Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve kicking off: Feeling good as a muthafucka!

Having received my auto insurance dividend check yesterday and having left work early today, I'm feeling good as a muthafucka right now. I am ecstatic. I am happy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and can't wait to eat all of that delicious food.

Tonight is the biggest going-out night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve! On this sensational Thanksgiving Eve, as I noted earlier this week, it appears that I will be heading to Murphys later this evening. I can't wait. It's probably going to be packed house, but guess what? I don't give a fuck tonight!

With the deal that Murphys has, and with it being Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm ready to celebrate! I'm ready drink and hang out with friends. Right now, I'm just having a mini pregame here in my living room. Currently, I'm drinking a spiked egg nog. Hell yeah, my mother bought some egg nog today and we just happen to have some Malibu rum in the liquor cabinet, so I'm feeling pretty nice right now. LOL.

The great thing about tonight's festivities is that they're taking place at Murphys. Murphys is only a minute away from my house, so I can conceivably get as drunk as a muthafucka and walk home!!!!! Tonight's Thanksgiving Eve deals at Murphys include $2 tequila shots, $1 Coors Light drafts, and a $0 cover charge. Free admission and cheap drinks. You can't beat that.

Come on out to Murphys tonight. Everybody and their brother and sister are probably going to be there, I want to see everyone tonight!

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