Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Could there really be a need for "corpse" insurance????

The following is an article from the New York Times, about legal constraints of burying a corpse. Michelle sent this article to me via email, and it validates a crazy joke between her and I that we made up the night before she sent me the article.

Our joke was a hypothetical regarding a grave digger coming into an insurance company for an interview, and the position of grave digger is the only job listed in his employment history on his resume. I stated, “maybe he’s coming in to see if that particular company has corpse insurance. At the time, it seemed like the most ridiculous joke or idea ever! What would one need corpse insurance for???? Are the corpses are going to crawl out of the coffins and run away????????

Nonetheless, Michelle sent this article to me the following day. It appears as though our little joke was validated over night with a true story. Enjoy. And ummmm, take note of the date this article was published at the bottom of the post.

Disgraceful Fight Over A Dead Body!
Published: April 9, 1882
Copyright © The New York Times

How crazy is that?

Gotta have that "co'pse insurance"!!! Right Michelle? LOL

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