Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heading down to Wildwood on the "perfect day"!

Waking up to the sight of Mel taking a picture of me, I crawled out of the futon (where I peacefully slept alone last night) and woke up to greet the day. It's not even 10am yet and the heat is already blistering. Looking at the weather forecast on TV, the forecast for today is 89 degrees and sunny. It was described as "perfect day". We'll be driving down to Wildwood for the day, and on the way back we're stopping off at the Galloway Diner for a bite to eat as well as Stockton. I haven't been to Wildwood in six years, so this should be nice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody is now present - Greg Root makes noisy techno blasting arrival!

Angie made it to Mike's while the rest of us were walking around on the boardwalk at Seaside. Ray and Mel arrived at Mike's about an hour ago, as Colleen, Mike, Chris and I were returning to Mike's from Seaside. Just moments ago, however, Greg Root made his arrival a loud one. Blasting techno music just a half hour shy of midnight, he just pulled into the neighbor's driveway! LMAO. He brought a shitload of alcohol with him, including six packs of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Guinness. Everyone is now present and accounted for. I just took a nice giant sip of Heineken. It's very good. Now that everyone is here, it's time for me to do my thang! Long day today; fun day. Wildwood tomorrow morning. Drinking RIGHT NOW and enjoying this beautiful summer night!

Back in Lavallette; sensational beach day!

After sitting through some annoying and hellaciously slow traffic driving down the Parkway, as well as at the bridge on Mantaloking Road passing through Brick towards Rt 35, I finally arrived at Mike's beach house in Lavallette.

Upon arriving around 1pm, I brought some of my stuff into the house and waited for Colleen who was behind me by approximately a half hour. Around 1:30, Colleen pulled up in the driveway and we went to Ocean Beach across the street shortly thereafter. Props to Mike for leaving beach passes on the table for us. For the next four hours, we both sat on the beach and sunbathed. I sunbathed, but I also spent quite a bit of time swimming around in the ocean and getting the living hell knocked out of me by the forceful waves.

The water was so refreshing, as it felt really good to be getting the sun and salt water on my skin. After swimming in the water for a bit, I noticed how warm it truly was. When the water first hits your body, it's going to feel like its freezing because your body temperature is not yet adjusted to the temperature of the water. However, it felt absolutely exhilarating. Feeling those ocean waves hit my body was such a pleasant feeling; a feeling that has been long overdue this summer. I knew sitting on the beach in the bright hot sun and swimming in the turbulent salt water was doing a number on my skin. Eventually, we left the beach once we learned that Mike had made it to the beach house (through some horrendous traffic himself, I might add). The traffic was so terrible that it took Mike almost four hours to drive from his job in New Brunswick to the beach house in Lavallette.

Currently, Colleen, Mike, his brother Chris, and I are chillin here at the beach house and enjoying some frosty cold beers. In a few minutes, we will be walking to Wawa to get some dinner. I have such a glow right now and I am ecstatic in terms of what this weekend has to offer. Stay tuned for more regarding this mid summer extravaganza here at Jersey Shore in Lavallette. B-Money is back at the Jersey Shore, in full effect. I feel tremendous at this time and it's great to be back again!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

R.I.P. Estelle Getty, the world thanks you being a friend!

Three days before her 85th birthday, Golden Girl Estelle Getty passed away in her Los Angeles home due to natural causes (according to her manager, anyway). She will be missed by many. Her death was unfortunate, but she appeared to lived as full of a life as anybody in the television or movie industry. R.I.P. Estelle Getty.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Consistently sunny and hot, this has been a real summer!

Currently the temperature is in the mid-90s and it's sunny as hell outside. I can not recall a summer in recently history, at which the weather was so consistently hot and sunny. When my mother saw me this morning, she commented, "Damn, you have to be at least four shades darker!" My skin tone has gotten pretty dark. That's the benefit of having the olive skin, compliments of my Greek background. HAHA. It also helps when I'm outside on the deck, faithfully, taking in the rays of the bright hot sun. Gotta love it. I'm heading back outside right now to catch some more of those sun rays and enjoy this beautiful summer Saturday afternoon. I'm definitely looking forward to next weekend, when I head down to Lavallette on Friday and Wildwood on Sunday. No doubt, that weekend is going to be most exciting and fun filled weekend of the summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid summer celebration at Mike's Lavallette beach house coming up July 25!

