Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day: Hey, it's what you make of it!

It's once again that day of the year, during which love is the focus of attention. Is it romantic love? Platonic love? Love for one's self? Or is it love for others? Does a significant other, if there is one, receive all of this love?

For me, it was another day of work at CitiStreet; I processed and disbursed payroll and loan money as usual. Can't knock the hustle, even on such a prestigous holiday as Valentine's Day. Earlier this morning, I spoke with one of my co-workers, who happens to be a married middle aged man. He explained to me that Valentine's Day should be no different than the remaining 364 days of year when it comes to the degree of love and compatability that exists between a couple. If the love is present the rest of the year, what exactly is the purpose of Valentine's Day?

My co-worker went on to suggest that his wife could cook him a special dinner, and he could easily buy her dozens of roses, but does it happen everyday? If the dinners came to him regularly, that would be normal to him. If these dinners, or the roses, were not customary throughout the year, then what is the point of it on Valentine's Day? Food for thought. Just one person's perspective of this holiday.

Others view it as a materialistic holiday, at which time couples spend a lot of money on each other to prove how much they love each other. Who knows? You know what? Valentine's Day is what YOU make of it. I got a lot of love to give, most commonly the platonic (and strictly platonic) love I have for my friends. There's also the family type of love that I have for family. L for Love baby! L for muthafuckin' love. L for Love baby!

Happy Valentines Day! Take the time to show the loved ones around you the respective types of love you have for them.

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