Monday, March 17, 2008

Big news coming your way soon!

My faith in certain things is at an all time high lately. Within the next couple weeks, I will be bringing you some pretty news regarding my life, well being, and stability.

This news will be coming your way in a matter of a couple weeks because big thing are poppin' for B-Money in the next few days. I'm making moves and these moves will pay off. I'm going to get it all. That's all I will say about that at this time. When I get it, I will explain all of the details right here exclusively at the Blog of Bryan and there will be celebration. I will be swimming in euphoria when it happens because I have been making it happen thus far and I am on the verge of attracting the big picture all together. I will not put the cart in front of the horse just yet because I want to keep it confidential at this time and make a big note of it when it happens.

Yeah I said "when" .... not if. If this post doesn't make sense now, it will within the next couple of weeks. Elements of suspense are what keep ya'll coming back here. At this time, I have some business to attend to. Stay tuned!

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