North Jerz couldn't hold me captive in its grasp for three whole months of the summer! This is the prime of the summer baby. With the new job right around the corner starting August 4, I want to make the most of this free time as possible by enjoying the leisure with friends of mine.

B-Money is definitely getting his swagger back, and the updates are coming back big time here at Blog of Bryan, so grab a snack and enjoy the reading. Although my new job doesn't begin until Monday, August 4, I have had a totally different job these past few weeks. I've been knocking bureaucrats the fuck out in appeal tribunal hearings. That's right. Today it was determined that I should not be disqualified unemployment benefits, which was a determination that had been made earlier this year.

My previous employer, the bureaucratic scumbags that they are, attempted to appeal the decision of the NJ Department of Labor to grant me unemployment benefits. The hearing took place on July 8th, but the decision was mailed out to both the claimant (yours truly) and the employer on July 16th. I received the decision in the mail today and I was ecstatic!!! The employer appealed on the grounds that I voluntarily left my job and refused to work. Those lying motherfuckers! Those lying motherfucking bureaucrats!

They lied soooooo badly, that if they were treasure chests, they'd be lying at the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, the examiner saw it my way during the hearing and inevitably ruled in my favor. Quiet honestly, I can not refuse any work when I am not being made any offers for work. It is that simple, ladies and gentlemen. I did not quit my previous job. I was laid off from my previous job, and the layoff was not a result of misconduct. Therefore I am entitled to unemployment benefits. That's common sense; even a kindergartner can comprehend that and understand the logic behind it. What a bunch of bureaucrats! They suck, but I am the World's Greatest.

Thankfully, my unemployment benefits are uninterrupted up until August 4, when I begin the new job at Solix. Justice was serviced today, July 17, 2008. I really feel sorry for the examiner, who had to waste a precious half hour of her time on such a frivolous appeal case, when she probably hundreds of other cases that bared greater significance and required more attention. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish. This is all good news for me, as I look ahead to a fruitful summer and a series of fortunate events. Victory is mine. Defeat is a bitch, but it is something that they had to be dealt. What can I say? I'm the truth baby. I love my life. I love those who I have around me. B-Money is here to stay. I am The Truth and The Truth frees all that is wrongly withheld. What is in the dark will soon come to light. What was in the dark came to light at the hearing last week. Amen to that!

Believe me when I say that I am getting my swagger back, baby! I appreciate these positive things that have been happening for me -- especially that positive news that I received today. One could notice a smile on my face for practically the entire day. It was truly a relief to receive that decision. Going to the trailer at Pleasant Acres with the Bills was a wonderful experience to behold, and there is a possibility that we'll be heading up there again this weekend! Let's do it! On we move to some exciting beach and bar time as well. This is a happy and rejuvenated Summer 2008 B-Money, baby!! I'm handsome, smart, intelligent, and I persevere under all circumstances. Even against Bureaucratic scumbags. Figuratively speaking, I knock them the fuck out! I thank God for the result of the hearing. I give God the glory and pray that this marks the end of this type of nonsense.

Let's move on to the details of the next great event happening for yours truly this summer. Leaving those money hungry, cock-sucking bureaucrats deeply entrenched in the ground, where figuratively I STOMPED their stupid asses last week at the hearing, I am proud to announce my return to Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house a week and a half from now. During the weekend of July 25-27, B-Money will be making his eagerly anticipated return to the Jersey Shore ladies and gentlemen. I am super psyched about the prospects of making the enjoyable trek down to one of the better parts of Jerz once again and making my summer debut at the beach. Plenty of sun bathing and swimming will be done on this weekend.

As long as the weather holds up and we continue to have the beautiful summer weather filled with warm temperatures and sunshine, that weekend will be spent outside for the most part. My plan is to head down early on Friday afternoon so I can beat most of the weekend beach traffic going down South. I want to be able to get as much quality beach time as possible that weekend. I'll come back looking like a damn island man. LOL.

On Friday and Saturday of that weekend, I will be at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house. Those who will be in attendance that weekend will include Colleen, Angie, Ray, Mel, Greg Root, myself and Mike of course. Amanda, who happens to be a close friend of mine whom I have been talking to for over a year, might come down on Friday and see me that night. That would be awesome as well.

