Sunday, December 30, 2007

EXCLUSIVE Countdown to New Years: Most significant moments of 2007!

Right now I'm at Crazy Mike's beach house in Lavallette, drinking and getting ready to head out to Sawmill for tonight's New Year's Eve celebration. This is currently the pre-game, but we'll be on our way out in about half an hour.

On Saturday night, we all went to the boardwalk in Seaside and played some air hockey. We walked around on the boardwalk for a bit, even though it looked somewhat deserted due to the fact that it was mid winter. Angie met up with all of us at the boardwalk. After our time at Seaside, we went to the Golden Palace for some Chinese food. Once we got back to Mike's, we played Apples to Apples.

Jack Horowitz arrived yesterday afternoon to join us for this pre-New Years celebration weekend. Volleyball Bob even made an appearance at Mike's, bringing some delicious Cluck U chicken wings in the process. Bob and I were beer pong partners in the beer pong games we played last night. We kicked everyone's ass, up until the point where Ray and Melissa came by to pay us visit. By the time they got involved in the beer pong competition, I was pretty far gone. I was pretty drunk. It was Bob and I vs. Ray and Mel. The game was rather competitive, and coming from behind, Bob and I were launching a serious comeback, up until the moment when I knocked our remaining cups of beer off the table onto the floor. My little drunken stunt cost us the game and awarded our championship to Ray and Mel. Clearly I was done with beer pong for the night.

It was a pleasure seeing Bob again, as well as Ray and Mel. Tonight, it will be a pleasure to see so many Stockton Alums at Sawmill. Supposedly, a number of Stockton alums and old friends are coming out to Sawmill tonight for the New Years Eve celebration.

Alright, at this time I would like take this moment to look back at some of the more memorable moments of 2007 - a year that was jam packed with many ups and downs.

March 10-14, 2007

House hunting and Seaside Heights Boardwalk Part I
House hunting and Seaside Heights Boardwalk Part II
House hunting and Seaside Heights Boardwalk Part III

The weekend, described and chronicled in this three post, three part story goes into detail regarding the apartment hunting going on between Crazy Mike, Colleen, Greg, and myself. An encounter with Adam “The Sheik” also took place at this time. Our love for the shore, beach, boardwalk, and desire to live in the immediate area were detailed in these posts.

July 29, 2007

I'm coming back larger than life: Let the rebuilding process begin!

After a dreadful summer during which my social life and finances went to hell and back, this marked my potential comeback to a somewhat normal life. Summer of this year was probably the worst time of my life to date, but this stage right here was without a doubt the turning point and shift of momentum.

August 19, 2007

Excellent weekend: First one in a long time!

This weekend marked the first weekend of the summer since late June that I was able to enjoy myself and have the fun I am generally accustomed to having. Dennis, Bill Dyer’s manager, held a big beer pong tournament at his house in the old Central Ave hood in D-town and I got WASTED. This was somewhat of a throwback to the old hood. Yes, I passed out in the back yard on the ground. Party foul.

September 2, 2007

My Labor day Weekend in Philly!

This was the best weekend of the summer, and it ended up being Labor Day weekend. Ray, Mel, Mike, and I went to Philly and had dinner at Dave and Busters. Afterwards, we watched Kristen and her hot dancer chicks perform NAKED in Bob Hopes Nightmare. Sensational weekend; what a way to ring in the fall season.

September 23-24, 2007

End of September weekend in Lavallette Part I
End of September weekend in Lavallette Part II

A chance to make it down to the shore for one last weekend of beach and shore appreciation. Due to a financial crisis, I couldn't come down to see my friends the previous months, but made a promise that I would be down for the next get together. This was it, and it was a memorable one to say the very least.

November 6-11, 2007

B-Money's Birthday Bash Part I
B-Money's Birthday Bash Part II
B-Money's Birthday Bash Part III

My birthday was a highly significant event this year, but when is a birthday not significant? It took place at the Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ, a location frequently visited by my friends and I throughout the fall season. At one point throughout the fall, we had gone there eight Friday nights in a row. My birthday celebration, which took place on a Saturday, was no exception. Highly significant birthday, I call it, because it was clearly the biggest birthday celebration of mine since my 21st. I was very pleased with the number of random friends of mine who attended my birthday on that evening.

December 5, 2007

Greg Root's 2007 Holiday Party Weekend Exclusive

Much like last year, Greg Root’s house looked like a winter wonderland. The Root family always does a beautiful job of decorating their household for the Christmas holiday. In my opinion, this year’s holiday party at Greg’s out did the one he threw last year. We even managed to make it to Club Shampoo in Philly, but it was a Latin night featuring Latin music, so I couldn’t dance to it for shit. LOL. Great holiday weekend at Gregs, once again this year. I always enjoy spending a weekend of the holiday season at the Root household with close friends of mine.

December 19, 2007

Stockton 2007 Fall Commencement Weekend

Jack Horowitz had finally graduated from Stockton. He invited to attend his graduation and I was honored to attend. I was not only proud of Jack for his accomplishments, but also somewhat sentimental to be back at a place that was my home for four significant years of my life. The ceremony certainly brought back memories of my graduation almost two years ago that very day.

Final thought of 2007:

Taking a video of me in shower and taking pictures of me while showering is definitely a first in 27 years. Yes, my friends took a video of me on a digital camera while I was showering tonight. Shit, I take that as a compliment! LOL.

New Years resolutions can be made every year. Some people might actually make them happen. Others might just let them drift by, enter the new year, and go about their lives the same way they did the previous year. Sometimes, it's the excitement of a new year approaching that entices us to fathom these high hopes for the future. It's that faith, however, that keeps folks such as myself going strong. Such faith, that pulled me out of a financial life crisis this past summer and brought me to better ground from about August up until now.

These hopes, high aspirations, and goals are what lead to a better way to life as a whole. Ever make a New Year resolution and not keep it? I'm sure you have. So what? Big deal! There's always next year to make another one, or two, or even three. Thought will always preceed action. Always! Through the down and torturous times, remain close to those around you. Learn from mistakes, trials, and tribulations of the past. Embark upon them to make for a potentially brighter future.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And may you all visit BLOG OF BRYAN in 2008 and have a great and prosperous 2008!!!!!

New Years Eve celebrations with great friends are calling upon me. Time to go. Be safe and have a great night.


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