Sunday, November 18, 2007

On November 30, B-Money makes a Great One's return to Philly!

Looking forward to Greg "The Rootman" Root's party and going to Club Shampoo!

Another anticipated event of mine following Thanksgiving will be Greg Root's holiday party in Cinaminson. He lives literally ten minutes away from Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love. You may recall I was last seen in Philly on Labor Day weekend with Crazy Mike, Ray, and Mel when we went to Dave and Busters and also to see Kristen dance in Bob Hope's Nightmare. What an amazing show that was to my viewing eyes.

But anyway, I look forward to making the trek down to that neck of the woods once again. It's been a few months since I've been down in that area. It's been almost a year since I've been to Greg's house. His family has one of the most beautiful holiday setups. I love their Christmas tree. Hopefully, they have it all set up when I arrive on November 30 to hang out with my friends from the Stockton College days. Those likely to attend will be Crazy Mike, Angela, Ray, Melissa, and Colleen.

We are going to a club as well. It will either by Club Shampoo in Philly or Katmadu in Trenton. Right now, Shampoo looks to be the more likely scenario. Either one is cool with me. I haven't been to Katmandu since Halloween of 2005 for their Halloween party. I haven't been to Shampoo since Fall of 2002, when I was doing my first semester at Stockton.

That should be quite a delightful and amusing weekend for all of us. We can drink, party, and bring in the holidays. The old school, Stockton-esque KDP style!

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