There have also been discussions of possibly going to Sawmill or Joey Harrison's Surf Club on Friday night, but we'll see what happens when we get there on Friday. I would love to go to any of those clubs, as that is my type of scene. You know how I get down with the clubs, lounges, and bars. I love the bars and clubs at the Jersey shore, and so does Greg, so I'm definitely hoping that we as a group go through with those exciting plans. Ya'll know that I enjoy getting out on that dance floor with my handsome self and shaking my ass, so it looks highly probable that we will be getting back to that again very shortly.

It's time to get back to the beaches. North Jerz couldn't hold me captive in its grasp for three whole months of the summer! This is the prime of the summer baby. With the new job right around the corner starting August 4, I want to make the most of this free time as possible by enjoying the leisure with friends of mine. Sunday morning, however, a select group of us are taking a day trip down to Wildwood. Those involved in the Wildwood trip will be everybody who is there for that weekend with the exception of Colleen and probably Angela (who I believe has work on Sunday).

I'm delighted that I will be in Wildwood on Sunday the 27th, due to the fact that I have not set foot in Wildwood since May of 2002 when I went down there to spend a weekend with some old high school friends of mine. In July of 2002, I went even further than Wildwood, when my family and I took the Cape May ferry from Cape May over the the borders of Delaware and back. That took place during the week that we were at Stockton for my college orientation. So as you can see, I haven't been to any of the Jersey Shore points, South of Ocean City, in six years. Heading down to Wildwood on that Sunday will truly be a pleasure.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stone Fire in Randolph, NJ

At this time, I would like to announce a place that I became aware of a few weeks ago when I first went there. What was once a Denny's on Rt 10 in Randolph, almost directly across the street from the Randolph Diner, is now the Stone Fire Bar and Grill. During the day, I would suspect it's a restaurant where folks could go out to eat. On Thursday nights after 10pm, it becomes something totally different. One walks through the entrance into what has become a bar, a club-like setting, and a spot to participate in beer pong tournaments, all rolled up into one location. Stone Fire is the ideal place to go on Thursday nights, due to the fact that it has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you want to play beer pong, they have beer pong tables set up in one of the rooms. If you want to just go there to have some drinks at the bar, that's available as well. If you are the type of person who likes to dance, there's a dance floor as well as a DJ playing music. Sometimes, there are even live bands playing. I've been going there now for the last three Thursdays in a row with Billy D and Billy G. Nice place; definitely check it out if you're in the Morris County area!

Pleasant Sunday at Pleasant Acres!

This summer has been a nice one in terms of weather conditions. I can not remember the last cold day we had. Knock on wood that we don't get any cold spells or that I didn't just jinx it with that opening line.

Anyway, we're only a few weeks away from the start of my new job at Solix, which I was hired for late last month. I've had to wait a little over a month and a half before starting, but it is what it is. I'm just happy that I was hired and that I will have a job very shortly. August 4 is right around the corner!

This past weekend was a nice, with the highlight of the weekend actually falling on Sunday. Yesterday, Billy D took Billy G and I out the Pleasant Acres Campground in Wantage where his family has a trailer. His family goes there during the summer and often stays there on the weekends. Our visit yesterday marked my second time ever at Pleasant Acres, but it was BG's first time ever. You may recall that I went there with Bill last year on Memorial Day weekend as well and had a blast.

The drive from Dover to Wantage was peaceful; we couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to make such a trip. Once you pass Dover and Jefferson, the scenery truly takes a turn for the better. There are mountains, trees, and valleys. Passing Sparta and heading into Sussex County, one sees farmland and really begins to get a feel for the country. On our way to Pleasant Acres, the three of us listened to Little Wayne, old school Tupac, and some other rap songs (both old and new) on satellite radio.

Eventually we arrived at the trailer, where the Bills changed into their bathing suits. I already had mine on, so I was all ready to go. We walked up the hill from the trailer to the area where the pool was located. The pool, as well as the area and sights surrounding the pool, were absolutely beautiful. On the side of the pool from a long distance, one could clearly see hills and valleys of farm land. This being a Sunday on a gorgeous summer afternoon, I was taking it all in and appreciating what a fine day it was as I went swimming with the Bills and the enjoyed the feeling of the hot sun hitting my back.

