Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day, career fair, and the latest and greatest with The Great B-Money!

Best friends do hang out. Nothing about that statement is going to change one bit, as we all approach yet another summer. And judging by the look and feel of the weather outside right now, it is going to be a hot one.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today is an beautiful day and I feel as though the summer weather is finally coming around. I have to tell you, after so many months of winter and being shackled up in a warm household away from the bitter cold, this summer heat feels phenomenal.

There is plenty of news, events, and life occurrences to discuss my family, friends, and fans, so sit back, grab a cool drink (spiked or not, whatever you prefer), and read on. I would like to address Memorial Day, the collegiate career fair that I attended at RU yesterday, as well as life in general. You'll hear about big things. You'll hear the latest about the greatest, as I am in rare form and full effect. KID.

Memorial Day was an enjoyable one this year. A bunch of my friends and I went over to best friend Billy G's house for some Memorial Day celebration. Prior to our time at BG's, I had a bit of a Memorial Day BBQ pregame at my house. The term pregame is generally associated with alcoholic consumption prior to going out somewhere for the evening. That day at my house, the pregame was exclusively limited to grilling burgers. Trust me. LOL. I did not put a single bottle or can to my lips until the BBQ at BG's. Those in attendance at BG's included Billy D, Beanie, Raph, and others. Beanie and Raph picked me up from my house and we rode over to BG's together. On the way there, we stopped over at Shopright Liquors to pick up some beer. I bought a 30 pack of Coors Light, while Raph purchased two twelve packs of bottled Yuengling. That's a lot of beer! With the amount I drank almost two weeks ago folks, I should know shouldn't I? LOL.

BG was running a little late, as he went over to his family's house for a bit and told me that he wouldn't be back to his house until around 3:30. It's all good. We decided to wait in the parking lot at the Pathmark in Hopatcong to wait for him while he made his way back. Moments later, I received a call from BG. Driving past the Pathmark, he told me that he could see us in Raph's blue Honda chillin in the parking lot and for us to meet him at the liquor store down the road. That's exactly what we did. From that point on, after BG bought the bags of ice we needed from the liquor store, we followed him up his house. Eventually, we all made our way to BG's.

BG has a really little house up in Hopatcong, but it's all he needs for himself and his little daughter's visitations. The house also has a deck in the back under the shade of the trees. About twenty minutes after our arrival, Billy D showed up with some snacks and Memorial Day festivities were underway. Sitting at the table on the deck, we all began drinking as BG got the grill warmed up for hamburgers and hot dogs. We talked about life, work, and BG's commute to work from Hoptacong to Elizabeth. I thought the commute to Citistreet was a bit of a stretch. Obviously I have nothing on BG, who gets up at 5am every morning during the week to make his way to the school he teaches at.

Billy D could not stop making Beanie laugh. Beanie was in tears most of the night, due to anything funny that managed to come out of Billy D's mouth. He was discussing my 27th birthday party, and how I left Greg Root stranded at his apartment the next morning so I could go home and open my birthday presents. Everything from leaving Greg stranded at Billy's, to him returning from work to find Greg stranded at the apartment without me there. LMAO. That did not happen however. It was merely a joke of Billy D's to make the story seem that much more comical. Hey, it's not I didn't go back to get him from Bill's. Folks, I did return to Billy D's apartment to pick up Greg. Eventually. In due time. When I was ready. At least before Billy D came back to find him stranded there. hahaha.

I enjoyed our evening at BG's and so did Colleen and Raph. I was particularly delighted to see Colleen and Raph hangout out with us for the second weekend in a row! That was tremendous to see them hanging out and having a good time. That's really what I like to see happen. Unifying and bringing together all of my close friends from different areas and different groups or backgrounds, and seeing them get along with each other at events like this one, is truly a blessing. At the end of the night, Beanie and Raph decided to call it a night and head back home for the night. After they left, Billy D and I did exactly the same.

In all due respect, I thank BG for finally having us over at his crib and making the event a pleasant one for those at hand. The adage is true ladies and gentlemen. Best friends do hang out. Nothing about that statement is going to change one bit, as we all approach yet another summer. And judging by the look and feel of the weather outside right now, it is going to be a hot one.

As I mentioned a few days ago, there was a career fair scheduled for May 29 at Rutgers University. That was yesterday and I made it a point to attend. Getting up at 5:30 am yesterday, I got myself dressed and printed out copies of my resume for the 250+ employers who were scheduled to attend the fair. At approximately 6:30 am I left the house and headed for Jeff's condo in Linden to go meet up with him. Jeff is one of the former employees of Citistreet, and he wanted to come along as well, so I met up with him in Linden and he drove us to the career fair in New Brunswick. Throughout the trip, Jeff and I got lost a few times trying to find Livingston Campus. Livingston Campus is where Frank, current Citistreet employee, advised us to park and wait for the shuttle bus to take us to College Ave.

After almost a half hour of aimlessly driving around Piscataway and New Brunswick, Jeff and I finally found Livingston Campus and pulled into Lot 101. In the parking lot, other recent graduates and job seekers were also arriving in search of the career fair. One of job seekers was fine looking Middle Eastern girl with a really nice body and sweet smile. As a graduate of TCNJ, I believe she said she was biochemical engineering major. Yeah, definitely not a dummy either - on TOP of being a cute little hottie. LOL. Jeff and I invited her to tag along, so she followed us - along with some other job seekers from different colleges looking for the career fair - to the location where folks were expected to wait for the shuttle bus. When the shuttle bus came around, we all got onto it and headed for College Ave. The career fair was located at 145 and 126 College Ave, which were the Brower Commons and the Student Center respectively.

To be continued! Come again soon... plenty of news to follow.

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