Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rutgers Career Fair continued

Once the Jeff and I arrived at Brower Commons and the student center, which are located directly across the street from one another, we found Frank and his friend Amy standing directly across the street from where we were left off by the shuttle bus. Jeff happened to notice an error on his resume. A consulting firm had helped him revise his resume to give it a more professional look, but it was the consulting firm's contact information rather than his that was listed at the top of the newly revised resume. Therefore, the contact section of his resume needed to be modified.

Frank helped Jeff find a copying machine so he could white out the top part of the revised resume where the consulting firm's contact information was listed. Luckily, Jeff had made copies of his old resume as well as the resume that the consulting firm had revised for him. Jeff folded the revised resume, clearing the section with the contact information, placed that resume over his old one so his contact information from the old one could be seen at the top of the revised one, and made some photo copies. Finally, Jeff had a professional looking resume that listed his contact information. At that point, we were ready to speak with some employers.

One of the job seekers who happened to be looking around with us was Amarish of Citistreet. Certainly Amarish is looking to better his position as well, being that he does have an MBA and he's more qualified than any one of us happen to be. It was nice to see him at the fair as well; he's definitely a logical choice as someone for me to network with.

There were over 200 employers at this fair, so obviously I had established a list of the top employers I wanted to approach in advance. For those of you who do not know me, I am the type of guy who is always looking around for the best available opportunity. Until I am satisfied with what I am doing or content with my situation, I will always be on the look out for a position that could propel me to a level where I could be happy and prosper. And why not? I am still reasonably young at 27 years of age and only two and a half years out of college. There are a number of folks who are in the same position that I am in.

Companies I spoke consisted of Solix, Inc, Global Payments, First Investors, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch. Many of the companies were only considering job seekers for sales positions or financial representative positions. However, Solix is currently hiring for a number of Program Auditor position out of their Whippany office, so they granted me an introductory interview for that position. My interview with Solix took place yesterday morning, but I will explain the results (which were awesome) of that interview in greater detail at another time. Merrill Lynch is also considering candidates for a number of different positions, but it is out of their Hopewell location down beyond Princeton.

Upon speaking with the recruiters of Merrill Lynch, they determined that I would be a viable candidate for positions in their Retirement Services Group and Financial Advisory Group. Currently there are no positions available in Retirement Services, which is what I would prefer, but they do want to set up an interview for me this week. The position is that of Check Fraud Representative. More to come regarding that prospective interview as well. I was fortunate to get around to a number of different employers and speak with them one one one.

Towards the middle of the day, around noon, Frank, Amy, Jeff, Amarish, and I decided to leave the fair for a brief period of time so we could grab some lunch. Thinking of local spots to go for lunch, we walked over to Stuff Your Face and got ourselves a table. I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and it was delicious. Being hungry certainly made the sandwich that much more desirable. After we all enjoyed our lunches, we made our way back to the Brower Commons and student center.

Once we got back to the fair, I looked over at the Merrill Lynch table, where I noticed a line of like thirty job seekers waiting to speak with representatives. I thought to myself, "you have got to be kidding me!" There is no way I was going to stand on a line of thirty people just to speak with representatives of one company. I do not care what the reputation of the company happens to be. If one considers a company that valuable and is that interested in getting a job with that company, it is expected that one would have the common sense to visit those representatives earlier in the day when the line is not nearly as long.

Around 3:15, all of us decided to call it quits and depart from the career fair. All of us took down Amarish's number and gave him ours in return so we could continue to network with him and then we parted ways. Jeff and I dropped Frank off at his apartment then we headed back to Jeff's condo in Linden where I had left my car earlier that morning. That, ladies and gentlemen, was our day at the Rutgers Career Fair. A productive day, I might add, that left me with plenty of hopes and confidence.

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