Friday, February 29, 2008

Presidents Day and my continuing tour of duty at Citistreet!

Due to the supposed hiring freeze that has been going on for several months, I feel as though this is more like a temporary to permanent temporary spot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while since I gave you a good solid update. This is Blog of Bryan, and some time has gone by, so here I am to give you the real and give you some really juicy stuff.

My Presidents Day on February 18 was well spent, as Crazy Mike managed to make the trek up to D-town to spend the day with me. Once Mike made it to my house, he came in for a couple minutes to meet my mother and hang out for a little bit. Eventually, we left my house and made our way over the Rockaway Mall for a bite to eat. We also went to the Starbucks in the mall and got some coffee. I ended up ordering a White Chocolate Mocha, which was very yummy.

As soon as Colleen got out of work, she met up with Raphael and came the two of them drove to Rockaway Mall to meet up with us. They got to the mall like half an hour after we had already been there and they were hungry, so we went to McDonalds with them so they could get a bite to eat. Afterwards, the four of us went back to my house to chill for a little bit. For dinner, we all went to M&S II. Yes, I had to introduce them to the M&S II stuffed slice with sauce experience. Well, at least two of them ordered stuffed slices. Mike, being a vegetarian, was satisfied with a couple plain slices of pizza.

While Raph and Colleen both enjoyed their stuffed slices, they found them to be somewhat big in size and couldn’t consume the entire thing in one meal. As a result, they bagged up the stuffed slices and took them home. Colleen and Raph parted ways with us following dinner. Mike and I went back to my house for a little bit and watched TV. Sensing that it was rush hour, Mike wanted to hang out for a little bit to evade any rush hour traffic that might exist on this holiday.

At this time, I am still working at Citistreet and I have been here since early September. Originally, it was slated as a temporary to permanent spot. Due to the supposed hiring freeze that has been going on for several months, I feel as though this is more like a temporary to permanent temporary spot. Making the same amount of money for a lengthy duration of time and having limited to no benefits can sometimes place a heavy monkey on one’s back.

There are times when I have nothing to do at work and, as a result, I often wonder why I am even here. This has been in the back of my mind for weeks and I feel as though it is time to take action and really do something about this. I’ve been on job sites looking around for jobs with some reputable companies in an attempt to get a permanent job with full benefits and potential for growth and advancement from within. I took time out of my schedule to email Eddy, one of the recruiters, regarding my duration of time at Citistreet, just how much time I might have left there, and questioning the chances of a raise. My email was as follows:

Hello Eddy,

This is Bryan Bradley from Contributions at Citistreet. I was just wondering if you have received word as to approximately how long this assignment is going to last. Also, is there any chances of employees who have been here for a while getting a raise or anything that shows progress being made for the months of hardwork and dedication served here at Citistreet? As of right now, there's really nothing to do here at work. The only thing there is to do right now is shred old documents, but at the moment, there are six temps present.



Today at work, Eddy replied to me in person at Citistreet telling me that he would be meeting with Assistant Vice President on Monday.

The search for a solid job at a company with room and potential growth and more promising job security continues, as this mission of mine has more or less become the primary focus of my life as of late. As much as I do not want to suffer any more lapses of time unemployed, I really do not know how much more I can take working in the same place with no raises, no benefits, and idle spurts with no work to do for such a long duration of time.

Nonetheless, it is important that I do not attract negative energy from this as a result of my frustration. Being able to go out with friends and hang out with different people in my spare time on the weekends is a pleasure that I enjoy greatly. Thank God today is Friday and yet another weekend has come.

Cinco de Mayo is coming up in May. Plans are already being discussed as to how my friends and I will be celebrating this magnificent holiday. Angela, Mike’s girlfriend, is graduating from college at the end of this spring semester and will probably have a graduation party on that same weekend. Therefore, Mike would like to have all of us down at his place so we could hang out there for a while and then make the trek to Aberdeen from there to attend Angela’s party. That sounds enjoyable. That sounds like one of those big weekend events that I truly look forward to being a part of. In any case, I will be drinking it up big time that weekend in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Between St Patricks Day and Cinco de Mayo, that’s two major holidays for the respective Irish and and Mexican heritages that we have coming up in the next two months and I am eager to celebrate both of those with some refreshing adult beverages.

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