Saturday, January 26, 2008

Going to see Untraceable tonight!

Crazy Mike's birthday/Groundhog day bash February 1-2!

What's good, Blog of Bryan readers? Time has passed since my last update, but you all want to know what the latest and greatest is with B-Money as well all news, events, and occurrences that are B-Money related or favorite topics of B-Money. Everyone, from my viewers at companies such Bank of America and ADP to friends of mine, continues to visit Blog of Bryan!

Much love and respect to all my readers, family, friends, and stalkers a like. LOL. Well here is another Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, I'll be heading out with Michelle to see the movie Untraceable in the movie theater. The movie is basically about a person who is held captive, and everyone someone goes to a certain website on the internet, this victim comes that much closer to dying. That's pretty much the plot to some effect or another. Tomorrow I will probably be able to give a more accurate review of the film. Nonetheless, I look forward to hanging out Michelle again. Good people.

Next weekend, B-Money is returning to Lavallette and the Jersey Shore for Crazy Mike's birthday celebration as well as a groundhog day weekend bash that have planned. Our intentions are to celebrate Mike's birthday and head out to a bar at some point or another during the weekend. Next weekend will mark my visit to Mike's since our four day party buildup to New Years. Our New Years celebration was a surely a memorable and legendary festivity that ranks at the top of all the wonderful crazy times that we've had at the beach house.

While I'm looking forward to hanging with Mike, Angie, Colleen, Raph, Greg, and the rest of the gang, one can not expect the weekend to live up to the extremely high standards of new years eve. Our New Years party, four days long I repeat, set an entirely new benchmark for the times we've spent down at that beach house. Regardless, I expect to have a blast with my pals down at the shore. It is never a dull moment down there. Never.

First thing is first. It is time to get Michelle so we can head out for our dinner and movie. Be back later. Don't wait up, lol. Blog ya later.


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