Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years Eve/New Years Day exclusive!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been quite some time since B-Money has posted an update here, but the champ is back with a brand new look in a brand new year to bring you some news.

Busy times and a variety of different occurrences in my life at this time have left me inactive on here, but I feel as though I am starting this new year on a high note and hope to continue that positive momentum as the new year progresses.

We are already a couple weeks into this brand spanking new year, and I can honestly say, “so far so good.” Aside from the fact that I'm recovering from one God awful head cold, life has been on somewhat of a positive neutral base. More to come on what has been going on in my life, ever since the clock tolled midnight on January 1, 2008. How about those super sensational days leading up my new years celebration?I can honestly say that those classic and legendary days leading up to our New Years extravaganza were thoroughly enjoyed on my behalf. How did they go and what happened? Here’s the scoop, coming to you from B-Money himself, ladies and gentlemen.

On Saturday afternoon (12/29), I made my way down to Mike’s and arrived sometime around 3pm. Colleen and Raph and arrived about an hour after I did. Colleen brought this ginormous five pound Hersheys bar with her. That thing consisted of 14,000 calories! HUGE. From there on out, we went to the Seaside boardwalk and met up with Angela. We all went out for dinner at the Golden Palace in Lavallette. Sunday was a day heavily filled with drinking. From 12:30 until about 8, I was pounding down beers at a reasonable pace. We watched the Simpsons movie DVD, which I got for Christmas. On Sunday evening, Jack Horowitz make his grand arrival and Bob even managed to pay us a visit. Ray and Melissa swung by later in the evening to pay a visit and wish us all a Happy New Year. They came just at the point when we were playing beer pong. Bob and I were kicking ass and taking names. Nobody could beat us. Nobody. Until Ray and Melissa showed up. It was Ray and Melissa against Bob and I. In a competitive match, they finally won when my drunken ass knocked our cups over on the floor. LOL. Dammit!

I give Bob a thanks for bring chicken wings from Cluck U. I also give thanks to Jack for giving me a $10 gift card to Best Buy. Starting the year off on the right track, I spent the entire New Years Day hanging out with my friends down in the Lavallette/Seaside area. Throughout the weekend, we all managed to take pictures of the massive Hershey Bar and take pictures with it, before eventually taking chunks of it by biting into the edges. Greg even managed to use it as a pillow for his head at one point, eeeeeeek. Chocolate head! You can be assured nobody ate any more of that Hershey bar after it served as cushioning for Greg's noggin.

On New Years Eve, I still went to work and so did Mike. Mike probably got up a little earlier than me, being that he had to take the train all the way up to Newark, where he is concluding the lengthy training process for his job. I got up around ten to six in the morning, so I could be on the road by 6am. As it turned out, I arrived at work at 7:30am. There wasn't much going on at work that day; I bailed at 4:30 due to the inactivity and lack of work. I made it back to Mike's beach house somewhere around 6pm, just in time to take a shower, get changed into my New Years Eve outfit, and do a little pre-gaming before heading out to Sawmill.

There was a line outside of Sawmill, as I expected all a long. After all, Sawmill is one of the more popular clubs at the Jersey Shore, so I expected none other than a line of people waiting to get in there on New Years Eve. However, the line was not terribly bad, as we managed to get in there at decent time before the crowds filed in. It didn't take long, either. About an hour into our time there, there were walls and walls of people surrounding all the bars. In order to ready take advantage of the open bar, one had to purchase like three beers at a time. As a result of the wait and crowds of people at the bar, I really didn't drink as much as one might expect. I believe I had a few Heinekens and a rum and coke. Sawmill, on this evening, was somewhat of a Stockton College reunion. Colleen had informed me that Bo, Keith, and Steve (old N-form heads from 2003-04) were going to be a Sawmill on New Years Eve as well. Sure enough, we ran into them. It was nice to see those guys again, as I had not seen them since I graduated. I'd seen Bo a couple times, back when Colleen was still at Stockton and Bo was coming to visit Kristen (his girlfriend at that time), who happened to be one of Colleen's roommates.

Amish Outlaws, a band that often plays at Murphys as well as other bars throughout New Jersey, were performing at Sawmill that night. They're awesome; I was glad that they were there as well. Midnight eventually came, but many believed that the countdown was not the real countdown. When I looked at my cellphone, the time said 12:02. I looked over at Colleen, Raph, Jack, Mike, Angela, Greg and everyone else who was standing around me at the time, and said, "ohhh shit - we may have missed the countdown. Happy New Year, I guess." Literally a second after saying that, I hear a countdown being chanted over the speakers, "six, five, four, three, two, one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" Word is that the band was in the middle of a song at midnight and didn't realize that they were cutting the time so close to midnight. Therefore, the club initiated its own countdown immediately following the conclusion of the song. Still, it was a fantastic New Years Eve and I'm truly blessed to be able to see a brand new year. Through the thick and thin, drama and unfortunate series of events in 2007, I had made it to 2008. I am here, doing well, in 2008. Truly a blessing.

The New Years Day began with our group going to I-Hop for breakfast. I ordered the stuffed French Toast with the cream cheese-type filling and strawberry topping. Delicious. Afterwards, we went back to Mike’s house, as Colleen, Raphael and Jack wanted to get a head start on their trip home. Weather forecast in their respective areas called for heavy snow and ice. It turns out the weather never really got that bad, but it’s good that they took those precautions. Meanwhile, Mike, Angela, Greg and I went to the Seaside boardwalk for a bit and walked around in the arcades. We also took a few pictures by the fence of boardwalk directly in front of the ocean. I love the shore. I love the boardwalk. I love the beach. I love spending quality time with good friends of my on such wonderful holidays such as New Years.

Following our time at Seaside, we went to a porn shop. Yes, it had DVDs, toys, card games, and the whole nine yards. Angela managed to buy a sex game, while Greg bought a DVD. Ray and Bob wanted to meet up with us for dinner, but the entire group was in disagreement as to what we were going to eat for dinner. Ray and Bob wanted to do Hibachi and Sushi, while we wanted to go to Applebees or Chilis. Mike and I are not at that fond of sushi. As it turned out, Ray and Bob ordered take out at the Hibachi restaurant, while Mike, Angela, Greg, and I went to Wawa and ordered sandwiches. It made our trip to Brick completely pointless, but I still enjoyed hanging out with the group during that time anyway as well as going to Seaside.

Once we returned to Mike’s, I stayed to eat my sandwich and hung out for a little bit. Greg opened his newly purchased porn DVD and popped it in the DVD player. We watched for about five minutes, until I began making some ridiculous comments about the girls on there and Greg became completely appalled. He stated, “I just can’t get excited watching these things. It’s the same thing in every video.” I replied, “Greg, that has to be the absolute gayest comment I’ve EVER heard a straight man make!” Everybody in the house cracked up at that point. Mike took a few minutes to show Ray and Bob all the pictures from Moments later, I packed up my car with the belongings I had brought down with me for the weekend.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that rings true, I have over a billion words for you. Over a hundred pictures were taken from these four fabulous days of celebration. In all likelihood, I will be posting a number of them here at the Blog of Bryan for everyone to enjoy. A special thanks goes out to Mike Milek for hosting a majority of this event at his beach house, making the event and the holiday amusing and enjoyable.

The days leading up to New Years Eve starting from Saturday, all the way up to the New Years Day, may have in fact been the best times I've ever had down at the beach house in Lavallette. Not to say that there haven't been numerous weekends of excitement down there, but this New Years Eve/New Years four day shindig has to rank atop the list!

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