Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday night with the Bills!

Interview with Atrium Staffing early tomorrow morning, prior to work!

This is a nice little Monday night on the down low with two of my best friends, the Bills. Billy D, Billy G, and I are at Billy D's apartment drinking some Coors Light and living life to its absolute fullest. They're playing video games, while I watch and drink my beers. Yummy, I just took a nice hardy sip of Coors Light, fresh out the motherfucking bottle.

Tomorrow marks the continuation of my quest to remedy the current job situation. I'm in the middle of the major movement. I work at Citistreet under contract for the time being, but I'm trying to land something closer and more lucrative. I've utilized Americas Job Exchange as well as Monster, but tomorrow I have an early morning interview at Atrium Staffing in Iselin. Atrium is a staffing agency that provides quality direct hire job opportunities. Even though Atrium has an office in Little Falls, I'm conducting my interview in the Iselin office because it's closer to work and it didn't matter which office I went to for my registration and application.

I sincerely look forward to speaking with some Atrium representatives tomorrow about my future, how I want it to go, and what I hope to do in terms of a work/career path in 2008. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck!

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