Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday afternoon with Beanie; Mothers Day Sunday!

This past weekend was a rather low key weekend, but Mother's Day was yesterday. My mom was very happy with what I did for her. I bought her a book based on the Law of Attraction, which she is really trying to focus her attention on at the present time. I also bought her several other nice little gifts from Hallmark. Overall, she claims I made the day a nice one for her. Fair enough; sounds grand to me. I'm glad I was able to do that much.

On Saturday, I took a ride out to Blairstown to hang out with BFF Beanie, who took me out to go shopping for my mother for mother's day. This particular time, however, I did not see any hawks flying around with snakes up in the sky. LOL. I guess that doesn't even happen every day in Blairstown! Colleen and I also went to this quaint little diner in Fredon called Kathy's, which was cozy and friendly looking on the inside. I ended up ordering a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, while Colleen ordered a Greek salad. We both split a round a cheese fries with gravy. Yummy Yummy.

After Colleen and I got our mothers day cards and had dinner, we went back to her house in Blairstown to decorate our respective gift bags for our respective mommies. LOL. Colleen did a fantastic job of curling the ribbons on my mother's bag, but lost the magic when she proceeded to curl the ribbons on the remaining bags. LMAO. Props to Colleen for helping me prepare for Mother's Day.

Also, there was a birthday yesterday. A 21st birthday to be exact. We know how special those can be. As kind of a mini celebration/hang out, I went to Fridays last night with the birthday girl to enjoy a couple drinks at the bar before the weekend eventually came to a conclusion.

Happy 21st Ashlee!


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