Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful Saturday with temperatures in the 70s!

No question about it, this another God given day. Earlier this afternoon, I enjoyed some quality tanning time under the bright, natural, and beautiful rays sun.

You know I have to add a darker shade to my complexion to create all the more affection baby, so that's what I'm starting to focus on now. Of course I am using UV sunblock protection; I don't need skin cancer. This entire week has shown beautiful weather in the 70s, so I am thankful that that is the case. When you think about it, there are four seasons to a year, but it feels like there are truly only two. Winter and summer. As of late, it has felt like summer to me. I love it.

There is some other news, which I have kept confidential over the last few weeks, that I will be disclosing due to the fact that I have patched up all of the negativity and misfortune surrounding the circumstances. Look for an update regarding those circumstances and what has happened to me in the last few weeks very shortly. Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, I have not broken any laws or committed any acts of violence. I have not robbed a liquor store (even though I show a lot of love for alcohol, LOL). No, it was nothing that was my fault. Nothing bad that I did. Just something that I needed to keep quiet about until I rectified the situation and made it better. Just a little bit of controversy that I had to reverse regarding employment.

Anywho, I'm only looking ahead now folks. Thankful for what I already have, I yearn to acquire more things that I can be happy for. A beautiful summer with some great friends and people. A new whip at the end of the summer. More money. Some enjoyable road trips. Trips to Great Adventure, Wildwood, and the boardwalks at the other notable shore points in Dirty Jerz. This is going to be a super sensational summer because that is what I want to have and that is what I am going to get KID! I'm anticipating some gorgeous weather on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, blue skies and bright hot sunshine, when I hang out with my peoples at Mike's Lavallette beach house on the weekend of May 2-3.

Gaining a darker sexy tropical look is also something I would like to, while I can take advantage of it in this sun that we have to privilege of enjoying. This what I do every year when the nicer weather rolls around. In case you didn't know, I don't really believe in the fake and bake. Years ago, I did it very briefly, but I now I firmly believe in waiting for the nicer spring and summer weather to come around so I can do it naturally. It adds a little magic to the final result when you're anticipating the warmer weather and you finally get that tan naturally under the bright light of the sun. Maybe it's just me, who knows?

Tonight is also the light heavyweight mega fight between light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins and undefeated Joe Calzaghe. That fight can be seen live on HBO World Championship Boxing at 9:45pm ET/ 6:45pm PT tonight. What a treat this is for boxing fans. Ladies and gentlemen, this a PPV caliber fight that is being shown on regular HBO. This doesn't happen very often, so I look forward to taking advantage of being able to watch this fight in my own livingroom rather than driving to East Hanover to watch the PPV telecast at Miami Mike's. I don't mind going to Miami Mikes, either. Either way, I see the fights for free. HAHAHAHA. Still, watching the fight in the comfort of my own home should be cool as well. For more information on this matchup, check out the Blog of Bryan brother site Boxing Chronicles.

Stay tuned for more news ladies and gentlemen. Blog of Bryan, as well as B-Money himself, are back in full effect and I am looking forward to some exciting weeks upcoming. During that time, I will make it a point to enjoy myself, enjoy the present, and enjoy the precious gems of life that are before me in front of my very eyes.

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