Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Saturday night with Michelle: B-Money's discovery of 381 Main!

Today is Tuesday, but it just happens to be a day on which the temperature is in the high 50s. I believe it went as high as 60 degrees, which is nice to know. Even though it rained later in the day, those temperatures are by no means anything to frown upon.

Being that we are in the month of March, we should start to see warmer weather show its beautiful face. In just a few weeks, spring will officially be here. I’m looking forward to the arrival of the spring season as well as spending some time outdoors.

This past weekend, I hung out with Michelle again. She was in Florida visiting her family last week, so she was back home again this week. On Saturday night, we went to Applebees for dinner. During our meal, Michelle handed me a gift that she had gotten me while she was at Disneyworld. Once I opened it, I noticed it was a shot glass with Mickey Mouse dressed in green for St Patrick's Day. Very kind gesture on Michelle's part; I thank her and give her props for her courtesy and thoughtfulness. She's a real sweetheart!

Following our dinner at Applebees, we headed to 381 Main in Little Falls, NJ. Much like SM23, 381 Main is a bar with a classy looking lounge type set up. There’s neon lighting at the bar, with little television screens built into the wall. Walking into the establishment at the entrance, I noticed that the floors were glass floors and there was an aquarium under the floor with a bunch of fish swimming around. It really was quite a scene to behold.

At this time, I would put the 381 Main plug out there for all Blog of Bryan readers. This lounge is yet another nice joint to bring dates or significant others. No significant other or date, that's alright. It's also a nice place to go with groups of friends. The lounge is called 381 Main and it's located in Little Falls NJ. Check out 381 Main at http://www.381main.com/.

Michelle and I were standing at the beginning of the evening, due to limited seating capacity as a result of the high volume of guests, but eventually we were able to find a comfortable boot seat in one of the corners directly across from the bar. I ended up drinking a Heineken and a Long Island Ice T (which was very strong). Michelle stuck to her Bacardi and Diet Cokes (almost equally strong). We both had a really nice time and enjoyed the ambiance of the delightful lounge that I had discovered on the internet.

Eventually, 381 Main was getting ready to close for the night so Michelle and I left and headed back to her apartment for the night. It was a nice night with Michelle as well as a good weekend. I really can't complain. I look forward to this coming weekend as well. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, so we are getting that much closer!

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