Sunday, April 27, 2008

Philosophical take on relationships in today's world!

Am I really a B-Money whose totally dead inside, or do we really live in a world and time when relationships are for the most part sexually driven?

Seriously ladies and gentlemen. Social interaction between sexes in today's society has really become hormonally influenced. Do you know what 90% of relationships in this world today have come down to??? What's the basic premise or purpose of being in relationship for like 90% of the couples out there? Especially the younger couples?

They're all about sex. Lets not kid ourselves here. I'm giving you the chance to be real with yourselves for a moment, here at this blog, if you can not find it within your soul to be real with your friends or significant others.

There's no love in 90% of relationships. The 10% you find who are actually in genuine love are quite rare. The girl will always suggest that she cares about the guy, has “feelings” for him, and wants the sex to be special, but she really wants to get banged. Those warm heartfelt words "have feelings" really do sound sweet and reassuring but, much like parents telling their children that a fat ass dude with big fluffy white beard and red suit squeezes his fat ass down chimneys to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, there's no validity or truth to such a claim. At least with 90% of these couples. Realize I am not saying that is true for everyone.

The female often gives off these feel-good emotions because she doesn't want to come off as whorish to the guy. The guy, on the other hand, just wants to nail his broad and he will tell her he loves her, so he doesn't seem like he's just in it for the ass himself. Gentlemen, I think I have a nice little psychological test that you can use on your mistresses disguised as lovers.
Ask them, ever so diligently, "Honey, what would you do if I told you my penis ran away and I don't think he's ever coming back?" There will be a delayed response, but the response will in most cases confirm the observation I have humorously but truthfully laid out for all of you to sit back and enjoy.

So really, it's all one big mind fuck of a deception. That's what relationships are for most of these sexually driven fakers acting as romantics. Call this a moment of truth. For many of you who don't care to hear this, it's a realistic smack in the face if you're not in that rare 10% category. At least 90% of these relationships are gigantic long term BOOTY CALLS. Hardly anybody cares about anybody. Everyone just wants to fuck. And can you blame them? After all,



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