Monday, March 31, 2008

B-Money returning to school for post-graduate education???

Accounting and finance seem to be making the world spin these days. Hospitality is burning a hole on my resume as well as with employers at job interviews!

The month of March has been one of idleness, that's for damn sure. In other words, not a whole hell of a lot has gone on this month ladies and gentlemen. At least nothing that I have been willing to disclose to the general public as of yet. What I will tell you is the idea that I am strongly considering at this time. I've considered going back to school for some post graduate work. I feel as though the bachelors degree I got in Hospitality Management has been burning a serious hole in my pocket as well as on resume.

When I look around me, I notice that it is New Jersey I live in instead of Las Vegas. Maybe in Las Vegas, I would have a better than average chance of landing a legitimate position in the hospitality industry. Nonetheless, I do not really view hospitality as being the industry in which I want to pursue a career! This world has gradually become a number's driven world. Students who graduate with degrees in accounting or finance appear to be getting the jobs at the accounting firms, financial service companies, and insurance companies. Shit, you even graduates with accounting or finance degrees scooping up the recruiting positions at many of the staffing agencies. That's scary, when you come to think about it.

Earlier today, I emailed John Boyle who taught my financial accounting class when I was going to Stockton. With this need to go back for post graduate work growing stronger and stronger with each passing week, I wanted to explain to him my motive for this idea and ask him what he thought about it. I have yet to get a response back from Boyle, but I understand that he has become an advisor to accounting students. Being an avid admirer of him for his courtesy and the fact that he was an outstanding professor, I figured I'd turn to him guidance. We'll see where this post-graduate idea of mine goes in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted.

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