Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pavlik decisions Taylor: Great "free-cover" night at Miami Mikes!!!

I'll be going back for Marquez/Pacquiao II on March 15!

Last night was another super sensational night of PPV boxing at Miami Mike's Sports Zone in East Hanover, although something was just a little different about last night as opposed to the other nights.

Miami Mike was allowing guests to enter without paying the usual cover charge on the evenings of PPV fights, so I was able to watch a $50 PPV free of charge at his bar. It was truly a pleasure to be able to watch the fight in the presence of some knowledgable boxing enthusiasts. Nicole, one of the girls who went to Stockton, was at the bar last night for her friend's birthday celebration, so I talked to her for a couple minutes as well. It was nice to see her again, albeit briefly. At one point, Miami Mike actually came over to me by the lounge area where I was sitting down and watching the fight and sat down with me for a few minutes. We talked about boxing and the fact that Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De la hoya would be rematching in September. He insisted that that would be a big night at his bar as well. Very warm and hospitable gentlemen, Miami Mike.

Let me start off by saying that I knew this fight was going 12 rounds. Very rarely do you see a great fight, which ended in a KO, end within the distance a 2nd time in a row. Usually, a rematch of a crowdpleasing fight that ended in a brutal stoppage is not as exciting and it goes the distance based on the improvements of both combatant's defense (especially Taylor is this case). That fight was very close. Taylor boxed better in the first 9 rounds of this fight than he has in the last three years. Personally, I scored the fight a DRAW, with Pavlik taking the championship rounds. I don't think that's far fetched either. Some of the journalists over at ESPN had Taylor winning. It depends on what you liked; Pavilk's activity or Taylor's crisp accurate shots. This fight was pretty much witin the neighborhood of 7-5 for either guy or a draw.

Taylor's chin was NEVER as weak as some people wanted to believe it was. It wasn't like Taylor lost the first fight to Pavlik by stoppage because he had a weak chin!! That's completely inaccurate. He lost because he was worn down by an accumulation of punches. Anybody who gets hit with about 20 right hands, clean on the noggin, is inevitably going to collapse. If his chin was as weak some people suggested, he would've been blown out by one punch. Pavlik landed A LOT of punches over the course of the 31 rounds he fought with Taylor. Taylor would not have gone 31 rounds with a puncher like Pavlik if his chin was made of glass.

Great fight and great night!

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