Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cinco de Mayo weekend stream of consciousness...

Last night, the entire group went to Roy Rogers for a light pre-mini golf game snack. We then proceeded to head down the street to Black Beards Cave for our miniature golf game that went on for almost two hours. Believing that I was going to win miniature golf, I actually tied Raph for 2nd TO LAST place at 77 points.

After our miniature golf game that Colleen won with a wopping score of 59 points, we headed to Little Mias for dinner in Lavallette. Little Mias is the mom and pop shop reasonably priced Italian restaurant that we all went to during the weekend of Mike's birthday back in February. Once again, I ordered the Penne ala Vodka. Once again, it was delicious and filling. Temperatures were brisk, but today's mild temperatures and sunny skies are making up for that today.

Breakfast from Wawa, as usual, was abundant, plentiful, and fulfilling. My sizzling pancake sausage egg and cheese sandwich hit the spot. They're always tasty, with or without maple syrup (even though I prefer maple syrup). My pepporoni and cheese slim jim combo, along with the chocolate glazed donut, cup of french vanilla coffee, and bottle of orange juice were also satisfying. Our trip down to to the beach across Rt 35, to enjoy the breakfast had purchased at Wawa, was refreshing and lovely. The ocean and the waves are so beautiful and seeing lively ocean water is very calming. Pictures were taken with and amongst the folks at hand, many of which will be posted here.

Right now, I'm drinking a cold can of Coors Light and I'm absolutely loving it, so as you can tell the weekend has not yet prevented me from enjoying myself one bit. The gang wants to play Apples to Apples, but I find it fitting that we play the game outside in the back yard because it's gorgeous outside. Just a mini mild stream of consciousness. I want to go outside for now. Come back again for more later. B-Money's no joke folks.

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