Monday, April 14, 2008

B-Money breaks his silence: Breaks down Beanie's sensational birthday weekend in Blairstown!

"She had more meat stuffed between her legs than a Wawa hoagie!"
-Greg Root AKA Chester Laraeux

Finally I break the silence that's been in the last few weeks, but I had to come back and give ya'll the scoop on this past weekend and place some emphasis on the positive aspects of life. It really has been a while since your boy posted any type of update whatsoever, but I have to give this one to you because my friends and I had an extraordinary weekend in Blairstown this past weekend for Beanie's birthday.

I also needed to post an update just to illustrate to you, that no matter what kind of shit I may have gone through in my life or no matter how occupied I may have been with some of the negativity surrounding the circumstances of my life, that I am still here and I am back in full effect. B-Money, whether he is idle or away for a stretch of time, is always here to stay. Through thick and thin, I survive no matter what. Beanie's marvelous birthday celebration really put a positive spin on things, so lets get to the details and occurrences of that very celebration.

On Saturday morning, Jack picked me up from my house in D-town to drive me to Blairstown for Beanie's birthday weekend celebration. Along the way to Beanie's, we picked up Raph from his house in Budd Lake and the three of us carpooled to Blairstown together. During the day at least, Blairstown can be quite scenic in terms of the mountains, farms, and greens that you see surrounding you. Saturday was by the far the nicest day we had in terms of weather; the temperature must've risen into the 70's. Beanie couldn't have picked a better day to schedule her birthday party, because Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. A bunch of us made separate commutes to her house to celebrate with her and we all had a magnificent time.

Those in attendance at Beanie's were Ray, Mel, Mike, Angela, Greg Root, Jack, Raph, and myself. Once Jack, Raph and I arrived at Beanie's, Ray and Mel were already there. Mike, Angela, and Mike carpooled together from Lavallette and arrived shortly after we did. The Drums were nothing but hospitable towards us, providing some snackables and drinks, such as sandwiches, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, chips, and dip, in the kitchen. After snacking for a little bit in the kitchen, Beanie gave all of us a brief tour of her homestead and then we went outside to hang out for a little bit while Beanie opened her cards and gifts.

Mike managed to smear the icing of a cupcake in his own face. He also found a home in the trunk of Beanie's new car. HAHA. You gotta love Mike, not only for being good people and a true friend, but also for the random, crazy, and comical shit he does from time to time.
Greg made it a point to discuss his sexual history involving his ex-bitch with Mama and Papa Drum. He may very well have come out with the quote of weekend, stating, "She had more meat stuffed between her legs than Wawa hoagie!"

LMAO. Practically everyone who heard Greg say that cracked up. I myself could not stop laughing. Mama Drum had a big smile on her face as even she seemed to find humor in Greg's dirty minded ramblings. Papa Drum, on the other hand, stood there in the backyard with his jaw dropped! All of a sudden, Papa Drum replied to Greg, "Let me ask you a question Greg, how do the hell do you think you got here?" LOL

Unfortunately, I had left my gift in the front seat of my car when Jack came to pick me up at my house. Picking up one of the bags of stuff in my front seat and believing it was Beanie's gift, it was really a bag of movies I had brought to my date's house the previous night! How could I possibly screw up the way I did? I should've checked inside the bag before I left for Blairstown, but shit happens I guess. Beanie will have her gift really soon nonetheless. Throughout the afternoon on Saturday, I relished the opportunity to get some sun out on Beanie's deck and add a little bit of color to my complexion. It was a joy to see everyone together at Beanie's; soon they were all outside on the deck.

Following the unwrapping of Beanie's birthday presents, we all went out for walk around her property. Along the way, we came across a Gardner snake on the side of the road. Beanie immediately freaked out and started running for dear life, as she has a phobia when it comes to snakes. So do I, now that I think about it. Just not as big of a phobia as Beanie appears to have of them. However, it appears as though the snake was more scared of us than we were of it. It immediately slithered into a little snake hole in an effort to escape from us.

At one point, when looking up in the sky, we noticed a couple of hawks flying around above Beanie's house. One of them was carrying around a snake as it flew around in the sky. Quite an awkward and random moment, if I do say so myself. That's not exactly the type of sighting one notices on a daily basis. As long as the hawk didn't drop the snake on any of us, we were all content with what was going on. Eventually, the hawks flew away with their catch.

Dinner time was approaching, and the birthday girl had made a reservation for seven at the East Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, which happens to be the Hibachi bar/Sushi restaurant in Byram NJ, so Beanie, Raph, Ray, Mel, Greg, Jack and I went there for dinner. One of Angie's relatives was also celebrating a birthday on that day in West Orange, so Angie and Mike left Beanie's birthday celebration for a few hours to attend the party in West Orange. Meanwhile, the seven of us enjoyed a delicious meal at East Tokyo. B-Money ended up ordering the Pai Thai dish, which consisted of egg noodles, eggs, chicken, cilantro, and some other ingredients. It was a reasonably good Thai dish, for which I was forced to use none other than authentic chopsticks. LOL. How about that? I got an instant education on how to use chopsticks from Beanie really really quick.

Following our meal, we all made a brief entrance into the ghetto ass Dollar store that happened to be in the same plaza in Byram as East Tokyo. To be honest with you, the store didn't have much to offer, so we all headed to the Ledgewood Mall to look around in some of the stores and walk around to relieve the bloatedness of the meals we had just consumed at the Thai restaurant. In the Ledgewood Mall, there is also a Wallmart. That made Ray and Mel (particularly Mel) very very happy!

To be continued. Stay tuned for Part II of this story!

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