Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spontaneous Wednesday night hangout

On Wednesday night, I went over to best friend Billy D's apartment to hang out with Billy D and Billy G. Two guys who happen to be two of my best friends today. When I got there, they were playing video games.

Later in the evening, our boy Roger Nitto showed up as well. That dude is HUGE, but he's a really good guy. He's definitely big and strong enough to fuck up anybody's world, but he just happens to be a gentle giant who wouldn't harm a fly. We all hung out for a bit and drank some Coors Lights. After a while, we all got really hungry. We wanted to get some pizza, but all of the pizza places - including Dominos and Pizza Hut - were closed. Therefore, we went to one of the only places that happens to be open 24/7. It just so happens to be a fast food chain as well. Ladies and gentlemen, we headed over to White Castle. Yes, we did.

Billy G drove me in his girl's Honda, while Roger took Billy D with him in his vett. I consumed a crazy amount of food. I think I had like four chicken ring sandwiches, three jalapeno cheeseburgers and three regular cheeseburgers. That's a lot of food, but I was drunk and hungry so that meal hit the spot. As we ate, the Bills, Roger, and I talked about life, shared some shits and giggles, and enjoyed hanging out. Eventually, we all parted ways and went back home.

Great night for only being a Wednesday. Stay tuned for Part II of B-Money's Birthday Bash Aftermath. It's been a couple days since I posted about the pregame and you, the invite-only members at Blog of Bryan, deserve to read about my fabulous birthday bash from this past weekend if you were not fortunate enough to attend. I'm one tired motherfucker and I'm off to bed. STAY TUNED!

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