Saturday, December 29, 2007

B-Money's Lavallette arrival!

About half an hour ago, I arrived at Crazy Mike's beach house in Lavallette. Colleen and Raph just got here a couple of minutes ago. Angela has yet to get here. Right now, it's Mike, Greg, Colleen, Raph, and myself. I'm drinking a Guinness and having a wonderful time. Prior to getting here, I stopped off at the liquor store and picked up a six pack of Guinness and a bottle of Black Swan Shiraz and Cabernet. In just a few months, we're going to Seaside to hang out for a bit and then we're off to Carabas for dinner. Folks, the Jersey Shore is where I'll be spending the remainder of the year. Lord knows I did not get down here NEARLY ENOUGH over the summer with all of that drama that happened, but I'm here for the rest of the year and I could not be happier. Last night I went out on a date with this girl Michelle, but I will get to that another time. It's time for me to drink up and get ready for the evening at hand. Happy times - beautiful times - with memories to follow are yet to come.


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