Sunday, January 20, 2008

Discovery of SM23!

Thankfully I'm off from work tomorrow, so I get to enjoy a three day weekend!

Headquarters Plaza in Morristown, NJ is the location for many things, such as a movie theater and restaurants, but there's also this quaint seductive little lounge on the fourth floor by the name of SM23. That lounge is pretty small, as the pictures on the website can be a bit deceiving. However, I went there on Friday night with Michelle, the wonderful girl whom I have been seeing and hanging out with, and we really enjoyed our Friday night together at SM23.

While it's not exactly the type of place one would go to meet others or find potential mates, it is the kind of low key seductive spot one could bring a date or a significant other. It's not the type of place that people can easily find you if you want to go D.L. with a special someone. SM23 is highly recommended, by B-Money, as a hot spot where one could bring a date or significant other for a quaint, peaceful, and sexy evening. We must've been there for like three hours before the owners eventually closed it for the night. I will definitely be heading back there again soon; great evening with amazing company. ;) More on that later.

If you're reading this, which I know I have a number of viewers who are family, friends, fans, and stalkers alike, be sure to check out SM23 online at Or you can find it on myspace at

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, which happens to result in a day off from work for me tomorrow. YAY! Having that extra day off from work this weekend is just what I need at this point. After getting approximately twelve hours of sleep last night, I can once again enjoy the benefits of sleeping in again tomorrow morning. Tonight, I will probably keep it low key. You know, watching a movie and maybe going out to get some take out.

My mother was courteous enough to surprise me with a bottle of wine yesterday - some brand of Merlot - so I guess I will be enjoying that tonight as well. So fortunate to be off from work tomorrow. Thank you, Reverend Martin Luther King.

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