Saturday, February 02, 2008

Heading over to Point Pleasant!

Greg Root, elluding to my snoring, tells me, "you were a buzzsaw last night!"

Greg just woke up. He couldn't sleep last night, thanks to my loud and resounding snoring. Therefore, he spent a great part of the night playing games on my computer. After a nice breakfast from Wawa, Mike, Greg, Ray, Mel and I plan on heading to the boardwalk in Point Pleasant to walk around for a little bit and maybe walk out on the jetti. Angela is expected to arrive around noon, while Colleen and Raph will be getting down here around 3pm or 4pm. I look forward to going to Point Pleasant, as I have not been there since like April of last year. Later on today, we might even go to the movies to see Meet the Spartans, which is a parody of the movie 300.

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