Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mike's birthday weekend in Lavallette, and other news!

My weekend in Lavallette was a decent one for Mike’s 25th birthday. Did it live up to the expectations of New Years? Certainly not. However, that does not necessarily mean that it was a bad weekend. Saturday morning, before Colleen, Raphael, and Angela were scheduled to arrive, Mike, Greg, Ray, Melissa, and I headed over to Point Pleasant for a walk on the boardwalk. Mike, Greg, and I also took a walk up on the jetties. That was quite enjoyable, as we were pretty high up and had a nice view of the ocean water ahead of us. The temperature was in the 50’s. Clearly, it was a beautiful day to go to the boardwalk and enjoy the outdoors.

There’s something about the bright sun shining down on the beach and seeing all of that water from a top the jetty that is reinvigorating and refreshing. No it is not yet summer, and we have quite a few months to ago, but the sight was beautiful to take in. We weren’t the only folks there either. Others were walking up and down the boardwalk as well, taking in the sights and enjoying the nice day. Warmer weather, sunshine, and enjoying the boardwalk with some good friends made that afternoon a pleasant one for B-Money.

Originally, we planned on going to the movies to see Meet the Spartans. The show time was 2:30, and it took us a while to get coordinated and leave Mike’s house on time to head over to the theater, so we opted to see Strange Wilderness instead which had a show time of 3:40. That gave us some time to go to the coffee shop which was right next door. This may have been our downfall to some degree, as some of us ordered just a little bit more than a cup of a coffee and a snack to tide us over for the movie. Some of us actually ordered food, which filled us up more than we expected. I was fine; I ordered a Mocha chino and a slice of Tiramisu.

Alright, let’s get to the movie folks. Strange Wilderness was a hilarious movie that got funnier as it progressed. Being a Happy Madison production, many of the actors and and comedians seen in Adam Sandler’s previous movies also starred in this one. While it didn’t garner my vote as to what movie I wanted to see, it turned out being a damn good movie. After the first ten minutes, it looked as though it was going to be a stupid movie. It wasn’t until after that that the funny scenes started happening and I started laughing. I don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone who has not yet seen the movie, so maybe I will post the trailer here on Blog of Bryan. That shark scene is out of control! LOL Should I say shark scenes??? So is the one with sea lions and the shark attack. No, the sea lions don’t get attacked by the shark. At least not the real ones, LOL. I can’t tell you what exactly happened though. Just go see the movie.

There was a bit of conflict as to where we were going for dinner on Saturday night, and what we wanted to eat, but whenever there’s a big group of people there’s going to be conflict regarding such options. You’re not going to have unanimity amongst eight people in terms of where the group wants to go for dinner. The dispute was resolved when we found Little Mia’s Pizza, which is a really nice place. Not only do they make pizza, but they also cook some really delicious Italian entrees. The folks who run the place as well as the chefs are Italians, so you know you’re getting some authentic Italian food. I ordered the Penne with Vodka sauce and grilled chicken. Angela, Mike’s girlfriend, ordered the exact same entrée. Mike and Colleen shared a pizza pie with pinnacle topping, Raphael had a sub, Greg had Linguine with Calamari or some shit, and Ray and Mel ordered Calzones. After the somewhat ugly debate as to what we were going to do for dinner, we had found a place that we all agreed on and we enjoyed a lovely meal together.

Once we all returned to Mike’s, we decided not to go to Sawmill due to the fact that we were all pooped from the activities that took place during the day. Coming to an agreement on where we were going to eat, what we were going to eat, watching the movie, and going to Point Pleasant (in no particular order) took a toll on everyone. Therefore, we stayed in for the evening. We didn't even cut Mike's cake or put the candles in the cake for Mike to make his birthday wish. In the shouted words of Greg on that very evening, "We'll cut the fucker up tomorrow!"
I spent most of the night looking at websites on my laptop and watching a variety of videos in my porn collection that is saved on my computer. I showed some of these videos to Colleen, Raphael, Greg, and anybody else who cared to watch. Everyone eventually fell asleep; I was the last one to turn in. I didn’t get to bed until after 3am!

The next day, the entire gang began their pancake contest that they had been planning for the weekend. It didn’t last long at all. I cracked open the bottle of Shiraz that I had brought down for the weekend and poured cups of it for anyone who cared to drink it. While drinking my Shiraz, I continued to watch the porn on my laptop and download other videos as well. It was a hell of a way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon. Later in the afternoon, we finally cut up Mike’s birthday cake (compliments of Colleen) and sang “Happy Birthday” to Mike. That cake was pretty good. After going to the Seaside boardwalk later that day and having together, the group eventually parted ways and I made the drive back to D-town. Decent weekend.

I'm really looking forward to celebrating Colleen's birthday at Sawmill in April. That should be a super sensational weekend of craziness, enjoyment, and excitement. We're going to have a major celebration for Colleen. Afterall, she did say following my birthday, "you need to bring your celebration to my birthday celebration at Sawmill." My birthday celebration was legendary and unforgettable at the Grasshopper in Morristown this past November. That is the stratosphere to Colleenie Beanie hopes to reach with her celebration and I will do everything to help her attain that level of celebration. Ladies and gentlemen, we're only two months away from that particular festivity.

Last Wednesday I finally managed to renew my vehicle registration at the DMV agency in Morristown. Realizing the urgency that my registration was about to expire in two short days, I left work at 4:40 so I could beat some traffic and drive up to Morristown to get this registration renewed. Being that I didn’t have my PIN from my registration renewal form, I had no choice but to go to an agency to get my registration renewed. Once I arrived at the agency, it took me all of five minutes to fill out a small form and pay for the registration card. In fact, I paid five dollars extra to get a duplicate.

Congratulations to the New York Giants for upsetting the New England Patriots, winning Superbowl XLII by a score of 17-14 this past Sunday. America loves an underdog story, a success story that captures the audience. The drama and intensity (particularly in the second half of the game) that the game brought lived up to the result. Very few football fans around me were Patriots fans. Folks at work, coupled with friends of mine, were pro-Giants. Let’s call it one of the biggest upsets in Superbowl history, as the Giants shattered New England’s undefeated record of 18-0 going into the game. Giants fans can now exalt and take the liberty of going out and buying their 18-1 shirts.

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