Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great weekend that marked the official start to summer 2008!

It's been a minute since I have even been on this site at all. Much has happened since my previous update, or at least the ones prior to my tribute to the late and great George Carlin.

This past weekend was a pretty enjoyable one that I spent with some friends of mine. On Friday night, I made a grand return to the Grasshopper in Motown with Billy D and Roger. We met up with Jimmy and his girlfriend Stephanie, who brought her friend and her boyfriend, so there was quite a gang present. One might say it was a redeeming, as well as grand, return to the Grasshopper for yours truly, taking into account my previous appearance there a little over a month ago. LOL. That was definitely a night to forget, but Friday was spent amicably at the Grasshopper with a number of good people.

On Sunday, Mike made the trek from Edison to D-town to spend the day with B-Money. Colleen and Raph also came by spend the day with us as well. Mike arrived at my house around 12:45 in the afternoon. Beanie and Raph made their way over to my house approximately half an hour after Mike's arrival. We hung out at my house for a little bit and looked at some pictures online before eventually heading to Cluck U in Randolph. Prior to last week, I was not even aware that there was a Cluck U in Randolph. I knew there was one in Morristown right across the street from Grasshopper and the Dunkin Donuts, but not Randolph. Another good thing about the Cluck U in Randolph is that they have the 911 hot sauce.

Mike was adamant about ordering buffalo fries, but instead opted to go with 911 hot sauce fries. When he got the counter to make his order, he ordered the 911 fries. The cashier gave him a look and suggested, "You have to sign a waiver for those." Mike replied, "Yes I am aware of that." Cashier proceeds to ask, "Have you had the sauce before?" Mike confidently admitted, "Yes I have, a long time ago". The cashier did not even make him sign the waiver. He just continued to give Mike a muddle-headed facial expression, took his order and charged him for the food. He may have realized that Mike was lying out of his ass. LOL.

One by one, we finally got our food. I ordered a ten piece boneless buffalo wings with thermo-nuclear sauce. I believe Colleen ordered a five piece boneless wings with honey BBQ sauce and some fries. Raph ordered something, I just can't remember what exactly it was that he ordered. Mike, of course, ordered the 911 fries along with some mozzarella sticks. Mike tried one of the 911 fries and reacted moments later. Throughout the meal, he must've downed like four cups of ice. I tried the fries as well. They were definitely spicy, no question about it. While they didn't really have any effect on me (at least until later in the day), I could see why Cluck U has waiver policy on that sauce. Some of the Cluck U outlets do not even carry the 911 sauce. The closest Cluck U, besides the one in Randolph, that carries the 911 sauce is the Cluck U in East Stroudsburg, PA.

Perhaps the highlight of the meal was when Mike grabbed a napkin, wiped his spicy 911 sauce mouth with it, forgot that he used that particular napkin for his mouth, and wiped his nose with the same napkin five minutes later. LMAO!!!!! If consuming the 911 fries didn't already have an adverse effect on Mike, inhaling the fumes of the sauce sure as hell did. Colleen took a whiff of the 911 sauce, implying that the sauce "smells like a combination of gasoline and manure." LOL. After trying the most minuscule microscopic speck of 911 sauce that she had picked up from the cup with her finger, Colleen's mouth was on fire. Her sensitivity to spicey foods, at that moment, was apparent.

Following our lunch at Cluck U, we wanted to get some ice cream at the Coldstone a few stores over from the Cluck U, but came to the realization that it was abandoned and no longer in business. Only the sign remained in front of the building. Therefore, we went to Cliff's Ice Cream instead. I had just gone to Cliffs a few days earlier to meet up with the Bills, Jimmy, and Lyle for ice cream, but certainly did not mind going back there for more. We had our ice cream in the back of the ice cream parlor out by the picnic benches. In terms of being a hot and sunny day, it was a perfect day for ice cream - especially for Mike, whose entire face felt like it was on FIRE after eating and inhaling the 911 sauce!

We went back to my house for a little bit after lunch and ice cream. Colleen and Raph headed back home, while Mike stayed for a little while longer. The two of us decided to go to the mall to walk around for a little bit. The mall was just closing when we got there, so we went to Borders (which is open until 9pm on the weekends) and had a cup of coffee. We also went to Best Buy to look at some the HDTVs as well as video games for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.

Quite a day I had, as well as a weekend, with some close friends of mine. It was a weekend that marked the official beginning of the summer in 2008. This is the official start to a summer that is going to be long, eventful, and fun filled. B-Money has plenty of ideas, news, events, and summer fun that will be discussed as we march deeper into the summer. There's other news relevant to my life and status that I am going to discuss here, but there is a great deal to discuss and it necessitates more than just a single post. I'm looking forward to what is in store for this summer, so stay tuned for more in the coming days and months! You do not want to miss a beat!

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