Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anticipation for New Years Eve continues to build!

Alright, folks. It is time for a little mid-holiday blog action, what do you say? We are smack dab right in the middle of Christmas Day and New Years and B-Money has a few matters he would like to cover as we head towards the conclusion to this year. The Christmas holiday was great to me, as I said in my post on Christmas Day. Now the anticipation for New Years Eve grows stronger and stronger as we are only three or four days away from 2008.

Last year, I went down to Jeremy’s for his New Years Eve party. This year I am back to spending New Years Eve in the club scene, as I will be going to Sawmill with Colleen, Raphael, Crazy Mike, Angela, and possibly Greg “the Rootman” Root. Hopefully Greg can make it out for the celebration. Currently working at Sears, he is going to find out what his schedule looks like tomorrow, and if need be, what must be done to modify the schedule so he can come out for New Years Eve. Look out for a count down post in the next few days, looking back at some of the most significant moments of 2007 and posts related to those moments. That should be coming out within a couple of days.

Work has been going alright. There are some bumps and smooth spots here and there, but where is that not the case? We run into ups and downs in all places of business and walks of life. Overall, I continue to go to work and continue to make money. Although I desire something more lucrative, I must go with the notion at this time that money is better than no money. The folks at CitiStreet have been fairly courteous to me. To applaud my efforts of staying later on Christmas Eve to help process a 185 page payroll from E-Serve (India), management has awarded me one extra paid day effective after the New Year. For that, I am very thankful to the management team of CitiStreet.

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