Thursday, April 17, 2008

Looking forward to Cinco de Mayo!

Beautiful weather is already here. Looking forward to the glorious Mexican holiday, a big drinking holiday, May 2-3!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and I am thankful for that. The temperature reached the mid 70s. What I am looking forward to now is Cinco de Mayo weekend. By Cinco de Mayo weekend, I would like to see somewhat of a noticeable change in the shade of my complexion. I'm a good looking young stud baby; a nice tan to enhance this complexion only adds an extra glow to this handsome face. My skin tone is already starting to get a little darker. Come the weekend of May 2-3, a gang of us will be heading down to Mike's Lavallette beach house that weekend and do what we normally do. Have fun. Enjoy some good food. Drink and be merry. Possibly go to some clubs, with either Joey Harrison's Surf Club, Bar-A, or Sawmill being strong possibilities. On Sunday of that weekend, we'll be making the trek up from Lavallette to Aberdeen for Angie's graduation party at Angie's house. She will graduating in May. Congratulations Angie. B-Money is definitely looking forward to that weekend; it is an ideal party type of weekend down at the Jersey Shore that will kick off what is going to a beautiful summer.

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