everything in my power to better myself as well as the circumstances around me.

Citistreet is an excellent company. Their employees and management team have been top notch. Last Tuesday, management went so far as to have special breakfast in honor of birthday. I thought that was really courteous and hospitable on their behalf to show me such a great deal of respect. I can not say enough good things about these people.

The route that Citistreet opts to take in terms of my future, however, remains uncertain. Corporate hiring freezes within make it difficult for me to believe that the company is going to hire me as a permanent full-time employee and remove me from the label of temporary Randstad contractor. Such an outcome may not be all that bothersome to me, as you will read in this post. As you can tell from the title of this post, you can clearly see the direction I am headed in in terms of my future plans.

While speaking with one of my co-workers who works for corporate, I explained that I am currently commuting from Dover in Morris County all the way down to Somerset. Immediately, I noticed the dropping of her jaw in shock of the fact that I commuted that far. She replied, "Why are you coming down down this far? What brings you all the way down here?" That is a very question. I did not take offense to her question, nor did I disagree with her inquisition of why I was driving so far.

On the contrary, I ask myself the same question - that she happened to ask me - every single day I'm at work. Most of the folks who work with me at Citistreet work within a reasonable and commutable distance. They do live very far from where they work. It must be nice. I have not enjoyed that benefit since March of this year, and I must honestly say, I really miss having that benefit. Especially with the way gas prices are going UP (rather than down the way they're usually supposed to do this time of year), boy do I miss the benefit of being close to work. Furthermore, when I think of the blizzards that we are going to be in for this winter, one has to wonder how dependable I am going to be regarding attendance when the roads are too dangerous to drive on.

Say there's a horrendous blizzard, like one to three feet of snow. That is a lot of motherfucking snow. I'm trying to make the commute I have to make, and can't make my way down to Somerset until 10am - maybe even as late as 11am. Maybe NEVER, if the roads are really really bad. Shit, one to three feet of snow raises the question of whether I would be able to make it to work at all! Lets say that I do make it down to work under such conditions but much later than the normal starting time of 8:30. In a team-oriented environment in which my co-workers and I work together to disburse as many payrolls as possible in an efficient manner, one must question how much of asset I am going to be when subjecting myself to that type of tardiness or absence. It's not just a question of my attendance, but my ability to make money as well.

If I can't show up to work due to inclement weather, and I lose hours working as a contractor, I lose money. That's not very good either. If management chose to permanently hire a contractor, I doubt very much they choose the contractor (out of about six local contractors), who has to make a 45 minute commute (without traffic) to work. To be honest, I can not see myself working as temporary at this place for another six months to year at this pay rate. No sir. It's not happening. That will never happen. Therefore, my quest to remedy my career situation is now in effect. December 21 is the date I have chosen to be my final day as a temporary contractor at Citistreet. As I continue to make all the money I can at Citistreet for the time being, I will do everything in my power to better myself as well as the circumstances around me.

Thanks to a co-worker and friend of mine Dasia, who also happens to be a Blog of Bryan invite-only reader, some valuable job searching resources were brought to my attention today at work. They are resources that I will utilize to my full advantage in the coming months. A new year is right around the corner and I want to make the year 2008 a worthwhile year. It seems as though I say that at the start of every year. Sometimes, it feels like I don't live up to the expectations or hype that I place upon the start of a new year or goals that I set forth. That still doesn't take away my desire to have a positive energy about the future.

I would like to take this time to offer up some plugs at Blog of Bryan for a few of the websites I and resources that I will be using on this quest.

America's Job Exchange - viewed by many as the #1 job resource on the internet today. It is in fact the successor to America's Job Bank.

USA Jobs - another reputable job website worth checking out. - the #1 job resource on the internet for state and government jobs.

I will make it a point to look at and research all three of these websites. If I want to live the lifestyle that I dream of living, I realize that it will take time to sit down, think about what exactly I want to do, and map out and form the steps that need to be taken in order to reach such high plateaus. This quest has begun for B-Money, and this quest could require a couple months of hard work and research. I'm ready, willing, and able to make it happen. Here we go.

Stay tuned!

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