Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back in Lavallette for Cinco de Mayo weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen, after having attended Angela's graduation party in Matawan last night, I am now back in Lavallette at Mike's beach house. More on Angela's graduation party later. Those currently present here at the beach house are Raph, Colleen, Greg, Ray, Mel, Mike's brother Chris, Mike - of course, and myself. Today we'll be playing some miniature golf at Black Beard's Cave, due to the fact that we have not done that in a while. We'll also be going to Roy Roger's for lunch. Tonight will also mark our first return to Joey Harrison's Surf Club in Seaside this year, being that it re-opened last night for the summer. Should we not be able to go to Surf Club for any reason, Bar-A in Belmar would appear to be the runner up. Great to be back down here as always! I fuckin love the shore, even in the off season. Right now we're all just waiting for Angela to arrive. I just woke up a little while ago, and don't really have the energy to type a novel right now, so stay tuned for some posts throughout as well as after this Cinco de Mayo weekend.

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