Monday, January 14, 2008

Five to eight inches of snow? Not today, but thank you!

Weather forecasters were wrong, again!

So long for the five to eight inches of snow that we were supposed to get last night into this evening. Thankfully, the snow storm never came. I know it probably pissed off a lot of students and teachers who wanted the day off from school. Yes, not being able to go into work as a result of the blustery and snowy weather conditions would've nice, but I would've had to shovel that white shit regardless. The only time I can truly tolerate snow is on Christmas morning. At least on that day, it is more or less a right of passage. With all of the germs and colds going around and making people sick, I think the weather changes and the simple fact that it is winter should be "fun" enough, or more than enough "excitement" to suit everyone's needs. Be that as it may, it's snowing outside right now as I type this post. It doesn't appear as though it will amount to much. Roads are still clear.

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