Thursday, December 06, 2007

Attending Jack Horowitz's graduation on December 16!

Winter 2007 graduation brings B-Money out for his long overdue trek to Stockton. I just needed one reason, and what better reason than a graduation ceremony?

Upon reading an email from Jack Horowitz, an old friend of mine from college, a few days ago, it has been determined that Jack has invited me to his graduation. He is graduating in the winter commencement ceremony this year on Sunday, December 16, 2007. No, he will not be waiting until 2010 to graduate. He'll be doing it much sooner thank God.

Pleased at the invite, I am delighted that I can attend a graduation ceremony at Stockton just two years after my graduation. After all, the last Stockton graduation I attended was the one that I graduated in. Colleen graduated in December of 2006, but I was not at the actual ceremony. Following Greg’s holiday party last year, Jack and I drove from Cinnaminson to Stockton to surprise her after the ceremony. This year, however, I will actually be present at the ceremony as well as the reception. Hopefully I get the chance to see and congregate with some of my old professors, such as Dr Worthington (the best professor I’ve ever had in any school year at any school or college), John Boyle (financial accounting professor is who razor-thin close second to Worthington), Dr Whithem, Donna Albano, and Professor Scales. Seeing a number of the professors I took courses with would truly be a pleasure.

This gives me the opportunity, not only to witness another graduation ceremony, but also to once again see Jack. Lord knows I haven’t seen Jack since Colleen’s birthday celebration back in April. Apparently, the new housing complex is now completely built, and operational, if I am not mistaking. I’m looking forward to seeing what that looks like as well as the rest of the campus amidst its recent renovations. P-town and Stockton College will once again witness yet another return of one of its most legendary superstars. I love Stockton College. Pride is a major factor in my fondness for that school and I have a lot of pride that I still bare within when it comes to Stockton and my years served and spent there. I love P-town, always! I love the Pine barrens and the fact that Atlantic City is not that far away from Stockton. Galloway Diner will always be a favorite spot of mine in that immediate location. Next week, I will see it all once again. Amen to that! No question this going to be a throwback to what once was and what is still dearly missed and remembered.

Jeremy Martinsen, my old roommate from my final year at Stockton, still lives in the immediate area. I texted him to inform him I’d be down there the weekend of the graduation and to see if he wanted to hang out at all that weekend. He told me to call him when I arrive there, so I will do so. I haven’t seen Jeremy in almost year, since his New Years Eve party at his apartment in Club III.

Congratulations to Jack for his upcoming graduation.

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