I haven't gone swimming in a over year, which is difficult to fathom being that I happen to have an in ground pool. Unfortunately we have not opened it in over a year. There's something wrong with the pump that needs to be fixed. Maybe the next year. But the fact of the matter is that I went swimming yesterday and I felt completely revitalized. Swimming is the ideal exercise for working out the entire body. The chlorine in the pool water is also really good for the skin, and I have rather sensitive skin, so going swimming was a positive for me all across the board.

After having fun in the pool for a few hours and enjoying the leisure, we eventually got out of the pool, dried off, and departed from the campground to head back home. Prior to going home, we stopped off at Taco Bell for dinner (my treat, I might add!). Hey, it was only fair since Billy D was courteous enough to drive and the fact that both guys had bought me either food, drinks, or both throughout the course of the weekend. The time spent with two of my best friends at the trailer was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday. It's those precious gems of time that I look back at and truly appreciate, even through the thick and the thin.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Go see Hancock!

On Sunday afternoon, before the entire gang parted ways and went back home, we all went to the movie theater at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison to see Hancock starring Will Smith.

Basically, Smith is modern day super hero with super natural physical strength and he can explode up into the air and fly around from place to place. As the advertisement on the movie's official website clearly states, he is not your average super hero.

The movie was comical, entertaining, and the plot had an interesting twist about midway through the movie that that the crowd did not expect. At first, as the ending of the film approached, I thought the ending was going to completely suck the way the plot was unfolding. However, it ended on a much better note than I thought it would. Furthermore, the ending made perfect sense to me when I take into account the basis of the story.

Knowing what I know after seeing the film, I will not spoil the entire plot for you. Just go see it for yourself. Job well done by Will Smith; awesome performance.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July weekend in Edison!

My fourth of July weekend may have been a rainy one, but it wasn't a bad one. Not at all. We didn't go to a bar/club, but we did enjoy ourselves at a comedy club on Saturday night.

Mike gave me a recommendation for a nice club the next time I'm back down here in his area. The club is called the Golden Rail Irish Pub. Judging by the pictures on the website, I like the look of the girl to guy ratio. Some good eye candy. There appears to be a lot of Rutgers heads at that place, but I'll probably have to check out that bar some time down the road regardless.

Colleen, Raph, and I arrived at Mike's house in Edison on Friday afternoon. Those who were already there consisted of Ray, Mel, Greg, Mike and Chris (Mike's brother). Angela showed up sometime around 7pm. Throughout the afternoon on Friday, we BBQed some hot dogs and hamburgers out of the deck. There was also a cooler with about 60 beers. They were all gone within three, maybe four, hours. LOL. Guess who the main culprit was in the consumption of the beers??? You got it! Ray and Mel didn't stick around for all that long, as they wanted to head off and have some alone time with each other. They stuck around briefly, before leaving Mike's house.

On Friday night, the rest of us just stayed at the house, relaxed, and let the night drift away. For a little while, I sat outside on the deck in the rain and just let it cool me off as I sipped a cup of cherry coke. It was first non alcoholic beverage I had enjoyed that evening. Chris came out on the deck to smoke a cigarette and talk to me as well. Last night, the group and I went to this comedy club in New Brunswick called The Stress Factory. This marked the first time I had ever been there before.

There were two opening comedians (one confined to a wheelchair) who had some funny moments. The feature comedian, however, was Jamie Lissow and he was cracking everyone up. For the $13 cover, I thought he was very entertaining and I certainly got my money's worth. We also had dinner at the club. I ordered a pizza steak, which is pretty much a cheese steak with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. I also had two beers, a Heineken and Yuengling, with my dinner as I enjoyed the show.

OTHER PLUGS: Golden Rail Irish Pub

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

After watching the Dover fireworks last night (a little better than they were in recent years) in rainy weather conditions, and meeting up with Billy D at the Stone Fire in Randolph (hottest new bar in Morris County, I'm getting to head down to Edison with Beanie and Raph to spend the weekend at Mike's house. A whole bunch of us will be there, including Greg Root, Ray, Mel, Mike, Angie, Colleen, Raph, myself, and perhaps others that I may not have mentioned at this time. Today, as well as the entire weekend, we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY! Let the Edison-based, Crazy Mike Milek-hosted, 4th of July weekend chronicles begin!

Stay tuned for more when I get down there, be safe, get shitfaced, and have a BLAST!