Sunday, February 10, 2008

R.I.P. James Mango (known by many as Uncle J).

February 2, 1941-February ?, 2008

This R.I.P. shit has become somewhat of a trend in the past month, an unwelcomed trend at that. This time, however, it was a family member of mine. At some point this weekend, my uncle James Mango, 67, passed away in his house. He had not left the house for about four days and his mail was piling up in his mailbox. Quite concerned about his absense, my mother called the police to come over, enter the house, and investigate.

Upon entering the house, they found him lying on his back the floor beside the couch in the livingroom. He was pale-white! Paramedics entered the house shortly thereafter, proceeding to give him oxygen immediately. It was confirmed that he had passed a while ago. An autopsy, in order to determine the precise time of his passing as well as the means, will be conducted very shortly. It is my belief that he passed some time this past Friday evening, as the result of a heart attack.

R.I.P James Mango, a troubled soul with many demons on his shoulders particularly in the final eight or nine months of his life. One must feel sympathy and remorse for these demons, some of which he clearly brought upon himself. On the other hand, he will be missed for the good things he did and the fact that he was a family member. He was a blood relative. His 67th birthday was exactly one week ago yesterday. How could one not feel any sadness?

May God have mercy on his soul.

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Pat & Kay said...

I feel More sorry for You and Your Mom, My Friend,

It's NEVER easy to lose a close relative Whom was loved By You, and who You thought to be a "Hero " of sorts.

I am sorry for Your loss and Your Moms, who always sought to Do the right thing By him ,despite the fact that He's caused Your Poor Mom to all but lose Her mind over his shenanegans,lies and deceitful behavior. However...!

Hopefully, Wherever He is now, He can sort it all out and maybe redeem Himself in the eyes of Whoever is in control of this Universe.

We wish You peace and comfort, and the Memories of whatever may have been good about him !